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  •   I just found this, and thought it was worth a laugh....

  • thats hysterical...i was just doing the same thing!!

    i was just saying, ok i will read one more, then i HAVE to go!!

    where did you see that?  love it  cheesy

  • HAHAHAHAH. You know Nal, I have to admit, I find bathroom humor halarious.
      It is a part of life, and we all have to do it.  cheesy cheesy

      I found that sign surfing the web

    Glad you enjoyed it!!!

  • Here is another funny one....

  • LOL good ones PMM!!

  • Vandalism is very wrong..Yes, but some one has got a good sense of humor

  • LOL!!!!! Gotta love the restroom one!!!!  Gene... where did u find that one.  LMAO
  • Here's a couple good ones..

    got these from a blog Pam turned me on to.  Some funny stuff in there Pam  grin

  • NOW THAT'S FUNNY!!! cheesy

  • Oh Yea, those are great ones!!!! cheesy

  • What the heck?

  • LOL exclamation


  • I thought I would stick one in here we could all relate to... grin grin grin

  • HAHAHAH!!!

  • grin
  • We need to see more of these for safety purposes!!! laugh_out_loud

  • hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

    just saw this one pam!!  definately very funny!! were the heck did you find this?  grin

  • hahahahah, I laughed hard at this one too!!!
          I'm afraid I don't remember where exactly I got it from, but I was just surfing the web for "Funny Signs" and it came up. laugh_out_loud
          It by far is one of my favorite ones.  cheesy cheesy

  • I think I'll pass on this diner..... :-\

  • Here's some that I found amusing...

  • here's a couple..

  • Lmao love the golf one Nal.........priceless!!!!
  • Oh my goodness....

  • hahaha..that's a good one..
    i like this thread  cheesy

    here's a couple more...

  • Guy can u help me somehow!? I can't open any picture!!!!  :'( :'( :'( What problem there can be???

  • That's great!!!! lol Can't stop laughing!!!! Where have u found all that???

  • i see that you opened them.. grin grin grin

  • How did u guess??  cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy

  • Phib Nal you will soon find out is a character!!!!!! Your gonna love her!!!

  • Tony...that 2nd 1 about the crabs had me LMAO!!! GOOD 1!

  • Phib Nal you will soon find out is a character!!!!!! Your gonna love her!!!


    thank-you my friend..  smiley

  • Phib Nal you will soon find out is a character!!!!!! Your gonna love her!!!


    Already! grin grin grin
  • Here's some more good 1s!!!

  • now THOSE are funny!!  grin grin grin

  • Found some more!

  • Got a couple more good 1s:

  • Hahahahaha...Arkansas loves Clinton  grin

  • Going on vacation??

  • LOL! Genenco....U just reminded me of these 2 that should also have been worded a little more carefully.

    & Nal...I thought u might get a kick outta the 3rd 1.

  • I actually had that third one till it got deleted. Thanks for the refresh!

    I think that really is a funny one which was (I'm positive) "Photoshopped" but it was funny!!

  • OMG...that is so funny!!, actually,  they are all very funny!!  I really love this thread  grin

  • I haven't seen any funny signs for a while, and I like to keep this one going  cool

    Someone just sent these to me from Canada...I have a whole bunch of them, I'll give you a few now.  They are all Canadian Billboards.

  • shocked shocked shocked shocked tongue tongue tongue tongue

    ROFL Those are hilarious!!! 

    tongue tongue shocked shocked cheesy cheesy cheesy
  • LMAOOOOOO!  tongue tongue tongue

  • Here's a couple more from Canada..

    very funny people over there.. cheesy cheesy grin

  • oh lordy the last one...Uhhh..fits cheesy

  • Those are halarious Nal!!!!


  • I know, huh?  grin grin grin

    I don't know which one's funnier...Speedo...I really can't stomach those, so I loved it..

    Speedo..Making us all wish we were blind! true for me!!!!!!!!  shocked shocked shocked

    and that Corona one really cracks me up too...Save the space between your legs for your girlfriend...hahahahahaha!!! funny shit!!

    wish our American Boards were so funny!  tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue

  • grin grin grin OMG! These are the funniest pictures I have ever seen...thank you all for giving me Big laughs...ha ha ha!!!
  • wow..must be good
    mine work sensored it..have to check it out when i get home  grin

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