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Poll - Do you believe in ghosts?

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  • no
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Total Members Voted: 8
  • Hi Members,

    With this being October......the Halloween month, it would be interesting to hear any tales of ghost stories. Has anyone ever experienced anything ghostly or just plain eerie that can not be explained?

    Also please take the you believe in ghosts or not?


  • Can't say anything exactly about ghost, but I believe that there's something supernatural!!!! I remember a happened three years or so ago. At night when I was trying to fall asleep I heard steps in the kitchen, it looked like a little person was walking round...To say that I was terrified is to say nothing! lol

  • I relate a bit of history 1979 to be actual.

    I was in the Job Corps and one evening about 8 pm  I was laying on my bed and looked towards the front of the dorm (They laid the place out like an army barracks)

    I saw a figure moving slowly, but hip action didn't denote movement. It came to a junction of a opening to the TV room, a closed heater door (Locked 24/7 and the bathroom.

    It turned and went right into the heater door and faded. Now at this moment I am stunned and thought "Who'd believe me?"

    The guy to my right said "Did you see that?" I replied to the affirmative and then he, I and another guy (Who had een talking to the guy on the right)got up and we checked all areas we could.

    Nobody was there..That door was solidly locked to the heater...We were pretty quiet for a day or so...OOooOOOoo!!!  shocked

    Quick on the second, though not mine.

    Mom and her sister were sititng in the livingroom and a folding tray table (Belonged to my recently passed Grandmother) started to shake and quiver. My Mother was a tad nervous, but my Aunt reached out and stroked the table saying "It's alright Mrs. B, the tray is in good hands"..The tray stopped shaking at once..(Mom said it shook so hard it moved about 4" on the floor)  shocked

  • Great stories Gene!!!

    I know when my dad passed away there was definitely some strange happenings in my house. A common occurrence when the other side is present, light bulbs to go out or lights in general to flicker.

    I can't tell you the number of light bulbs i went through. A floor lamp that was in my living room that i never had a problem with would begin to flicker every nite. I changed the light bulb to no avail.

    Things in my house began to break down (another sign). The garage door opener no longer worked. My 3 month old washer broke down....i had to get a repair man out...thank goodness it was still under warranty. My dryer quit working...i had to actually replace that.

    But the most eerie thing that happened was my TV. One afternoon i was sitting in the family room with my mom. It was early afternoon and we were watching The Ellen Show. Suddenly the TV turned off. I look at her and asked her if she turned it off. She said no. I see the remote next to her on the arm of the chair. Thinking that maybe she bumped her arm and turned it off with the remote....i try to turn it luck.

    At this point my mom is yelling..." i told you i didn't do it"! Okay, i tell her there has to be a reasonable explanation. I bang on the TV.....nothing!! We sit there and look at one another it dad?

    After sitting there for 10 minutes or so i get up and look at the back of the TV. Like i can tell if anything is wrong........lmao! Out of the corner of my eye i see the cord. I follow the cord.....and omgggggggg its unplugged!!! Now, i didn't unplug didn't unplug it.....hmmmm!!

    I said out loud........"dad if you are here, you can stay but the tricks have to stop or else you have to leave. Since that day i never another problem.

    Cool stuff huh?

  • I remember like it was yesterday.

    I had just lost my Mother, and I was being kept awake at night by some terrible hives (from nerves) I had broke out into. Sleep was tuff anyways, but with these hives itching me to death I hardly got any sleep.  Once again, I awoke from scratching. I was laying on my back as I recall, and I reluctantly opened my eyes.

    There hovering above me was my Mother.

    It was her, plain as day, yet I could see thru her. She kept waving her hands. Not quickly, but just back and forth as if to get my attention.  Perhaps she was saying hello. Well regardless what the reason was she was there, it scared this twelve year old to the very core.  I shut my eyes again tight. Wanting to never open them again until morning, and I didn't.  Come morning of course she was not there any longer.
    It was the first thing I remembered when I woke up again in the AM, and stayed with me thruout the day.  She never returned in the days that came after, and never has again.

    I never told a single soul what happened to me that night.
    This is the first time in my life I have ever spoken about it to anyone. 
    But no one will ever tell me it was not her, that night, thirty years ago.


  • Now that's some occurance PMM and Lips I've never had that type of occurance.

    I find to why a "Spirit" would either show, come back and what..

    I recall a lottery winner once said his dead son visited him in a dream and gave him the numbers for the lottery. Yes he won! But I was thinking

    "Hey! That's not fair!!"  >:( Using dead relatives for gain!!

  • Hi PMM,

    I believe with all my heart and soul that it was her. Don't let anyone ever tell you different. Unless someone has had a experience similar to yours, people just can not relate. It does not mean that it didn't happen in your case.

    Though we are all receptors to angelic visits, not all of us are open enough to accept it. I understand why she never came back. She didn't want to upset her little girl. Perhaps the purpose in coming is to bring a sense of peace while you grieved.

    Maybe if we become frightened, the spirit does not return. I hope in reflecting back it brings you a sense of solace.

    I know this was hard for you to write. Your openess and willingness to share with us is very touching and i know difficult for you. I thank you for sharing your story.

  • I'm afraid of all supernatural!!!! shocked shocked Having read the stories hair can stand on end! They sound like scrips of horror films! lol

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