Go Wild Casino Is A Rough Casino

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  • Go Wild Casino Is a rough casino Just want to warn everyone
    Here is a conversation with the casino support I had today . I feel you all needed to know . So beware
    You are now chatting with 'Jenavive'
    Jenavive: Hello Sandra smiley

    Sandra Cunningham: Hi I was refering people to your casino

    Sandra Cunningham: and this one posted this replie

    Sandra Cunningham: can you tell me why she is not getting the bonus

    Sandra Cunningham: Here was what support told me Jason: How are you today ? heather baze: HI I have a referral from acct vgwr00015469 heather baze: Sandra Cunningham has refereed you and you would like the free $30. heather baze: and I would like Jason: Heather, can you please tell me your account number ? heather baze: vgwr00093533 Jason: Heather, currently, the best promotion I have for you is an AMAZING 100% bonus up to $100 on your first deposit. heather baze: Awwwwww why? Jason: Because I can see that your referral is not eligible for bonuses\ Jason: I'm really sorry to tell you this heather baze: ok thanks any way Jason: Though, I would be more than happy to credit that great first deposit bonus for you NO BONUS

    Sandra Cunningham: are you there

    Jenavive: I am :0

    Jenavive: smiley

    Sandra Cunningham: why are you not excepting my referrals

    Jenavive: I am just checking what is going on Sandra

    Sandra Cunningham: I also was told you where going to have a affiliate program too and that was quite awhile ago too

    Jenavive: Could you please tell me if this issue was about free $30 bonus or about referral bonus?

    Sandra Cunningham: both

    Jenavive: I am afraid that Jason was right Sandra

    Sandra Cunningham: right for what

    Sandra Cunningham: not giving the bonus

    Sandra Cunningham: or my referrals

    Jenavive: Your friend Heather haven't made any single deposit

    Sandra Cunningham: I took it as both

    Sandra Cunningham: she just signed up right

    Jenavive: So she is not eligible to receive any referral bonus

    Jenavive: About that free $30 bonus...

    Sandra Cunningham: I am the referrie

    Jenavive: That promotion was over few months ago

    Jenavive: I will explain step by step

    Sandra Cunningham: I did not know the bonus was over I have seen it still posted in othere forums

    Jenavive: It is unfortunate situation Sandra

    Jenavive: Forums often does not update their posts for a long time

    Sandra Cunningham: so you are also saying I should not send any more referrals to you right because I will not get any credit for them right

    Jenavive: So what I wanted to say is that free $30 promotion is over and right now we do have that promotion offer Jason gave to your friend

    Sandra Cunningham: Do you have a affiliate program yet

    Jenavive: Now about that referrals

    Jenavive: When you want to invite a friend first thing you need to do is to send us an email with your account number and emails of all the friends you referred to us

    Jenavive: Before they sign up

    Sandra Cunningham: why what is the differance

    Sandra Cunningham: they sign up from my link or I send them to you it is the same

    Sandra Cunningham: no matter what I should get credit for a refferal

    Sandra Cunningham: your just tring not to have to pay me

    Jenavive: You can check everything about referrals on our promotions page

    Sandra Cunningham: this has been going on sence day one

    Jenavive: There you will see Invite A Friend topic

    Sandra Cunningham: So I have not gotten any credit at all right

    Jenavive: Second thing is that every friend you referred to us need to make at least one successful deposit of of $/€/£ 50 minimum and complete at least 50% of the deposit bonus turnover.

    Jenavive: Those are the Terms and Conditions

    Sandra Cunningham: so answer my question

    Sandra Cunningham: either yes or no

    Jenavive: Right now you are not eligible to receive refer a friend bonus

    Sandra Cunningham: And I probley will never get any thing from your casino right

    Jenavive: You will, of course

    Sandra Cunningham: I am not happy with all of this

    Jenavive: :0

    Jenavive: smiley

    Sandra Cunningham: I am felling right now that you are a rough casino

    Jenavive: As I said you can read everything about Invite a Friend in our Promotions page

    Sandra Cunningham: I will post this in my forum about your casino and many more

    Sandra Cunningham: for bad casinos is that what you want

    Jenavive: I am really sorry because of the inconvenience and would like to ask you to understand that we are doing everything due to ours Terms & Conditions

    Jenavive: our*

    Sandra Cunningham: yes and not for the players and forums just for you that is what it is all about right

    Sandra Cunningham: you would not want to make others happy just your selfs

    Jenavive: You need to understand that our players satisfaction is in the first place

    Sandra Cunningham: right you could have fooled me

    Sandra Cunningham: I have never had a microgaming casino ever acted like this befor

    Sandra Cunningham: I have always loved micro casinos till now

    Jenavive: Sandra I do understand how you feel

    Sandra Cunningham: how did you satisfie me or my referrals

    Sandra Cunningham: do you

    Jenavive: That was obvious a misunderstanding

    Sandra Cunningham: now what am I to do with my referral I guess it is to best interest to pull your add because you are not a casino I would recamend to all the players out there

    Sandra Cunningham: I was told to when you get a affiliate program that My referrals would get transfered to it . Now I even dought that

    Sandra Cunningham: so you have nothing eles to say to me

    Sandra Cunningham: So when are you getting affiliate

    Sandra Cunningham: I have asked this about 3 months ago

    Jenavive: About our affiliate program you need to send an email to marketing@gowildgaming.com

    Sandra Cunningham: I have

    Sandra Cunningham: and gotten no where

    Jenavive: Our marketing team is dealing with this

    Sandra Cunningham: I got that answer back then too

    Jenavive: They are the one who can give you the answer

    Sandra Cunningham: tell them to send me a emai I never get any answers

    Jenavive: They will send you an email as soon as they set everything

    Jenavive: I can assure you in that Sandra

    Sandra Cunningham: ya I heard that too awhile ago

    Sandra Cunningham: It is pretty sad the way you folks here are handling all of this

    Sandra Cunningham: sure not a casino I want to chance my money at

    Sandra Cunningham: I will go put all my money into another casino that can be trusted

    Jenavive: http://www.gowildcasino.com/promotions.html

    Jenavive: I want to send you a page where you can get all the info about all of our promotions and about Invite a Friend ...

    Sandra Cunningham: I will list you as a rough casino ty very much and will pull your add and post this in othere forums as many as I can . Have a great day

    Sandra Cunningham: I will start with mine

    Jenavive: I am really sorry because of this misunderstanding and I do hope that in the future we will be the right choice for you and your friends to have some fun

    Sandra Cunningham: and I will deliet your casino from my computor

    Sandra Cunningham: there was no misunderstanding

    Sandra Cunningham: you are only here for yourselfs

    Sandra Cunningham: bye

    Jenavive: Hope that you will change your mind Sandra

    Sandra Cunningham: NEVER

    Sandra Cunningham: you are a unsafe casino

    Sandra Cunningham: there are too many out there to chose from and this one is off my list and hopfuly more will think the same way

    Sandra Cunningham: I am off to post you as no good casino

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