Civic duty costs alot

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  • Hi all.

    On May 16, I was selected to be one of 13 jurors for a trial. In 3 days, it was over, but I'm still on the fence between doing my "Civic Duty" and losing about $230 gross pay( I receieved $46.83 for my service). I guess it could have been worse (Be sequestered and or have been on a murder trial) surprise

    Anyway, kind of the same old story, older man (43) got involved with student (15) and ended up giving her alcohol and violating a protective order. He also had 4 charges of burglary and 4 charges of burglary with sex motovation. >:D >:D

    The jury found him guilty of the alcohol and violation (Admitted on stand too) but the question was to the burglary charges. We hit him with 1 of them and believe it or not, that alone took 4 hours to get passed. worn_out

    Yes there were pictures, however, no pornographic. Not even suggestive and so that was a point in his favor. Still the charge carrys a Felony punishment. So he's going to have a tough time getting work again, still he's lucky he could have gotten the "Pedophile" tag and that would have done him in for the rest of his life. embarrassed embarrassed

    Personally, I couldn't believe someone still falls for such a dangerous moment. We all suspected he'd not have had alot of interaction with females and so he wasn't playing with a full deck, or thinking like a principal (Yep at a christian school) like he should have. >:D >:D

    Anyway, that's all I have. I just found out that there a library about 1/4 mile from work, so I'll be hitting this place (I'm here typing this out) right now and frankly, it's alot nicer then the one I normally hit. So expect to see me more often. be_sickamp;  be_sickamp;


  • Hi Genenco, glad to hear you will be around a bit more now you that you have found a better library.

    As for the civic duty, it's a shame you lose money serving your country as you have in this case.

    Sounds as though this man got off light!

    Welcome back.


  • It's good for us to do our civic duty... I've never beeen called. cheesy

    I wouldn't have minded be on the Casey Anthony case, even if it meant be sequestered for at least 8 weeks.

    Of course, I would never have been chosen.  During Voir dire..some of the questions were:

    Know anything about the case?  Ummm. everything.
    Watch Nancy Grace? Yep.  HLN?  Yep. Jane Valez Mithcell? Yep.  Mike Gallanos?  Yep.  48HRS?  Yep.  Dateline?  Yep. and on and on.

    I've always thought if I was wrongly convicted of a crime, the jury, attorneys and press would have a field day.  If they did a library search/computer search on my reading.  OY.  Get from cable what shows I watch?  Double OY.

    I would be guilty before I sat down or considered a wacko at the least. :p

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