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  • I am annoyed by how often the word "free" is misused today. Although it does have an over abundance of misuse in casino promos. It's widely misused in all forms of advertisment promotions across the scale. 

    Most of the "free" spins these days are deposit spins masquerading as free spins as you have to pay to receive the earnings from said spins. This is just a ploy attempting to invoke a deposit with playthrough attached for very little bonus funds. 

    There are so many examples of the misuse of the word I can't even begin to give any. 

    Webster's definition of free (adverb) without cost or payment. Therefor anything that requires any kind of payment is a bonus but not a free bonus.

    Then there are actually promos offering, e.g. 1000% bonus. However they come to this number by adding up 2 500% bonuses ect. This is not how percentages work. Obviously you are still only getting a 500% boost from your deposit. Only you can claim it twice. This is basic 7th grade math.  

    The misuse and idiocracy or idiotefication (my personal antonym for edification) of it all is what bothers me. I don't hate the hussle but there are still guidlines to the game that should be respected. Otherwise those lines become more and more ever so faint one will have to question their existance at all. 

    Not to mention the disregard of distributing false information. The smallest disinformation can have unknown tremendous affects down the road. (the flap of a butterfly wing)

    Needed to vent: thanks

  • I had some free spins last night as well. The winnings totalled 100 dollars which has a 35X playthru attached to it. Oh wait, that's after you deposit 35 dollars minimum and don't you dare bet over 5 dollars on any spin or play a restricted game. If you do, they will take your funds and close your account, that is if you're lucky. heh

  • Ya I have hade several thousand voided for everything from betting over $5 when t&c said $10 but the bonus had it's own $5 restriction that you had to click on a link in the coupon to see.

    To claiming 2 ndb's in a row when they are the ones who sent me an email stating I had a $50 loyalty bonus waiting for me, some loyalty.

    Betting a few hands of black jack after playthrough was met so I assumed restrictions were lifted since they unlocked the table games and winnings were withdrawable so no longer bonus funds.

    Having accidently put march 2nd as my b-day instead of may 2nd.

    Having 2 accounts when one was over a year old and I had never made a deposit on it and just forgot it existed.

    Mostly all rtg casinos the b-day void was hallmark casino the only one that wasn't.


    1/ 5

  • does anyone remember those old Microgaming promos "free play" for 30 or so minutes, only to learn that any winings derived from it are turned into bonus that requires a deposit and wageirng to be cleared?

  • I feel as if it is a given that a player, particularly n00bs like me, will learn the hard way and overlook something miniscule in their terms. And for all bonuses as well, not necessarily just freebies. I lost $1500 a month ago for violating ridiuclous terms that in no way shape or form made any difference on my earnings. The casino even reversed my withdrawal overnight after they had approved it. SMH be_sick

  • I don't, sadly due to my location I have never played at any micro-gaming casino. It's one software I have really wanted to play and scoured the inter-webs for a u.s facing casino that offers their games,but sadly with no prevail.

    However I am constantly getting emails (or was because I got tired of seeing free spins because you have to investigate when you see "free spins") from rival casinos offering free spins.

    I guess in very fine print at the bottom of the page they call them "spin now and pay later" with no explanation of what that means. It means you can play the spins but the earnings from said spins are locked until you make a deposit in which a 50 or 60x wager requirement is attached to as well as being attached to the spin winnings.

    They got me a couple times to do the spins and won 15-30 dollars and would have had to deposit another 30 to have $60 with a 60x play-through requirement.

    I laughed so hard and obviously never made that deposit. The kicker is you have to contact them and ask them to cancel the "free spins" earnings or it will automatically be attached to your next deposit.

    I don't understand who would ever do this. I'd much rather just deposit $60 clean with no requirements or restrictions.  

  • ...

  • Tony Wells- You have the same first and last name as one of my favorite people, lol

  • I think it is extremely important to stick with one, maybe two casinos and get to know support. 

    Disclaimer: (lol) In no way am I an employee of, nor being paid or threatened to make this comment

      crycrycry     wink


    I have been in this game since it started,lol and what I have finally learned is to find your one, maybe two, casino/s. Red Stag is mine. I am well aquainted with all the support and vip support, and I know they would never pull this crap with me. I have accidentally wagered more than allowed for a bonus and because it was only a couple spins, they understood and was still allowing me to cash out, I even bought tourney games and they let it slide. Of course I didnt realize and I wont be doing it again, but the fact remains that they were cool about it. One time after a deposit, I had to take my daughter somewhere where I had to wait for her, so I used my phone and logged on, but I am so fricken blind I couldnt see that what I thought was my bet ended up being my bet per line- and you know what they did? Totally added my deposit back to my account. My wager requirement for deposit bonuses- which I claim no bonus on the deposit, then after losing I ask for one- I usally get 250% or if deposit is $300 300% and $400 is 400% all with 20x playthrough. Oh and also, my straight bonuses have no caps on w/d....  I used to live for casino freebies, now I don't even bother with them- just for the reasons you all gave above and the fact that Red Stag is where I want to play. Here is a screen shot of tonights win, received a 400% bonus- over $1600, made playthru then hit this, total win ended up being $9256.50


    ALSO- PLEASE do not deposit with them and just expect to receive what I stated above- these are things I have worked out with them, which I am pretty positive you can establish yourself and work out something for you. :) 

  • So on that FREE subject I think that it is vastly overstated here within these casino promos. If I had a free chip for every FREE chip I was offered all around at these places, I would never have to deposit to cash out on all my FREEBIES.

    I guess maybe I should read all those terms and conditions before i claim another FREE chip or promotion.

    Gotta laugh at the whole thing somehow!!!

  • I don't really care about free chips/spins or no deposit bonus. "100 free spins on book of dead!!! Free spins every day for 10days!!!"  Sign up now"  That you can only play 10 spins a day is written in Courier New or some other nearly invisible font.  

    Instead of free chips or spins or a 100‰ deposit bonus offer every day I would much prefer a 50% off the buffet at ... Restaurant. Just like they do it in Vegas 

  • Personally, whenever I make a deposit I never apply a bonus even on small deposits I just take my chances with that.Haha 50% at restaurant now that's an idea.

  • redangel wrote

    Personally, whenever I make a deposit I never apply a bonus even on small deposits I just take my chances with that.Haha 50% at restaurant now that's an idea.

    I was in Vegas a few years ago for a weekend. And I won gift cards, cinema tickets, and lot of buffet vouchers just for playing slots at the right time at the right place. I didn't win any money but in Vegas I got at least something back for every deposit. 

  • Yeah one site recently gave me some free spins but I had to unlock the winnings by wagering my own money that's sick because the winnings were not worth the efforts, some sites indeed offer free spins which then have wagering but once finished you can withdraw

  • I wonder about the daily $1 log in bonus at Chumba casino and Luckyland. I curious because I got up to $500 off the dollar and cashed out, but I don't remember if I had made a deposit the day before or not.

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