Good Luck Charms?

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  • When I gamble I have this little fish that sits on my computer desk, or I will carry it in my pocket when I go to the land casino.  Seems to me, I usually do better when I have that little fish. Sound fishy? HA, I know but I was wondering if anyone else had a good luck charm to speak of and do you think you do better when you have it with you? Some people carry a token of some sort, some people repeat words, some people rub the machine, etc. What do YOU do to get your luck running?
                                                      All in fun...PMM2008 grin

  • hehe, i think we all have it more or less, even if we dont even think of it at the time. i dont have a charm, i played football (soccer for u yanks) for about 15-17 years, and my shirtnumber from my first team was 5. i keep number 5 with me still as MY number

  • I carry a picture of my grandfather, an old time card shark for good luck.  But thats only for the poker.  I have a small turtle for the slots or other things smiley

  • I have two little glass Budhas and I just feel they bring me luck


  • Quoting myself here, as I plucked this from my blog:

    "There is one habit I’ve developed—a superstition you might say—that I believe may ward off bad luck, though.  Many poker players have lucky charms they bring to the table:  a rabbit’s foot, pictures of family, etc.  I think that’s rather silly, thinking you can influence the so-called 'poker Gods' with your goofy trinkets.  What I always do is bring Lucky Charms, a whole bowl.  Anyone who dares knock me out of a poker game knows very well they’ll be receiving a bowlful of cereal and milk in the face shortly thereafter.  (This is the application of a theory that behavioral psychologists call 'deterrence.')  'Good game and good day,' I say, making my typically classy exit, a true testament to sportsmanship and integrity in the competitive realm of poker.  Why, yes, I do consider myself a great ambassador of the game."

  • sounds more like you should bring a bowl of valium  :-\

  • I have a black kitten who insists on parking herself on my laptop, to watch the reels go round, i get lots of free spins when shes parked on me lol

  • Well as far as good luck charms I have a lil green pair of dice i rub everytime i get a bonus round on a game hey its helped ,i think,lol .I also banish my kids for some reason the more I concentrate on a game the better I seem to do .Good vibes I guess.

  • I have this whole little ritual that I do I have to have everything that I need an my computer desk and everything has to be in it's place!! Coffee cigarettes my lighter and my candle burning!!  Iguess we all have our quirks!!!!

  • this thread is making me laugh so much...i would love to put something down here, but i keep sensoring my own thoughts...too funny!

  • Nalgenie? Thats what I try to do with alot of my posts, just make people laugh, and keeping it fun. I am so glad to know you are enjoying it.  PMM2008

  • Ya, I'm sure many people have their things, and superstitions..I guess my biggest one is when someone tells me to cash out...I FREAK.  I instantly feel jinked.  grin  It's so stupid..yet so real. ::)

  • I don't think there is a gambler that does not have some kind of superstition or good luck charm. Sometimes when i go to the casino strangers can be a good luck charm for me. If a person sits next to me and i get a good hit on a poker hand im thinking......omg i hope this person does'nt leave soon!! When they get up i feel doomed.

    It also works the opposite for me...sometimes i will see a person lurking around for a seat and i think oh no don't sit by me your a jinx!

    My favorite good luck charm is a penny i find and of course i have to say the ole "find a penny pick it up...all day long have good luck". I will put that penny in my pocket and hold on to it when i need that fourth


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