Android vs iOS vs Windows Mobile

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  • Okey, so I wonder what do you think about those two mobile systems...
    I'm Android user  myself, had some HTC mobiles, Moto E which I lost recently when I was drunk (with my wallet of course...  laugh_out_loud still waiting for new ID, can't even travel abroad  shocked) and now Huawei P8.  I also had mobile  with windows years ago but it was a really old version, didn't like it at all. Also there aren't too many apps for it.  shocked

    Recently I got a gift from Energy Casino - iPad Air 2 (even with "Energy Casino" on its back)


    So I was like, okey, those Apple's things are pretty expensive, let's check it out.

    it's just terrible in my opinion. Safari that cannot even download files if you don't jailbreak your device!  be_sickamp; No file manager that can actually access all of your files...  be_sickamp; Okey, perhaps this kind of things can be "fixed" by jailbreak but why would I bother to make my mobile system working like Android while I can just use Android?  laugh_out_loud

    I don't say that iOS is total crap, I like an option to display 2 apps at the same time as in Win10, display is really good but come on, no download manager, no file manager... those are just too important things for me.

    What about you? Any iOS/Windows Mobile fans?  wink

  • I've been using Android phones for a while now and I wouldn't switch to another operating system. Don't know if it's better than the other but it surely is good enough for me.

  • I'm an Android user. I think it is just a matter of getting used to a different operating system. I'm quite happy with my phone at the moment and I have no intentions of switching to iOS. smiley

  • iOS here.  Never tried anything else..not sure I want to either.  I guess it's just what one gets used to.

  • android! i have an old samsung s2 and it is still useful.  <-st_patricks_day->

  • My choice is Android and I am very happy with it  kiss

  • Only android.. I have now two WINDOWS phones. One is mine, one is work. Pff, terrible smiley) Just ordered galaxy s6..

  • iOS all the way smiley

  • IOS has never been my thing.

    Windows OS on phones is to say the least, rubbish. My only windows phone was a joke. Barely anything good in the app store and it kept freezing under the new OS updates.

    Android is always a safe bet. Especially when we consider rooting and custom roms. While it does void warranty, it means people can have custom made operating systems with android under the bonnet but without the bloatware and things that drain the battery. Never looked back since the Samsung galaxy s2

  • First of all, Sommi, what did you do to get an ipad from Energy casino? Congratulations smiley
    To answer your question, I have Android and had it since I can even remember. I would like to have iOS, but when it comes to Apple, I think that when you have something that is from Apple, you need all your devices from apple- ipad, notebook, just everything, otherwise I think it would be confusing for me. But I am not planning to chance from Android anytime soon. About a year ago I wanted to buy Windows Phone but because of two reasons I didn't do that- the model I wanted had really bad camera and that's important for me, as well as the fact that they still don't have as many apps as Android.

  • First of all, Sommi, what did you do to get an ipad from Energy casino? Congratulations smiley

    No idea, there was some kind of contest I guess, I just made few deposits and was playing Immortal Romance as always  wink

    So most people use Android, I'm not too surprised as I heard that 80% of mobile devices use Android as operating systerm  grin For iOS it's like 15%, windows phone just like 3%.  wink
  • IOS didn't use. They say that when you switch from Android to iOS, you see how much better the IOS. I use Android and I'm very satisfied and I think that will remain. Samsung has a beautiful telephones: D

  • I had Iphone and now have Samsung galaxy S5, and I'm more satisfied with Samsung so my vote goes to Android.

  • I had Iphone and now have Samsung galaxy S5, and I'm more satisfied with Samsung so my vote goes to Android.

    Almost same situation here, had the IPhone. Tried the Samsung GS3 and android won me over.
    Only thing is, when my laptop died out, my poker does not work on android nor apple. So I got me a windows tablet so I can still play my poker, and ditched the laptop/desktop.
  • I'm a huge iOS Apple fan I have had nearly all the iPhone's that have been released my current phone the 6s I'm very happy with but I am starting to find that Apple is doing nothing other the bare minimum on newer models and charging much more for small unnecessary micro enhancements, so I think my next phone which I should hopefully get in the next 5 months will more than likely be the Samsung S7 or better mainly because android is open source and the VR headsets that are coming out with them are Pritty slick too  music

  • My first smartphone was a motorola android and I've loved android ever since...I'd never switch to I Phone.

  • I used both ios and android, and I can for sure say that android is better. ofcourse, if you going to give 1000$ for ios, do the same for android and you wont be dissapointed. new samsung s series phones are insane.

  • i for this discussion was between Android and Windows phone not iPhone. I use Android and I've always used Android flashes little bit shaky but okay

  • It depends on what we need to do. it is true that most people use Ios for its simplicity but for all the customization link on Android while for those forgetful and knows that he will lose the tip of nokia phone. the indestructible nokia. ANDROID FOREVERlaugh_out_loud

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