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  • Hiya LCB'ers,

    Lets get to know each other with Ask and Answer!! Here is how it works:

    Answer the question from the post above you. Then post a new question.

    I will start it:

    Do you have a tatoo?
  • Answer: NO - no tattoos on me.

    Question:  Are you married? 

  • Answer no i'm not married Question what is that a picture of on your name?

  • Answer:sorry no picture

    Question: What city do u live in?

  • Harrisburg, PA

    Do you have any children?

  • no, I have no children

    Do you smoke?

  • um, em, hm.... yeah I do...  Q: do You snore ( honest answer plz tongue ) ?

  • A:depends if im drunk

    Q: what are your hobby's?

  • My hobby is gambling.....duh! lol

    What was your best vacation?

  • A:  Slots, video poker and of course, whoring  Q:  Do you know how to whistle?

  • Answer: Yes I know how to whistle

    Question: What's your favourite "tipple"?  (Alcoholic beverage)

  • Miller Beer (Black Label) Hard Jeagermeister

    What color are your eyes?

  • dark brown which means i am full of shi- now how long do you play on your computer gambling

  • Not as often as i would like. I typically play twice a week. Depends on how long my bank roll lasts as to how many hours i play.

    When is the last time you did the wild thang!!!!

  • A:
    just my question:P
    months ago!
    and it feels like years
    yes tiger woods-syndrome, and no i dont cheat anyway:)

    what have you got to say about your background?

  • I am forever grateful, proud to be an Asian...

    Do you like to cook? if you do, what type of food do you cook the best?

  • I love to cook/BAKE. Cookies, cakes, and even pies. Yummmmm

    do you have any pets? If so how many....

  • I have four cats, Tigger, Oreo, Cleo, and Callie.

    Do you get along with your neighbors?

  • NO ! Im at war with half of my building hahahha damn pet haters  >:(

    What is your worst fear ?

  • Having something bad happen to my sons.

    Do you have any siblings? If so how many?

  • I have 2 brothers and a sister  grin

    What's your middle name? (if you have one - if you don't have one, what do you wish it was)

  • Eugene

    What the most scared you have ever been?

  • That's a tough question....i going to say when i did a 360 and spun around again facing uncoming traffic in a snow storm.

    What is the meanest thing you have ever done?
  •   A: Get married  Q:What's the best way to get rid of a body? Ew not really  Q How much money did you win last month?

  • Q:What's the best way to get rid of a body?
    Hmmmm..let me see...not so sure but I will keep on watching Forensic Science to find that
    Q How much money did you win last month
    Spent about $620 but Nada, nothing...maybe next time...?

    How many languages do you speak?

  • Fluently unfortunately only one.

    What is your pet peeve?

  • A: There's so many, but I guess being lied to especially when there's only one other person there that says they didn't leave the floor sticky or leave the toilet seat up.    Q: How do you keep organized?

  • I don't!! I am the most unorganized person that walked the face of rthe earth!

    What is your best trait?

  • I am very compassionate!

    If you won the lottery what would you do with the money?

  • A: Pay off all my debts, help a few friends out then fly out to Vegas of course!

    Q: How much money is in your savings account at this very moment?

  • Whats a savings account? laugh_out_loud....(I dont have one)

    What kind of car do you drive?

  • An old mercedes.

    What's your favourite meal?

  •   A: Anything seafood and/or comped  Q:Do you know your blood type?

  • A (rhd ) +

    Q: do you donate blood?

  • Q:
    sometimes unwillingly, to musquitos and other critters:)
    what is the average you spent on gambling per month?

  • $10,000

    What is your fetish?
  • I have a fetish for Gypsyish items lol....

    Do you prefer blondes, redheads or brunettes,or jet black, male or female, long or short?

  • A: Tall men with dark hair and blue or green eyes!

    Q: How many times a week do you usually have sex?

  • Welcome back,Imagin!!! I missed you and it was never the same without you... kiss kiss kiss Hope you had a great vacation!
  • if i have  a girlfirend, and i see her everyday, that would be three times on average (in a row mostly)

    and if i dont have  a girlfriend, but meet  an unsuspecting victim, it ll be an all nighter,just afraid i might miss it a lot afterwards:)

    what should sex be like if its up to you?

  • A: Hot...hard...sweaty...and kinda quick!!  Lol, i'm such a guy!!!!

    Q: How often do you materbate....even if you have a significant other....don't lie guys!!?

  • aint it funny how these topics always turn in these directions:P

  •   Is my face red? And I wasn't in this issue

  • Wow, sometime in 2004 down at Spirit Mountain Casino (In Grand Rohnde) About 20 miles west of McMinnvillie OR.

    Have you ever been photographed naked?

  • ive been  photographed worse then naked;)

    btw i think i play  away evry paycheck  i get, im so bad at cashing out:(

    whats the most insulting thing one can say to you, or have said to you?

  • A: That I never tried!

    Q: What's the most dishonest thing you have ever done?

    [ made me choke on my drink with that answer....lololol]

  • Most of my dishonesty took place when i was growing up. My mom would say "how can you look me in the eye and lie"! I had to, there was no choice or i would punished big time! Probably getting my dads signature for a contest at school when in reality it was for getting an F on a paper. Still haunts me as he would often reflect back and say......."member i won the signature contest"

    Do you have a secret admirer here at LCB?
  • A: No...they always give me money back every year....and I'm happy with that!!

    Q: Ok...lets reverse Lips ??....Do YOU secretly admired another member here at LCB?

  •   A:  I'm crazy about Wooooo-Hooooo and I admire a few others. But I guess it's not a secret now.    Q: In 2 parts: How do I start a new line? Would you loan me $26?

  • A: No...they always give me money back every year....and I'm happy with that!!

    Q: Ok...lets reverse Lips ??....Do YOU secretly admired another member here at LCB?
    Yes, i have a few........wink. But if i tell ya it wouldn't be a secret now would it?

    Have you ever had a one night stand?

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