Happy Birthday Wishes!!

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  • ...and Happy Birthday to hyefivess.  It's the 23rd today and yet it says "up and coming" for your birthday.

    Have a great day and may all your birthday bonuses be good ones. 


  • Early b'day wishes to you hye for your b'day on the 26th!!!!


  • Early b'day wishes to you hye for your b'day on the 26th!!!!


    Damn it.  I'm losing the plot.  

    My apologies hyefivess - this is what I saw:

    Local Time:  January 23, 2010, 12:51:41 PM

    I am definitely losing the plot.


  • Happy B-day,josie46!!! I didn't know it is your b-day until I saw your post at VRC. Hope you get many freebies and win big bucks. Have a wonderful day!!!

  • Happy Birthday pnkchrystl!!!

    Happy Birthday Hyefives!!!

    Happy Birthday Josie!!!

    Hoping all your Birthdays are Magnificant!!! cheesy cheesy

  • Happy birthday josie46,

    Enjoy your b'day bonuses and have a great day.


  • HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAL,KRAZIEGURL,HYEFIVESS, and JOSIE May we all win big and Keep it lmao..... And Thank  You Everyone For The B-Day wishes!!! kiss kiss
  • Happy b'day josie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wishing you a birthday to remember!!!

  • Wow!  So many Birthdays in one day!!!!

    The days kinda over...I hope you guys had a great day!

    Happy Birthday  grin grin grin

      Nal  cool

  • Happy B'day hyefivess, Vasjuu and wmmeden!!!!

    May all your dreams come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Happy birthday, hyefivess,wmmeden, Vasjuu. Hope you have a wonderful day and wish this day will bring you many lucks!!!color]


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY hyefivess, Vasjuu AND wmmeden!!!

    ENJOY YOUR DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Happy Happy Birthday Jasjuu, Hyefives and Wmmeden!!!

    Hope you have a great birthday today!!!
                    cheesy cheesy cheesy

  • Happy birthday wmmeden and hyefivess.

    Have a great day and I hope you both get a load of free chips.


  • Thank you all, having a great time with the Birthday bonus. 
    You all have a great day. 

  • Birthday wishes to Hyefivess, vasjuu, and wmmeden...

    Wishing you an incredible day..... smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY wmmeden, hyefivess, & vasjuu! Hope today brings you all the best of luck in the casinos.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for Today's Birthdays exclamation!!

    ravenlearns2fly, betzi, kynettie

    Hope you have a Wonderful Birthday.. cheesy cheesy cheesy
    and don't forget to get your birthday chips from your favorite casinos!!!!

    WIN BIG!!!

  • Happy birthday wishes to ravenlearns2fly, betzi and kynettie.

    Have a great one and win loads of dough with any free chips you are hopefully will get.


  • Happy B-day to you,ravenlearns2fly, betzi, kynettie. I wish you all the best!

  • Happy Happy B'day to all of you.....ravenlearns2fly, betzi, kynettie!

    Wishing you prosperous birthdays!!

  • Thanks Gang.    Glad it landed on the weekend this year.  Played all my birthday chips about 6, but no luck didn't cash.  Played poker all day. Like i do every weekend win,lose.  overall not a bad day. 

    P.S.  The bad thing is another year older....lol....

    Thanks again

  • Happy Birthday to you,rokko!!!Wishing you everything that makes you happy on your b-day and hope you will get lots of goodies from many casinos and win big money. Have a great time with your friends and family.

  • Happy birthday Rokko.

    Have a great day with lots of free chips.  tongue


  • Happy Birthday Rokko

  • Happy B-day to you, wackymac, monina. Hope you have a great one and receive many freebies and O, win loads of money wink wish you the best. smiley

  • Congrats to both wackymac and monina on your birthday.  Hope you both get loads of freebies and win a ton of cash.


  • HI all!

    A late Thank You for all your good wishes.

    As for the free chips, well...they transformed into experience grin

    As for the future free chips, could you please collect them for me, because the next days we have carnival at here and there is to much party to think about gambling.

    With a cordial "LCB Hellau" (Hellau is the local carnival greeting, nothing satanic),


  • Tony,

    I Celebrate You

    On your birthday, I celebrate you!
    On your special day,
    I’m thinking of all the wonderful things you are
    that bring so much joy to others, including me!
    I celebrate your unconquerable spirit,
    that lets you meet every challenge
    with confidence, enthusiasm and persistence.
    I admire your sensitivity.
    You see needs that cry out to be met
    that no one else sees,
    and you meet them,
    out of your deep and caring heart,
    out of your wisdom,
    out of your strength.
    I treasure your uniqueness;
    There is no one else like you,
    and I feel blessed to know
    such an extraordinary person.
    I appreciate you, respect you,
    cherish you, look up to you.
    Happy, happy birthday!
    May each new birthday
    be the best one ever for you;
    You deserve it!

    I love ya ton!!!

  • Tony, it's your special day and I am wishing you the very best B-day. Remember that you are the star of the stage no matter what's your age...you are the most gentle and have the greatest sense of humor that put smiles on many faces. Have a spendid day. Hugs.

  • Happy birthday Tony,

    Hope you have a great day.  grin



  • happy birthday Tony!!! I'm sending you that Big Wheel w/a 6-pack in the back!!!

    tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue
  • happy birthday Tony

  • Happy birthday Tony-boy wink

  • Tony:
      Wishing you a very happy Birthday today....... smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley


  • Happy Birthday Tony!

  • Hey Tonster!!!!

    Happy Birthday Sweetie!! grin  I'm having a birthday beer just for you right now.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    I made you a cake, with lots of love...Nal  cool

  • Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday Allyoop, Happy birthday to me........sniff sniff :'( sad

  • Awwwwwwwwwwww allyoop........is it your b'day? If so i think i made it just under the wire before midnite!!!

    Happy Birthday to you........and no sad face.....c'mon let me see a smile.....after all your a Chicago girl too!!!!!!!!!

    May all your dreams come true and all your snow be shoveled!!

  • Soda Pop kid!!!!!!!!!! It is your b'day........oh happy day!!! I hope your mojo is working bigger and better on this special day!!!!

    Happy Birthday and when you blow those candles out on your cake.....think big reallllllllllllllllll big!!!!!

  • Happy belated b-day,allyoop...I really didn't know it was your b-day...sorry. I hope you had a wonderful day and ate your special cake...hugs.
  • Happy B-day, Soda!!!
    Wish you the very best as always and have a wonderful day. Hope you get lots of freebies and win loads of cash.

  • Thank you Lipstick_xoxos and Wnanhee, I feel loved now-----> reaching for tissue to wipe nose.

    smiley kiss wink

  • Happy birthday Sodaaaaaaa  exclamation!!!!  wink

  • Hey allyoop,

    Don't be sad hun, happy birthday!!! Better late than never!  hehe

  • Happy Birthday Soda!!!  Enjoy your day hun!!!!

  • Happy Birthday allyoop.

    I must have been in bed when you posted.  Sorry my wishes are belated.  I hope you had a fantastic day.

    Happy birthday to you Soda - may all your free chips be large ones and all your poker hands be Royal flushes.

    Have a great day.


  • happy bd soda, I know that you will get many gift bonuses from many diff casinos, best of luck and win big

    grin grin

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