Growing up with the class bully

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  • Hiya LCB'ers,

    I think one of the most difficult times growing up is dealing with bullies at school. I know i had my share. I was the "ugly duckling". I grew up in a pretty rough neighborhood in Chicago and life was not always easy. Kids can be very cruel.

    If i was not having problems with bullies, i was out defending those who did. Growing up we are told that the best years of our lives are when we are young and still in school. I remember thinking......if this is the best i hate to see the worst!

    I often wonder how some of these bullies turned out to be when they grew up. Do they reflect back and have regrets for their actions or are they bullies in their adult lives as well.

    Have any of you been picked on by class bullies?
  • I know just what you mean Ton. Lunch time was a nightmare!!!! Although i never got my lunch stolen, food fights were common!!!

  • I also grew up in Chicago, I got more than my fair share of being made to feel like a freak of nature since I was always very tall, so I was called giraffe,lurch,jolly green giant, etc. Thankfully height runs in my family so being tall is like breathing to me now, but when your a 6th grader who is 5'10", with big boobs, trust me you do start to believe your an oddball,as I mentioned to PMM in another post, NOW I know that when people put others down, they are really the most insecure of all and are just trying to get ahead of others by jumping the gun and pointing out their "weaknesses", or what they percieve as weakness.Shorter kids, especially boys saw that height was what stood out about me and tried to make me feel bad about it, thank goodness I know better now, but I wish I had been equipped with the same wisdom then. Btw,I am 6ft. tall, I have 2 sisters, another 6 footer, and one who is 6'1", my Dad is 6'6", my Mom is 5'6",but my mothers paternal grandmother,(my GGgrandmother) was born in the mid 1800's and was supposed to have been about 6'2", with braids down to her waist (Choctaw) so I believe the height may actually come more from my moms side.

  • i gre up in utah a non active mormon i weighed 90 pounds and let me tell you there is nothing worse than religous bias, i fought everyday for my dignity for my sisters and they fought for me.  the class bully i remember the most was a girl from a rich family and we were poor.  I met her some years later when i was taking care of the handicapped so parents could get a rest.  Had a very violent young man in my home and 3 kids of my own she reported me as being a terrible respite mother but let me tell you i got the most clients and some who come see me to this day 15 years later she just stuck her head up her butt and couldnt pull it out.  So as i see it someday she will get what karma brings around and i pray she can handle it cuz not all states like utah mormons not that we are all bias

  • Its a funny thing........but some years later i saw one of the worst class bullies i had to deal with from grade school. Immediately i became that little girl intimidated by her.

    I didn't say anything to her and walked away. She ran after me and could not be any nicer. I said i was a bit apprehensive to approach her given how much she didnt like me as a kid. She looked at me with amazement and said we were just kids, come on!!!

    It's hard to see someone who caused such stress as a child and chalk it up to "just being kids". I have to admit i have seen her many times since. She works at a local grocery store i go to. We talk like old friends now.


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