Being "Nice" sucks sometimes

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  • Tuesday, I wasn't feeling so great, but I felt good enough to go to work. The next morning I awoke to the worst cold I have had in YEARS. Dry heaves, fever and sweats. So I called in sick which cost me about $80 in lost pay.  :'( sick :'(

    I spent wednesday buying cold remedies (Geeze the prices!) and dosing myself for the rest of the day. Went to work Thursday and Friday and was able to make out nearly 35 hours (Lost 5 hours) for the week. I also found out that 2 other workers had suffered the same thing as I was suffering. Hits you hard the first day and then lingers for a week.  sick

    So today being Saturday, this is usually my day to hit the bars in Oregon. BUT I do realize I am NOT fully recovered from this sickness and frankly I really wouldn't wish this on anyone especially one of my favorite bartenders (Johnathon) who treats me very nicely. So, I sit here at the house, bored but playing for free on the casinos, wishing they were more trustworthy and maybe I could have some fun.  :'( sad :'(


  • Awww.. sorry genenco you were sick, i do hope you fully recover soon enough, i myself today woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose, kind of felt achy and feverish last night.. im okay i guess just feeling hot and stuffy..

    I do think that if you are sick you should not goto work.. the reason being just as you get others sick and of course your own sickness possibly came from someone who came to work sick.. the $80 sacrifice you made to keep others healthy is well honored by someone like me...

    Yup,i do understand the wish for trustworthiness on days we can't be where we want to, we get used to it.. Home Sweet Home away from Home..

  • That's the funny thing I have now seen with companies. The ones that get sick pay are penalized for using it, but they are told NOT to come in if sick. So they get abused either way. of course they still get paid, but I think this is such a silly thing to do to workers.

    I remember working at one place where they had "No points, no pay" if you called in sick, but had sick time you either could use it and get hit with a 2 point penalty or choose "No pay" and you would get no points docked....But you still lost out....Glad I left them anyway.

  • Hey genenco, hope you get well soon! I don't know about the weather in Oregon, but here in Serbia the weather in this time of year is very tricky. It's sunny but not so warm and windy, people often get sick.

  • Awww i hope you get to feeling better soon Gene and in the mean time maybe you can win a nice jackpot. I really does lull the time away when you are stuck in the house.

  • awww, so sorry you are sick genenco, i hope u feel better soon


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