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  • When attempting to register a casino account I was denied & directed to contact support who says I didn't pass their security. I asked how I could fix the issue and they say "a previous casinomay have labeled me but no other information can be given". I'm asking even if they can't say who or what can they point me in a direction where I can begin to track it down. It's not fair to someone has said something somewhere about you and not be able to dispute, defendor explain yourself in the situation. In my full disclosure I have actively used 2 Sportsbook accounts for approximately 2-2.5 yrs now (give or take a month or so). These accounts are also where I have casino played solely until recently. As a guesstimate I would say it was around the 2nd week in December 2021 when I actually began exploring other online casinos. Admittedly I tried out a few by using a no deposit offer and when it was lost so was the casino for me. I have always registered only once and with my true and legal information to a casino but once again admittedly, the chances of them getting me to deposit were slim-to-none. Then after encountering CasinoCastle the word "deposit" was like me being hit with a nuclear weapon of mass destruction. sure it pissed off merchants & considered to be in bad taste but it's not against the law or even against any basic T's&C's for online casinos in general. Again, it's not in good character but it doesn't warrent being red flagged/blackballed. ***NOTE*** that not now not will ever be again the case. I played this way til discovering Casino Brango around valentine's time when I had an "whatever, I have nothing else 2 do" moment, deposited like $7-$8 via BTC Aand after successfully completing a wager requirement I cashed out $500+ & it was in my wallet like 10mins later!!! I don't carelessly throw money away but I do deposit often & most times over the min. I just want to clear my name by any means. 


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  • CornBaby, could you please let us know the name of the casino? We could contact the representatives and ask for more details if available. 

  • I was denied registration at Lincoln Casino 

  • If you would like us to contact the Lincoln Casino representative and ask for more details regarding your case, please PM me your casino username. 

  • CornBaby we confirmed with the representatives that your account indeed was declined as it didn't pass the security. 

  • Yes, that's all they will tell me. When asked how I could rectify it is when they said due to possibly being flagged via a past merchant and no other details can be provided. Which then brings me back to the basis for this post 

  • I sent a direct message to @MarijaS on Sept 2nd regarding the issue in this post but have yet to recieve a response back. Is there an administrator with any available time to assist me with this?

  • Hello CornBaby,

    Representatives confirmed your account is declined as it didn't pass the security. That is the only information we were able to get. 


  • I understand that. The message I sent was under this same subject category but was a completely different discussion matter

  • @CornBaby just answered your PM. As per the image you provided, the issue is the same for the other brand too. We will ask for updates, if we manage to get more information we will let you know.


  • Ok. Thank you. Is different information given to different merchants? And is it a way to contact someone that operates this "database" so I can do/submit whatever they want to get this red flag removed from me?  

  • We are waiting for the updates regarding the issue you are having. As soon as we have more info we will let you know. 

  • Hi CornBaby,

    Casino Representative needs your casino account username to check this issue. Please send it to me via PM.

    Thank you. 

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