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  • Hi Gang:
        Had an experience at the grocery store today. One that makes you stand back and really be thankful for what you have in life. It may not be as much as some, but way more than others may have.

          There was a young girl in front of me in line at the checkout.

          She had three very young children with her in tow.

          The items she was purchasing were simple. Milk, bread and cereal. All items for the children, I just knew.  As she was told her total, she proceeded to pay with a WIC card. (I believe WIC to stand for "Women, Infants & children". A program for low income.)
            "I'm sorry, but your card was declined." says the cashier to the young girl.
    I saw her cheeks color a little with this news, and then it was like someone had let all the air out her. 

              "I need these items for my children." she pleads, "Can you run it again?"
    The cashier once again runs the card, with the same results.

          She looks around as if searching for a friend in the crowd.  My eyes met hers, and I tried to give her a look that told her it would be okay, and I knew what it was like to be where she was now.  I also saw the oldest of the children, who I swore, could understand what was happening. Like he had been thru this before.

            At that moment, I was over come with compassion for her. 

    "Miss? I'd be happy to get those items for you, if you would allow me.    No, it's really no trouble.    No, I don't need your phone number for you to pay me back.  It's really okay."
            She accepted my offer, and gave me a weary smile.
    "Thank you" she said, and she was gone with her children.  I saw thru the stores big front window this girl and her children were on foot, not getting into a car.

            I don't know anything about this young girls life, and I never will. I just know it was a true blessing for me to be where I was, when I was, to be able to help her and her children.  The whole total for her order was less than ten bucks. A small price to pay for the feeling it gave me to be able to help, and a wake up call that I have not been as thankful as I should be lately for what I have been given.

        In hard times, remember there is always someone worse off than you, and you alone can make a difference in someones life, when least expected, you could be called upon to make that difference. wink

                    Thank you for letting me share!!!

  • God Bless you Pam, made me get tears
    Gave me a wonderful feeling reading it, that out
    in this world there are still people with hearts of pure gold

  • There's a lesson a lot of people could learn from...

    Thank you reaching out and helping a mother of three..

    My mother was the same. Raised three kids by herself with no help.

  • Awwwww Pammmmy I knew you were a great person, but this is OVER THE TOP!!!!! 
    A little like the movie "Pay it Forward" 

  • What a great person you are Pam. It is people like you that make a difference. My Dad used to tell me almost everyday, what goes around comes around, and I have seen this proven over and over again.I know how good it makes you feel to help someone less fortunate and it is an awesome feeling.

  • PMM,

    There is an angel among us......easy to miss if you dont watch carefully. She is sensitive...but of course what angel isnt. She is caring...and will be there in a heartbeat if you need her. If you cry...she will cry right with you.

    This angel knows pain and sorrow....after all its how she earned her wings. Its what has given her such great compassion. She is loyal........she is humble....she is sincere.

    I'm proud to say that this angel is my best friend.....I love ya girl!


  • Good to see there are still some decent people out there.....!!!  wink

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