Feeling like a fool! Can I just vent?

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    RESOLVED: Pacific Spins

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  • Hello.  If you have an hour or so, please read this post and then print it out, and smack me repeatedly on the back of the head with it....PLEASE! 

    OK, I have played at Virtual Casino for a LONG Time.  I know, i know......Blacklisted.  So I have heard.  But the first time I requested a withdraw, it was awesome~!  Very quick, no snags. So I just ignored all the negative feedback I was hearing.  Well.....you know what's coming up next. 

    Sept. 13, 2008:  Withdraw requested (Overnight Express)

    Sept. 27, 2008: 
    Steven: Welcome. How may I help you today?
    goldn7z: Hello I would like to check the status of a withdraw please.
    Steven: sure
    Steven: on it
    goldn7z: k
    Steven: it is still pending but it should be approved in the next few days
    goldn7z: That's what I was told a few days ago. actually he said the 26th.
    Steven: well the thing is that withdrawal dept does not work during the weekends
    Steven: whom did you talk to?
    Steven: and I can see the last chat you had and april told you to check back today but she didn't say that it will be ready for sure
    goldn7z: i see. thanks for your time. Actually I think it was Mark,, or Mike. I know I spoke to an April sometime.
    goldn7z: look at the chat before april
    Steven: yeah I'm looking fir it but I can seem to find it
    goldn7z: figures
    Steven: well anyhow
    Steven: it should be ready soon
    goldn7z: thanks steve

    Sept. 29, 2008: 
    Carolyn: Welcome. How may I help you today?
    goldn7z: hi, checking on a withdraw please.
    Carolyn: I am sorry for the delay. I will be right with you.
    goldn7z: k
    Carolyn: One more moment. I apologize for the wait.
    goldn7z: k
    Carolyn: Thank you for holding. I will be with you in a few moments.
    goldn7z: k
    Carolyn: checking
    Carolyn: one sec pls
    goldn7z: k
    Carolyn: I am sorry for the delay. I will be right with you.
    goldn7z: k
    Carolyn: One more moment. I apologize for the wait.
    goldn7z: yep
    Carolyn: it will be all ready by the end of the week
    goldn7z: what is taking so long?
    goldn7z: every time i talk to you people it is a different answer
    Carolyn: Our payment processor is having problems releasing funds to the US and Canada. The payouts have been sent, there is going to be a delay. We are still waiting for information from our processor to verify if they payments are going to be released this upcoming week. We apologize for any inconveniences this may be causing, but please understand this issue is out of our hands.
    goldn7z: we'll see what the excuse is then, your processors don't have any problems taking our money though right?

    Sept. 30, 2008:
    Scott: hello
    goldn7z: hello Scott, it's been 27 days....where is my withdraw?
    Scott: let me c
    goldn7z: oops I mean 17 days (website states 7-15 Business Days for Withdrawals:
    Our withdrawal process takes approximately 7-15 business days from the date that you request the withdrawal for your withdrawal to be approved and then paid)

    Scott: should be approved by the end of the week
    Scott: sorry for the delay

    October 3, 2008: 10:33:21 a.m.
    Robert: hi
    goldn7z: Hello, I would like to check on a withdraw please.
    Robert: checking
    goldn7z: k
    Robert: for how much is it and when was it approved pls?
    Robert: 9/13/2008 2:55:52 PM 9376204 Overnight Express Withdrawal - Transaction requested  
    Robert: ($300.00)  
    Robert: but you haven't send the docs yet
    Robert: please send the docs to be able to cash out
    goldn7z: ??????????
    Robert: Which documents are required to Cashout?
    Robert: -NON Credit Card Depositors: Only a valid Picture ID and Utility Bill are required for age and address verification.
    Robert: -CREDIT CARD Depositors: If a customer deposited with Credit Card(s) at anytime, besides a valid picture ID and Utility Bill; Back and Front copies of Credit Card(s) used to deposit are requested and withdrawals may require an Authorization Form Faxed or Scanned on file before a withdrawal can be processed.
    Robert: the ones above
    goldn7z: I have cashed out before!
    Robert: I know
    Robert: the last time that you sent the docs was back in 5/17/2008 1:57:44 PM
    Robert: you would need to update your account again
    Robert: it's necessary to do it from time to time
    Robert: once you send the docs requested above your withdarw will b processed
    goldn7z: why wasn't i told thins any other time?
    Robert: I'm checking with withdrawl department to see what we can do
    goldn7z: my docs haven't changed
    goldn7z: i use the same card
    Robert: Thank you for holding. I will be with you in a few moments.
    goldn7z: k
    Robert: it should be processed in the next couple of days
    Robert: please check back on monday
    goldn7z: what?????????????
    Robert: as per withdraw department..... it should be processed in the next couple of days, please check back on monday
    goldn7z: this is insane
    goldn7z: why monday?
    Robert: I'm not withdraw department, this is customer support, you can contact withdraw department through the next link
    Robert: You can contact Withdrawals Department Live Help by clicking the following link
    Robert: [link]
    goldn7z: you know, I have been so faithful to you guys. I cannot believe you are doing this!
    Robert: I'm really sorry sir
    goldn7z:It’s ma’am

    (I sent an email to that link and have not received a response)

    October 3, 2008: 7:15:48 pm
    Marcello: Welcome. How may I help you today?
    goldn7z: Back again to see if you have any withdraw info for me
    Marcello: let me see
    goldn7z: k
    Marcello: our back end system is down now and we can't access accounts, can u check in apx 1 hour ?
    goldn7z: ok i see here it has been approved, now you cannot see the details for me to pick it up?
    goldn7z: My first withdraw went so smooth....what has happened?
    goldn7z: marcello, come on, you are the first person to give me some good news. Can i get the info I need in 1 hr?
    Marcello: tech dept is working to restore now
    Marcello: we can't see anything , sorry
    goldn7z: i'll be back K?
    Marcello: ok

    October 3, 2008: 9:15:48 pm
    Steven: Welcome. How may I help you today?
    goldn7z: Ok,I was told by marcello to check back in an hour. PLEASE tell me you have the withdraw info I need
    Steven: let me check please
    goldn7z: k
    Steven: well actually he told you that we were having some tech issues, but he never said that the info will be ready
    Steven: but I'm checking
    goldn7z: here we go
    goldn7z: thanks for clearing that up
    Steven: well it was approved today
    goldn7z: k
    Steven: so it takes around 5 business days for the money to be sent
    goldn7z: naturally
    Steven: I'm sorry?
    goldn7z: so u r saying check back in 5 days
    Steven: business days

    Still waiting.  Please pray for me.  Thanks for the ear.



  • How frustrating.  >:( >:( >:( All the best with it.
    Please dont hold your breathe waiting though coz u will xplode.

  • Without a doubt Prism casino is the worst,now mind you I was playing with real money and no bonus when I finally hit it for 3500, I was needless to say exstatic,,I contaced customer support to see what I needed to do (Jensen) said fax/scan all documents to our accouting dept. which I did several times,every time getting a different response,to dark,to light,cant read your credit car number,signature inlegable,anything they could throw at me finally I recieved a message saying all documents were in order,Thinking I was going to get my cash I waited several more days to contact them again,I ws now told I did not playthrough that I still had 12000 I needed to reach before payout I explained that I wasnt using a bonus code,,well Mister personality (dave) left me on chat for at least 20 mins,,he then came back and said well there must be an error somewhere check back tommorow,,here we go again,,after several more phone calls,emails,and chats I was told to send an e-mail to the manager at Prism explaining what was going on which I did,and the next day it said manager withdrawal approved,,yeaaaaaa I am getting my money finally,,,yeaaaaa right,,after not getting the funds or emails to follow up I once again contacted there wonderful and customer friendly support team to be told that I wasnt getting anything because I played Ilegal games,,not just any but 46000 hands of blackjack on a slot only bonus,,I told them he was wrong and after several minutes of bickering back and forth I told him i was contacting Casino watch dogs,,he said contact whoever you would like your not getting anything,dissconected me and locked my account,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ONCE AGAIN I SAY DO NOT EVER EVER GO NEAR PRISM CASINO THEY ARE THIEVES,SCUM,TRASH,WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for letting me vent!! tongue

  • I think you should contact disputes because this was not a free chip.These people will deal with your complaint for you


  • Is an internet casino regulated be a warped sense of morality?

    I had a withdrawable balance of $500 which was max for my bonus code.

    In my apparent naivity I thought that when the balance is moved from Bonus balance to withdrawable balance, it would be possible to withdraw the money.

    With Cirrus Casino this is not the case. I was told that I had to wager $7000 more.

    Never received an explanation why the balance was moved.

    I can only advice all to keep away from Cirrus.

    I have lost all trust in Cirrus


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