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  • Hi Everybody smiley

    These are payments I received for signing up ($25) and then $10 for anyone I referred.
    I have a big family, so I asked my mom,dad,brothers,sisters,aunts,uncles,cousins,and grandparents, along with a few friends, and even a couple of strangers to sign up...
    the results were staggering, because after my family all signed up, that got me a big chunk of cash, but my parents and grandparents all transferred their $25 sign up bonus's into my account, even with this free money you can do member to member transfers, and my parents and grandparents were like, "we don't really know what to do with this $25, there aren't many online merchants who accept this, so they transferred their cash to me, and i withdrew all the money onto my Netspend card, and have been having an absolute hey day! note the dates on when i requested the withdraw, then look at how fast it posted to my netspend card,  less than 24 hours!
    i've played about $100 of it at casino's, it's nice having someone pay for you to play!

    ok, here's the proof:

    there are also a couple of cashouts, onr for $80 and one for $100, the others you see that have the senders email blacked out, are my family members that sent me their

    i posted 3 seperate views so that you could see all of the transactions, since they are confined into one of those scroll down windows, it doesnt display the transcations in it's entirety, so i took 3 seperate screenshots scrolling down a little more each time

    And This is just my netspend statement that shows that the money did infact make it onto my card...  and impressively quick i must say...less than 24 hours!!

    Hope this motivates some of you to go and get your free money too! I been having a ball playing at the casino's with this cash!!

    here's the link to sign up if you want:

    Lastly, if you too want to transfer your money onto your netspend card, here is how to do it:

    there are just a few easy & simple instructions for adding your netspend card as your bank account, so that you can get your money wired directly onto your card, please follow them exactly:

    *upon signing up you will have $25 in your account, you must scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "accept" to accept the $25 cash. DO NOT click any other option other than "accept" if you do, you will not get the money, and you can't try again, (it explains not to click the other options right on their site as well).

    *after clicking accept, you will now see the $25 in your account balance. Now, on the left side of your account page, you'll see the option, "add a funding source"  click on that, and some empty fields will be displayed asking you to enter you banking account information... so at this time, go log into your netspend visacard online account, and click on the option that says "direct deposit"  (even clicking the "deposit using paypal" opyion is fine- both methods will display the account information you'll need for getting funds wired directly onto your netspend card.) The banking information displayed will say "Routing Number" (which is a 9 digit number) and directly below that there will be an account number and it will be displayed twice, (they are the same number, this just shows you an example for entering the account info because you will be prompted to enter it twice. The name of the bank "MetaBank"  (please keep in mind, this IS NOT your personal checking account and it is not to be used for anything other than having funds deposited directly onto your netspend card, via your employer or a financial institution, which btw, this ewallet IS FDIC insured, unlike paypal) so please only use this information for that purpose- submitting this info for any other purpose will result in a denial from the bank (i.e, ACH's , etc...)

    *ok, so once you enter the routing number and account number, click submit-  you will get a confirmation message saying that you have successfully added a bank account (or funding source)

    *then log into your netspend visa card account about 12 hours later and click on account history, (which is listed under account options) ... when you see 2 small micro deposits made back to back in small cents (like 0.06 and 0.19 ) that say, "DEPOSIT/CREDIT FROM REVOLUTION MONEY EXCHANGE"  go back and login to your Rev Money Exchange account, and verify these amounts in the exact order in which they were deposited...  so even though the 0.06 cents appears 1st and then the 0.19 cents appears on your netspend statement 2nd,  the 0.19 cents was actually deposited into your netspend account FIRST, so you will need to add that amount FIRST, and then the other amount SECOND, or it will not go through (your deposit amounts will be different, they wont be 0.06 and 0.19 cents, that is just an example)

    *after you enter those 2 amounts in ORDER, click submit- you will get a confirmation message telling you that you have successfully verified your account....  now, just go to the options at the top of the page and click on the "withdrawl" tab, enter the amount you wish to transfer onto your netspend card, which can be the entire $25, or less if you want...  or more if you have referral bonus money (which will credit to your account instantly as the $25 did, the moment anyone signs up using your referral link)you'll also need to click the "accept" button to claim it as you did with the $25- just FYI )

    Ok, Your all done...  In the next 15-24 hours the funds you transferred will appear on your netspend card, and you can go to the casino of your choice and gamble on! (providing they accept netspend visa, which most do) ....  Wahoooo!  Free gamblin' Money!!  Now Isn't this just the COOLEST!!!

    I Hope you all have a good time with the free money whatever you decide to do with it, or however you decide to play, i wish you GOOD LUCK, and hope you win BIG!!!

    Also, I just want to thank all of you who take advantage of this free money! because of also there is a $10 incentive for me as well, SO THANKS EVERYBODY & GOOD LUCK!
  • For US only $25 Free.
    Revolutionmoneyexchange are making the offer not Netspend.
    As I'm from here I asked a friend In the US if they could decifer the above post,
    here is what they replied.

    The offer is being made by Revolutionmoneyexchange until midnight May 15th only.
    You won't find details of the offer on there home site you need to Google or Yahoo search "Revolutionmoneyexchange 25 free" to find the page.You receive $25 for signing up in 24 hrs and can then transfer it out (Not just to Netspend).

    Friend received his all OK.

    Hope someone can take advantange....Then find a good deposit bonus and multiply.

    Good Luck
    Brett666 grin

  • Hi,

      Sorry about the confusion; yes, you are correct when you say it can be transferred to your bank account, not just netspend. However, the reason I have stated it in this way, is because since this is a casino bonus forum, and most of the members here are most likely seeking bonus opportunities, I found this to be a bit of valuable advice on how to get this free money they are offering and be able to deposit it at a casino to play, and the one way way that is acheived is by having the free money transferred to your netspend card, by means of direct deposit. And how that is done is Netspend
    issues you a routing number and bank acct number to be used for direct deposit/wire transfer purposes only (not to be used for ACH transactions, etc...) so if you enter this banking account information that netspend provides you, revolutionmoneyexchange will transfer the money to that acct, which will in turn be posted onto your netspend card within 24 hours, and THEN you can use your netspend
    card, (which is widely accepted at almost all online casinos) to make a deposit, so essentially, you are getting free money to gamble with (which is like the equivalent to getting a bonus, because it's free money but minus the terms and conditions a bonus
    usually carries) My point being=here's a way to get some free money to use as a cash deposit to a casino of your choice.  I myself happened to really clean up with this offer, because RME allows free member to member money transfers, including the free $25  they give you, so any member that signs up and receives the $25 can transfer it to someone who also has a RME account because there are no restrictions placed on this money they give you. The majority of the people I referred were family members, who, for the most part signed up, to help me get referral incentive, and don't really need the $25, so many of them transferred their $25 to me, and thats why you see several $25 transfers to my acct, $300 to be exact, and $100 of that I played online, while the rest I withrew from my netspend card at an ATM and used it for other purposes. This was a totally awesome apportunity to make some really quick cash, and i guess it's pointless, at this stage because the opportunity to get this money expires in just 4 hours, but if you can sign up and snag a quick few refferals, i would suggest doing so, because they put that money in your acct within 24 hours after requesting the withdral... hopefully , they will extend the deadline again, because they have done so twice already, the original expiration for this bonus was back in Feb, then they extended it to April due to such a huge response, and again extended it until May 15th, so you never know...  they may extend it again, but i doubt it, but it wouldn't hurt to check and see, like i said...  and as you can see from the dates on records i posted, they didn't mess around at all when it came to claiming this money and withdrawing it out- keep in mind also, you don't HAVE to withdraw it, you can spend it online with merchants and auction sites, however, you cannot use it to make a deposit directly into a casino account, and that is why I explained the "work around" for doing this so members here could use it to their advantage to make a casino deposit, which is otherwise  not possible. Hope that helps to clarify things smiley 

  • P.S. I had also posted a link that would take the interested party to the sign up page that would give them the bonus, because you are right, it does not mention it on their site otherwise, but it was removed by the moderator, as these types of links , apparently are not allowed. And I apologize for that as well, I didn't mean to confuse anybody, was just trying to be helpful...  wink

  • do I get 25$ if i just make an account there???
    i also want 25$ =)

  • do I get 25$ if i just make an account there???
    i also want 25$ =)

    the offer ended on may 15th, but i found out that it is still available but only via a refferal link and i know this for sure because one of my friends signed up last night from my link and got the cash, so if you just go directly to their website and sign up you won't get the $25.
    i can't post my referral link here, cuz it's not allowed but if you wanna post your email address (if that's allowed) i can email you the link so that you can get the $25
  • that would be very kind of you.. =)
    my email is :
    thank you  

  • Hey, can I get that link from you too? email is



  • Hi You Guys,

      I am SO sorry i didn't reply to your posts, but something came up with work, and
    i had to go out of town, where i ended up getting bit by a spider and had to go in
    the hospital, where they had no internet of course!!  >:(

      So, please forgive me if it appeared that i ignored you or anything, i wasn't being rude intentionally, i was just not able to access the internet for a while... i'll send
    an email to you right now....

    Thanks for your patience and understanding  wink

  • my 25.00 on my netspen vis veronica montegut

  • my email is

  • my email address is

  • Posting your email address is a little dangerous (spam, fraud, etc), please send PM if you wish to do this in future.

  • NOTE:

    This is NOT  LCB offer.

    This thread was started on May the 3rd this year.
    Thread was started by the member who posted referral link , which is not allowed.
    This offer has expired exclamation ( thats mentioned in this thread )

    Im gonna remove all your emails for your own safety .

  • NOTE:

    This is NOT  LCB offer.

    This thread was started on May the 3rd this year.
    Thread was started by the member who posted referral link , which is not allowed.
    This offer has expired exclamation ( thats mentioned in this thread )

    Im gonna remove all your emails for your own safety .

  • thanks ZUGA thats what i thought

    [quote author=scsc04 link=topic=1322.msg7984#msg7984 date=1225105761]
    thanks ZUGA thats what i thought

    All part of the job wink

  • I want to do this how do I get a referral link or code or signup

  • I think this offer is expired,because the last post before you was 5 years ago hysterical

  •   laugh_out_loud I wish we could get an offer like this right now, it would be great to have. Like stated above, this post is basically dead and the poster has not been logged in since 2009.

  • Its a great offer but i think it has expired wish i had known about this when first posted maybe next time.

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