Do Material Things Really Impress?

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  • I was thinking about this question..
    If he/she had it all would it make a difference for the honest man with nothing?

    Would you rather be happy and healthy with nothing, or miserable and shallow with it all?

    What do you all think in our world today, would you give it all up for humanity within yourself, or stick with materialistically having it all..

    This was quoted..
    "I don't think it is shallowness for some people, being in a state of disillusion can be a form of protectection for some people. They hide behind the material things in life. Material is OK. Put it in prospective though, it doesn't come before humanity or any living form"
    Material things don't impress me, they come and they go..

    What is your comment on that quote?
    What are your feelings on the Material Things?

  • Hey Viv,

    Material things are actually nothing when you look at the big picture.  But unfortunately it is kinda like looks compared to a great personality.  I think we all would rather just be HAPPY, but are you going to talk to some1 on the bus that isn't that great looking just because they might be your soul?  NO we wouldn't.

    I have learned from experience that money doesn't buy love.  I use to make $10-$15k a month when the insurance laws first went into effect in California.  I had a BMW and a Vette.  I spent money like it grew on trees.  But I worked A LOT, ten hour days, almost every Saturday and sometimes Sunday.  If some1 wanted Insurance I would be there.  But that didn't last forever and when I became unemployed it was a reality check for me. 

    I was actually worried about my boys because they had never wanted for anything, my theory in life was, the reason I work so hard is so that we can have whatever  we wanted.  They knew money was real tight, but it didn't seem to matter to them.  Even though we didn't have much at all, I was home with them for once in their lives.  I would actually cook dinner we did things as a family.  About 6 months into being unemployed.  My oldest asked me for money (for what I can't remember)  of course I got teary eyed and told him sorry I didn't have it and hopefully I get a job soon.  His reply was, "I don't NEED to have the money mom I would rather be broke and have you home anyway."  That was when it hit me, money doesn't mean $@@@!!!!

    I basically missed my oldest growing up because I worked sooooo much.  I was always stressed out and never saw my kids.  Now I actually enjoy my life.  wink

  • Shelli
    Your reply is wonderful, and so very inspirational..
    Your heart is exactly where it belongs.. you're a very wise woman
    and you have love all around you..

    I've just been thinking about what i'd really like to have..
    Just be a.. Gypsy.. bandana tied around my head, with a tiny knot, napsack on a pole.. hopping trains around the country.. where ever it takes me..
    No more bills to pay, no more drama.. actually this is a dream.. isn't it?
    Lol.. funny, most would dream to be a millionaire..

    How about working your a$$ off for years and years, making so many sacrifices, putting blood sweat and tears into it all, raising to the top, would you be that person that would give it up to the poor, or keep it all?

  • Hi Imagin,

    Money is not everything, but without it we can become consumed to get it. Money unfortunately is a necessary evil.

    I have only ever really been impressed by someone's materialistic worth when life in the past has been a struggle for that person. I think struggle in the end makes a us better people. When we have seen both sides of life we appreciate it when we find it.

    Its funny you should mention the gypsy. There is a young guy in our neighborhood who has had a very hard life. Well, i say hard life because he has been left basically homeless and abandoned since he was a teenager. Everyone in town knows him and we all take care of him. He is somewhat mentally challenged due to a accident when he was a young boy.

    What is amazing is he is always happy. You know he is coming from blocks away. He sings.....he whistles.....he Wooooooo's thru the streets. He walks every where as if he is on some major journey. And in some ways he is. His daily walks include talking to everyone he sees.

    I have sat back and thought about him many times. In doing so it occurred to me there are actually moments i wish i had his life. So simple, so carefree without a care in the world and he is truly happy.

    I really believe his life has purpose. He is a constant reminder that being happy does not mean having material worth. He is a survivor and makes due with what little he has.

    When we grow old and gray we are not going to reflect back on how much money we have or what material things we own. We reflect on moments in our lives that money can't buy. Children, grandchildren and those we loved and loved us is what we cherish the most.

  • I often referrence things back to the days I was practicing family therapy.  And this is no exception.

    Once people have gotten beyond the level of poverty, the "happiness factor" is not disproportionate along the income brackets.  In other words, there is a similar rate of unhappy people making $40,000 a year as there are those making $400,000 a year.  The same thing with those who are happy.....similar rates with those being happy making $40,000 and those making $400,000.

    Yes, if one is a single mom making $15,000 a year, money (or the lack thereof) will contribute to being happy or unhappy in most cases.

    But, beyond the brutality of poverty, life is really what we make it.

  • very interesting question Imagin...

    I agree with Lips... Money is  a necessary evil.. We live in a materialistic world, and having money is certainly something that makes our lives much easier.... Can it buy happiness... i dont think so, but it certainly is better to have it than not...

    I come from a country where the average MONTHLY paycheck is less than $550. Yeh you are reading it right... and it had been worse esp during the mid 90s , when at one point  was $10 a month exclamation! ppl were starving... Just look at other third world countries in Africa and Asia.... money is important, especially when it come to survival...

    We live in a cruel materialistic world, where you are measured not by how good hearted you are but by your car or house and money in the bank...

    We have medias that are constantly bombing us with advertisements about better life, they are basically telling you are not good enough if you dont have fancy car, or cell, or what ever... Its a consumers society designed to make you work for all the materialistic stuff...

    But at the end of the day , does it really matters.... is it worth it ...

    Im lucky enough to do what I do... but I wasn't always in gambling biz... been doing some crappy jobs back in a one thing i learned is to appreciate what I got...

    One thing I do know... if you are fortunate enough to have money, then use it for some good... help your family and friends... donate to charity...  You cant change the world but I like to believe that you can make a difference...

    We also have a saying here in Serbia, if you really want to help some1 , dont give them money, give them a job!

    As a conclusion, if i can choose between having money or not, I would ofc choose to have it, but I refuse to believe its defining me as a person... theres more to life and money can take  you only so far .... what you carry inside is what counts in my book...

  • Zuga,

    Great words of wisdom. It’s hard to even fathom that type of struggle with as little income Serbians have. Through the tough times in the end I guess it is well understood why your country is known as the land of “Warriors”. It where inner strength comes from and creates good hearted men and woman.

    Just you alone with your great accomplishments through determination and hard work are a success story in the making. I can personally say that be able to work with you, you have taught me many things.

    Above all you have never lost sight of who you are………a warrior.

  • Zuga...well said.

    I think no one would choose to be poor....with the exception of someone called to a monastic type life.  Not having enough cash is the pits!

    But, I like how you noted it as a "defining" part of life.

    I once was counselling a woman worth about $100 million who had NO CLUE who she was.  She turned to booze big time.

  • I think that the "Material Things" do impress "Some" people. Though this is due to their financial/living status. After I lost everything and coming back now have a vehicle again (Now fully legal and uinsured YAY!)

    In 2005 I got the 2004 Durango which did impress a couple of people as they thought "Gee, he's got the bucks" I didn't let them know that since I wasn't paying rent or other things I had $600-$900 extra cash monthly...

    It was the "Having" as I could afford it which is why I did it, not to impress.."Boys and their toys" syndrome ya know?

    But now climbing back up out of the hole I was in, does make me think more of what I have and to be glad for it.

    I'd like a tad more health, but being poor really sucks! tongue

    Slight example:

    I'd take the bus to the shopping center. Now my "Hand Cart" could stand 45-50 lbs. So I had to watch what I bought. Bus ride of 20 min...Waiting (If hitting the time right meant a 5 min wait.

    Then shopping as took my time as bus would hit for 45 min return. Miss it (And I had) then another 45 min wait. Then finally home so 2-3 HOURS of time chewde up.

    Now yesterday I forgot a few items (Coffee How that occured I don't know) so I went back and back I went and returned in 25 minutes. This little thing lets me thank God for the small benefits I may get in the future and yes, I may forget to be grateful all the time, but I won't fully forget the past 21 months of walking nearly everywhere and the struggle
    I endured.

  • Zuga, powerful and intelligent words you typed, not only a warrior.. but royal and very wise, i bow to you.

    What's in our hearts is our greatest riches, its up to you to open that treasure chest and choose what is of most value. The bigger the heart the more there is to choose with the greater benefits in life.

    When i had it all there was less in my heart, when i lost it all thats when my heart filled and made me wiser to my choices. For some it takes a lifetime, for others it takes seconds, for the lucky ones it comes natural.

    Right now i say, i'm a lucky one to be living and learning, some never have that chance. I'm glad to know i can survive with or without.

  • Well said....thank you!

  • My grandmother raised 8 kids in a four room shack. But I loved it there. She worked hard her entire life and was just the happiest person I know. Now that she is gone, I realize how much she gave.  Not financially, of course. But she honestly made this world a better place. There wasn't a person she couldn't make smile. She didn't have much, but she gave all she had and was happier for it.

    I wanted to add that I thought Zuga's post was very interesting. We in the states are mostly unaccustomed to that widespread  level of joblessness and poverty. I think we all here learned alot about it in the past year with the financial problems.

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