Childhood Memories.

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  • I was just sitting here thinking. I remember one of the funniest things that happened to me when I was a kid.

    I remember being at the swimming pool with my neighbor/babysitter. He was a BIG guy, around 250 lbs. He was mean as a snake. I couldn't stand him.

    Well one day we were all out swimming, me, my sister, and some neighborhood kids. I remember the babysitter guy was standing by the pool, I mean right on the friggin edge, eating a bologna sandwich. I remember walking up to him and pushing him into the pool. OH MAN. It was HILARIOUS. I can see the bread floating on top of the water. Everyone is dying laughing. Well everyone but him. His face was red. Uhoh I was in trouble.

    Later that night, I go home and he told on me. My mother was pissed. LMAO. I somehow managed to blame it all on my sister Amy. HAHAHA....and the best part of it all, she admitted that she is the one who did it!!!!

    I will never forget that day.

    I also have this memory of using the payphone to call my dad. I remember it was only 10 cents to make a call. I stole a whole bunch of dimes from my mothers purse, ran downstairs and just called random phone numbers looking for my daddy. I was like 6 at the time.

    I just wanted to share some of what I was thinking about right now.

    What are some of your favorite childhood memories?


  • One of my favs is my Dad taking me and my sisters to the "mobile library bookmobile",before they built a huge regional library in my neighborhood,(which I found out my Dad was very instrumental and pushed in having it built) he would take us to it and I remember at the ago of 8 coming home with a stack of joke books,riddle books,puns and knock knock joke books,my poor parents had to deal with an 8 year old cornball comedienne with braids all summer long,telling knock knock and hammy jokes and riddles, my sisters knew to run and hide after a while.

  • Going to the donut shop with my grandma on a morning where I got to stay with her. Sometimes we would go to the bar for a pop. Playing in the dirt, playing hide n seek at night. Searching under the dining room table for loose change when everyone was over playing poker. Spending my summers at the library. It was cool inside and I would sit and read for hours.¬† Not really a fond memory, but I can remember being sent to the store to buy cigarettes for my mom, and they would let you do it.

  • I remember when I lived with my dad, my Papa (my grandpa) would come pick up all of us kids and take us to 7-11. I would always get a HUGE pickle, the ones in the jar, and a coke slurpee. My favorite day of the week was when he came over.


  • Oh wmmeden, I remember going to the store with a note from my mother and they would sell me cigarettes too! I would go in, and she would be waiting in the car sometimes. I thought I was sooo cool. LMAO


  • Playing hide and seek, tag, catching fireflies,having a quarter for an ice cream when the ice cream truck came,going to the park, playing red rover,going to a carnival in the summertime,running ALL the time and not getting out of breath, singing songs in front of a fan, not knowing you were broke, eating fried bologna sandwiches,eating orange sherbert "push-ups",loose cookies, wax lips,dying easter eggs,getting to stay up late, licking the spoon from cake batter,reading Archie comic books.....ahhhhhh

  • Warm summer nights, locusts buzzing in the trees, finding rolie polies and ladybugs, Christmas morning. First kiss (not quite a kid, but a great memory) Teenage years, dragging Main in my big ass car, slumber parties and hanging with my girlfriends.

  • I remember inlike the third or fourth grade there was a half day at school.¬† I went to a friends house without telling anyone and was there for several hours.¬† It was about 4 blocks to walk home with a large housing area that we call the village because it is kindof like one(not realy but to us it was),¬† it was lined with houses with fields in the center.

    When I was walking home I noticed a police car, thought the cop was staring at me. So what did I do?  I ran into the village(the only time in my life I ran from the cops)  When I got to the edge of the village by my house there was a cop in front of my house!!  I thought I was in big

    Turns out my parents were worried after school had been out for a couple of hours and they were driving the neighborhood looking for me..

  • Our front yard was the neighborhood hangout for the summer.. we had a big plastic pool and the slickest driveway.. we'd let the water run down the driveway and it could be used just like a slipnslide, we had a waterwiggle.. we always sold lemonade.. and my parents had BBQ's and got drunk every weekend (not bad drunks they were funny drunks) Once i walked to the back where they were and my mother had fallen through one of those old type aluminum lawn chairs, she was all tangled up in it.. my father tried to help her out of it without getting out of his own chair and got tangled up in his.. they were both caught, tangled, in histerics at each other.. and folded up in these chairs.. barely able to say "Help!" .. i just threw my hands up and walked away laughing... hehehehe my mother comes out huffin and says "why didn't you help us?" i said.. and get me tangled in those aluminum monsters.. no waaay!

  • Rolling down hills in a cardboard box, playing with toy cars in the dirt, spinning around and around until I feel down.

  • Playing Freeze Tag... Red Light Green Light, Mother May I... and spin the bottle... shocked

  • Thats a hilarious story Imagin.ation, seriously you should write short stories, and Wmmeden I'm glad you brought it up....what the heck is it about big cardboard boxes that get kids all worked up?!! Some of the best fun we had was with the box that a new toy or appliance came in.....huh?!
    Me and my sisters/cousins would get inside the box and then slide down the stairs risking life and limb, but having a time!

  • Water balloon fights, I would dream about going to Pistol Petes (local pizza joint with an arcade) Playing house, getting my ears pierced, eating candy until I puked on Halloween. Counting down the days until Christmas. Not being able to sleep the night before my birthday. SOOOO excited if I got ANYTHING New Kids on The Block. LMAO Playing with my babydolls, I had them all!! Going to have sleepovers at my cousins house. Going to Seaworld, and the Zoo. OH THAT WAS MY FAV.

    I miss being a kid!


  • Oh, NKOTB. Saturday morning cartoons, eating watermelon, drinking the generic koolaid my mom always bought. Breakdancing, (yeah, I tried it). Rolling my pants legs up.

  • Going to the swap meet on sunday mornings with my grandma, eating gnocchi on christmas eve. Helping my grandma bake her famous potato chip cookies. First day of school. Show and tell. Talent shows, rollerskating....


  • Tv dinners,soft serve ice cream,spending one on one time with a parent,(like your the ONLY kid),running thru a sprinkler,block parties,getting to pick your own clothes for the first time,first sip of coffee, going to the zoo, getting to be in a parade, your families first color tv, oh gawd I feel old now,getting a whole dollar and spending it all on penny candy,(when some was really a penny, and some were 2 for a penny),passing notes in school, getting A's on your report card,getting a pet.

  • Going to birthday parties, doing cartwheels, putting on make-up. Getting dressed up on picture day, school clothes shopping, getting my nails painted


  • Mommy- I used to love those pickles laugh_out_loud.¬†

    Some of my best kid memories are at my friends' houses with their families.  One of the best times for me was when my stepdad went south to get settled, and my mom and I stayed north and she got a part-time job and we would spend the extra money on whatever we wanted and just enjoyed the peace.  That didn't last long, but it was nice.  God I had a crap childhood laugh_out_loud.

  • I remember when I found out there wasn't a Santa Claus. I stayed up reaaal late christmas eve, and pretended I was asleep. I cracked my door open just a little bit. My grandparents didn't notice, and then I saw them carrying presents down the hallway. AHA! I said to myself, they aren't fooling me. I finally feel asleep, woke up the next morning, casually walked into the living room. Sat down, and blurted out YOU ARE SANTA CLAUS PAPA! laugh_out_loud...They tried so hard not to laugh, and then my little sister ran out of the room crying hysterically.

    I found myself playing detective on Easter, and when I lost a tooth. LMAO

    I also remember one year, My dad had someone dress up like the tooth fairy, and sneak in my bedroom window and put money under my pillow. I was in the living room. He shut the window reallly loud on purpose, my dad said "What was that?" and so I ran as fast as I could and looked out the window, and I guess his friend wasn't expecting me to be that fast because there was JOHN, my dad's friend running down the alley. LMAOOO

    I knew right then and there, it was allllllll a lie. HAHAHHA


  • LMAOOOOOOOOO @ Mommy Wow I was the oldest so I was also the bearer of the forbidden bad news/truth and my sisters were traumatized also, ya know Mommy we were being little chits dontcha?
    A very dear family friend told me recently that she tried as hard as possible to keep her kids innocent about some things as long as she could...well her son was in the 8th grade and naturally big cuz his Dad is 6 ft.5, at the time I'm sure "little Mark" was 6ft tall, well it was around Christmas time and he was horsing around after school with some buddies and they were naturally excited and talking about what they might get for Christmas, when "little Mark" blurted out that he hoped Santa would bring him a certain video game, his friends stopped in their tracks looked at each other in disbelief and started busting up laughing at him, so poor Mark was humiliated,embarrassed,and found out there was NO SANTA all in one fell swoop,his Mom told us he came storming in and screaming "Ma why didnt you tell me, red faced and in tears, he ran and announced the news to his younger sister who was 8 at the time, Carla said she spent the rest of the day consoling them and feeling guilty.She said they asked her what other things they had LIED to them about too.Poor "little Mark"!!

  • Awww Poor little Mark ahahaha...

    I remember telling my little sister that there was no Easter Bunny and I got in soooooo much trouble...


  • Eating syrup sandwiches. Smoking candy cigarettes.¬† Being the beer fetcher.

  • Ahhh syrup sandwiches....I would run in from playing and grab one for another burst of energy and those candy cigarettes were not just fun,they were tasty too.
    What about those wax tubes that had syrup in them? Did anybody ever eat a pickle with a peppermint stick stuck down in it? Any ladies ever get their hair done down in some neighbor ladies basement when they first started getting their hair "done"? I had to go to Miss Ruthie's and she must have worn a size 60 Z size bra, cuz her boobs were always sticking ya in the dang eye!! And her basement salon always smelled like Dippity doo.

  • Wow...reading this brought back so many memories

    My best memories are of finding spare change on the basement floor and couch and chairs after my mother's saturday night card games...

  • I loved syrup sandwiches!!!

  • Haha I remember candy cigarettes, the store down the road still sells them. I used to get mine from the Ice Cream Man, Lucky Strike they were called!

    I remember eating sugar sandwiches, laugh_out_loud. I remember cleaning garbage up around my apartment complex for otter favorite was the pink kind.

    Asking the neighbors if I could take out their trash for .25 LMAO..

    I also remember going to the lake, but I would be too grossed out to go in the brown water..

    I remember going to the beach in San Diego, on a family vacation, I kept thinking sharks were going to get me so I wouldn't go into that water either...Still won't.


  • The first time i saw the ocean...

  • What do you mean there is no Santa... shocked and noooo please.. theres no Easter Bunny either...¬† shocked¬† and the Toof Fairy.. ooohhh my goddddddddd¬† :'(¬† :'(

  • LMAO the TOOF fairy!


  • Rainbow Brite, Care Bears (grumpy was my fav), He-Man, My little Pony, and do you remember Popples?!? It was a stuffed animal that would roll up into a ball.

    I had one and I left it at the Drs office never to see it again! I was devastated.


  • In a way my childhood was unique because my Grandmother owned a building that housed my parents in the basement,my Gran on the first floor,my aunt Tina on the 2nd,and my Aunt Mae on the 3rd floor, all of the married females were Grans daughters and their husbands and kids respectfully, so there were a lot of cousins,uncles,blah blah.Besides that my Dad's parents lived directly across the street from this building.Anyway every weekend they would have card parties in somebodies apartment and we kids would get to stay up late and play, cuz the grown ups were drinking and playing cards and whooping it up,there was always plenty to eat cuz one uncle worked part time at a big pizzeria and they would give him leftover pizza and he would bring it home and freeze it and then they would heat it up and then somebody always bought cases of pop and big cans of Maurice Lenelle cookies and of course they were drinking ice cold cans of Pabst blue ribbon,coffee, Schlitz and the ladies had Pink Champale...ladeda
    Oh lordy I'm getting homesick for my childhood now.

  • Oh and Easy Bake Ovens, and Lite Brites laugh_out_loud


  • Ahhh I have an Aunt Tina. I love her to death, she just fought a long hard battle with cancer and WON!! God Bless her.

    All of my family lived very close, there were times we ALL lived in the same apartment complex, my grandma, my dad, my aunt, my uncle, all of my cousins, we would take turns having sleepovers.

    I miss my childhood too...


  • I had both an Easy bake oven and a lite brite and a spiromania and a busy buzz buzz...I used to make toast, fry bacon and eggs in my Easy bake oven when I ran out of the bake stuff.I remember begging my Ma for some Silly putty, laugh_out_loud.


    I begged my mother for one, and I never got one :'(


  • monchichis, she-ra, Gem, watching Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Rogers neighborhood

  • Mommy, remember the movie Walk Lika a Man and it had a Teddy in it? I wanted one so bad, too. Never got one.

  • Everyone has great stories! ¬†Mommy, you and I are close in age I think because I remember everything you just said. ¬†I had a puffalump too smiley ¬†I liked She-Ra better than he-man. ¬†I made my daughter watch The Smurfs last week just because ... those were the days

  • Jolt cola and New Coke, oh and Tab

  • Ally- I want your childhood, it sounds so sweet!¬†

  • Hahaha My neighbor drinks TAB still...

    I also liked Strawberry Shortcake, Looney Tunes...

    Remember when Troll Dolls were popular, and everyone had them?...

    How old are you toodle, if you don't mind saying? I will be 30 on August 7


  • Arcade games, getting in trouble and having your name put on the board at school

  • Oopps, double post

  • I would get in trouble at school. One day I was afraid to go home, so I went to my friend Johnettas house instead, it was about a mile from my house...OH BOY did I get it that day...They had the police looking for me and everything, I think I was in the 4th grade.


  • I did the same thing in the SAME grade Mommy,(you sure we didnt know each other in a past life?) I decided to take a different route home from school and got not just me but also my sister lost and when I finally found my way, I got the licking of my life, and not to mention my mother talked about it for days after, that was worse than the whooping...geez

  • Writing "lines...remember, "I will not talk in class" 500 times, and you could'nt leave school til you were done?!

  • Remembering the times (Not alot) of Mom taking us to the local riding stable and just saddling up and rising a horse all around 45-50 acres of wooded tree infested land.

    Twice went to Jantzen Beach Amusement Park(Long gone it is now. The precursor to Six flags and others) during the Tektronix employee picnic.

    Riding my bike 12-15 miles from home, with 2-3 friends and not coming home till 9pm or so. This when I was about 13-15.

  • Oh that horse memory just got me thinking Gene. We had this horse named Dancer, she was a nice horse, well so I thought. One day we were taking turns riding her. Well it was my turn and when I got on her she went CRAZY.

    Running as fast as she could, all I could do was scream. That just made her go faster. All of a sudden she stopped. WHEW I thought as I was about to get off, well as I am hanging on the side, she decides it is time for another round.

    Everyone is screaming for me to let go, and so I did. Her back leg kicked me in the face, and broke my nose. I was only about 8 years old. I haven't been on a horse since laugh_out_loud.


  • I remember when I was OBSESSED with New Kids on the Block, LMAO.

    I was going to marry one of them, I was sure of it. HAHA. Looking back, it was a little much. I had posters, pajamas, video tapes, dolls, birthday cakes, water bottles, sheets, earrings, necklaces, shoe laces etc etc...

    I miss those days where just a music video would make my entire day!


  • Watching Richard Simmons and doing his working out with him, even though I was like 7.

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