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  • Hi Gang:
      Went to the casino last night.
            I was sitting in a long row of video slots.  I of course was on my favorite (for now) Dean Martin wild Party.  This game was taking me down hard. Then all the sudden it started to pay, then pay some more. At one point of playing max bet I had a $187.00 spin, not even on a bonus.
          Have you ever done so well on a game that the people around you were no longer playing their own game?  People behind you started to turn around and watch you and YOUR game? ?  cheesy What a terrific feeling. I felt like a celebrity!!!
            The people next to me were talking to the people next to them, and so on and so on about my game, and pretty soon people were getting up from  their game to stand behind me on my machine.  Now I don't like gawkers, but I must say I am guilty of this myself when I see someone winning, I will stop and watch the magic on the screen, and could not blame people for watching me and my machine at this point, cause it was really amazing.
            What a time, having the whole row of people watching me, cause I was winning. 
              Has this happened to anyone else out there when at the land casino?

    By the way, I stayed to long at this machine, and lost alot of what I had won, But I still managed to come out with my original bankroll plus a little extra. ( Lesson:  A game will not be generous for very long but it is sure fun while it lasts.  cheesy)

                                  Thanks for reading: PMM2008

  • Don't we all stay a little too long most of the time.  sad  On land or online.  At least you came home even hun!  hehe
  • Well.. I'm from Las Vegas.. City of.. mmhmmm lol

    Sitting in my favorite casino, playing a game i have never played before
    It was Called "One Eyed Jacks".. the Royal pays 2000.00

    Well, one of the floor persons told me that the machine i was on a man
    had been playing it for 18 hours straight, didn't hit a darn o'thing..
    I was just getting ready to get up.. and BAM.. hit the royal 2000.00
    Well.. i slid over to the next machine waiting for them to come pay me..
    Within 5 minutes BAM hit another Royal, 2000.00.. okay now wait!
    While that second one was ringing, they came to pay me for the first one
    they loaded it on a free first deal, BAM i hit the royal AGAIN..2000.00
    Same machine 2 royals within about 10 minutes LMAO.. a third right next to it

    Talk about people staring and watching.. i was told that it NEVER EVER has happened like that..i had people coming and rubbin' on me!!  what luck tongue
  • Imagin.ation: That is an incredible story.  cheesy  I guess it is safe to say it did indeed happen to you too then.  People coming over you dont even know, watching you, congratulating you, rubbing on you for luck. HAHA, that part I have never had happen....yet... Thanks for the reply....What a terrific story

  • Living in Vegas.. the strangest things happen..

    Heres one real quick.. i was walking through a casino flat broke
    on my way home.. walking near the keno machines.. saw a quarter
    on the floor, picked it up, said.. oh well..here Mr keno Machine
    Tossed 9 numbers up on the Keno machine and.. guess what happened?
    Hit it for 8 out of 9.. $1175.00.. a quarter off the floor, flat broke on my way home!
  • Practically living at the casino's hotel for about 2 and half months, each night a friend and I would visit the vip room and play black jack. It's amazing as on the nights we do well..a small crowd would gather behind us..cheering when win the hand and sighing with us when we lose. Pitbosses would constantly be counting the chips left in the tray and never would never take their eyes off us. Also there would always be one waitress, blantently going out of her way to serve us..of course we knew that she knew she was going to be tipped well. It was awesome and yes it felt like we were celebrities. Sometimes when I go down on my own and ask for a table to be open and sit down...people would recognize me and come up requesting if they could join me at the table and then start congratulating me on my wins they had witnessed nights before...LOL..come to think of it now..that could actually be kinda creepy.

    Crazy Imaginical...awesome! How have you been fairing lately? I hope you are still winning lots and lots...especially living in Vegas =)

  • Hi PMM,

    Yessssssss i do feel like hot stuff when the crowd is watching in amazement! The best "celebrity" feelin i had was in Vegas a couple of years ago. I went to Horse Shoe Casino downtown. They have lower minimum table bets so i was anxious to hit the downtown area.

    My fav table game is roulette. I play certain numbers all the time. When i first sat down....there was maybe 2 people at the table. I put my chips on my numbers and one of them hit! To make a long story short......they hit all nite longgggggg! By the end of the nite there was a crowd that came to the table. Of course it was not very hard to know i won.......i screammmmmmmm "oh yeahhhhh" everytime i won!

    Even the dealer was getting into it...he said i have not seen this in a long time where a player's numbers keep hitting. People were coming up to me touching me for luck...i could here them say..."play her numbers...play her numbers"...we were all winning and the table was wild with cheers!

    I made $2300 that nite and my trip was payed for. It definitely has to be one of my fondest memories in Vegas....my 15 minutes of fame!

    Great posts PMM and Imagin!


  • Hey Imagin.ation, I usually try and go to Vegas at least once a year since the flight is less than an hour.  We have a bunch of "Indian" casinos around here but with Vegas so close, Tahoe and Reno with in a few hours.  I would much rather bee where I can drink FOR FREE and gamble!!! hehe  The next time I plan on being there is around my b-day in September!!! Woooo Hoooo!!! We should hook up!!! hehe

  • LOL sounds good shelli, i've been living here for 17 years.. i KNOW and have DONE everything in Vegas  grin although raised in Long Beach, California, i was born here, now 33 years old i'm back  cheesy
  • First time I ever went to Sauring Eagles in Mt. Pleasant I decided to try a quarter game which is expensive to me. laugh_out_loud! I played the wheel of fortune and two seats down a lady was playing the same slot. I wasnt doing well on mine and seen her stand up and leave and sit at a row of slots right behind me. So I thought well I'll try that one. Two spins and I hit triple bars with the wild! Man that lady gave me such dirty looks. What was funny is I have never hit so big a machine freezes. I was like OMG what did I do? People came over and had to tell me I won a big enough prize that the floor manager had to cash me out. I ended up winning 1300.00 with 300 credits still on machine . I've been back since and the casino got that money back laugh_out_loud!  I played so much slots that day I was invited to a tournament there. Which I lost at.

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