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  • It must be something in the water lately...

    I have noticed newer members mostly posting messages or replying to posts with basically rude remarks.  A lot of forums (all types not just gambling) tend to have "cliques" which this one does not.  Even when a not so nice message is posted most members reply with a non offensive remark back tothe disgruntled member which is great because it shows that people aren't just sitting around waiting to be mean right back.

    In most forums (once again all different types of sites and forums) god forbid someone post about something that has already been mentioned.  Here at LCB if that happens usually the poster who made the duplicate post is still thanked and then it is explained that it was already posted and if it was moved they are given a link to show where it went.

    It just seems lately that there are increasing amounts of negativity or brash comments which is a little surprising as anyone who has looked through the forum to pretty much any extent can see that for the most part, everyone has manners.  Also remarks or comments are polite for the most part and not a lot of time is focused on proving everyone wrong, which in turn scares off new members and others from wanting to give valuable info because they might be put down for just trying to help.

  • Hi allgood,

    Like everything else in life, we go through phases. It is impossible to have a forum at this magnitude and not experience a bad apple here and there. We do try very hard to come to the defense of anyone who is treated poorly. They are warned and they are weeded out and banned if necessary.

    And yes, there is clicks in every walk of life and here at LCB.  It is something that can’t be avoided unfortunately. But we are aware of it and will make sure it does not reflect on any member on this forum. 

    Harmony is a very important part of having a “family like” forum. Just as everyones posts and new members are important, so is respect of one another. There is other forums who get their kicks out of belitting other members including the mods who join in.

    I would have to say all and all LCB runs pretty darn smooth considering there is over 30,000 members. I think there is too much attention put on this matter lately. We can not allow the few bad apples to be the focus of our forum.

    We have power in numbers……..and the number of good people here far outweigh the not so good few members. Rest assured we are aware of it and will do all we can to prevent it. It is a very important part of what gives LCB its charm.

  • I visit many different forums not just gaming forums and in my opinion this is one of the best run sites I visit. Everyone here is very helpful and nice. The moderators are top notch, and troublemakers are always dealt with by Zuga or one of the other moderators, and that is why I always come here everyday, several times I day. I love this site. smiley

  • I love how this site works, we are more about others than ourselves. LCB is my favorite forum. I love how sometimes our debates can get heated, but at the end of the day, we still respect and enjoy each other.

  • Thank you allgood, your name just fits you perfectly!!

    I too in the past have been to other forums.. and my goodness i found myself weeding through such nasty insults.. from horrible name calling to insults about thier sex life and style.. what on earth!!! ..and you can see from the beginning all the original poster did was bring a code that was already posted.. being treated with no respect or gratitude..

    LCB has ALWAYS been a place of decency, theres a sense of calm and respect for the appreciation of it's members.

  • Honestly, I didn't notice there was a problem.

  • If members are disgruntled about something, anything, then just come out and say it.  bring it out into the open.

  • I totally agree with lips when she stated that there has been WAY 2 much attention put 2 this matter lately.        I have been a member of LCB 4 about 1yr. now & have witnessed only a handful of incodents that have gotten a little 2 ugly or uncalled 4. The way I see it is that every1 has a right 2 voice their opinion & the only people here that have enough power 2 shut some1 down 4 crossing the line is LCB staff. And I have seen a member or 2 told they have been banned 4 life, but 4 the most part things run pretty smoothly here.              I love this forum! I have no doubt that I will remain a frequent visitor until the day I die. Lol     

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