Health Care Bill Passes

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  • Hiya LCB'ers

    The health care reform bill passed late last night and soon to be signed into law by President Obama on Tuesday.

    While many provisions of the bill would not take effect until 2013, the legislation would bring health coverage to about 32 million Americans who are currently uninsured, and as a result, about 95 percent of Americans would have health insurance.

    What are your reflections on this new bill?

  • Well, unlike our elected reps, I'm planning to sit down and "Try" to read through it.

    What with all the backroom and sweatheart deals, I fear greatly that true fairness will never be in this bill.

  • I too will have to take the time to read it, if it comes out to be as what you have stated in short, theres possiblities, 95% compared to what it is now is a miracle, but i still wonder what and why about the 5% left out.

  • From what I know, which isn't all 2700 pages worth, I don't like it.

    Being FORCED to purchase health insurance is problematic.  I hope the different states attorneys general file suits to have the law thrown out. 

    Again, under Dictator Obama, the people who have worked the hardest, took the risks, etc. are going to have the bank accounts raided by the Government.

  • Well only time will tell, I am happy happy!

  • I haven't taken the time to go through it.  It sounds like a good deal- 95% of people having insurance is a much higher number than right now.  But I agree with drpsyce38 that being forced to purchase it could be hard.  I just don't know yet.

  • I too will have to take the time to read it, if it comes out to be as what you have stated in short, theres possiblities, 95% compared to what it is now is a miracle, but i still wonder what and why about the 5% left out.

    I wonder the same who are these 5% people who will be left out? huh
  • Here is what is in there for sure:  You will be forced to buy insurance.  All of this will be enforced by the IRS.  Obama has hired 12,000 new agents to make sure you pay up.  Also, your boss will be forced to purchase insurance, meaning, that if the cost of employment goes up, it increases the chance you'll be laid off.

    Also, the numbers of doctors practicing general medicine will decline, making for huge waits just care for basic medical needs. 

  • When did he hire those 12,000 agents, and I really dont think that all of this how been worked out, I am hoping that things go well with this historical health bill and that one day we will say, it was a good thing for America.  Only time will tell and I am supporting my President on this one.  Thanks House Speak Nancy Pelosi, I think she is a awesome woman!  Go Nancy!

  • Dazzling.....Yep, Obamacare will be enforced by the IRS.  For example, that is where you will be fined and pursued if you don't buy insurance. 

  • Hi Dr, I knew I would get a reply out of you!  How have you been?  Well I still thing you are matter if you an obama hater or not!  wink

  • Yeah, great to hear from you!  Glad you are still around.

    Oh, I don't hate the Pres.  Just some of his care being one of them.

    For example.  I own a small business.  Before the Recession I employed 14 people.  I had to cut that to 9 with ZERO profit.  I stay open to give the 9 jobs.  Things are slowing starting to improve in the economy and I could re-hire some.  But, I am sure not going to hire ANY with Obama about to tax me more and me having to pay out more in health benefit costs. 

    Trust me 1000s of small business owners are doing the same as me.  We won't hire as long as Obama is threatening to tax and inserting uncertainty into the economy.

    So, you see the end result of all this?  Yeah, you may get your doctor's visit after a 3 month wait.  But, you won't have a job.

  • I totally disagree, Canada, England have had health care as well as many different countries for decades. That is a rumor about waiting 3 months for an appt. Have you ever seen Michael Moores movie SICKO. I suggest everyone sees it. Even the docs say that is a rumor, patients are seen right away, oh and by the way the docs make an average salary of a Million. HA listen to the haters. Never did understand why every citizen would not want their neighbors to have healthcare, as well as themselves. Small businesses will also get an incentive for hiring, that did not tell you that part. I wonder why?
  • Im with the Doc on this one.  If I wanted this much federal control Id move to China!  Since when did we become a country in favor of communism?

    Lucky 8, Sicko, is just that a movie. Edited in such a way to best show Moore's opinions. In real life, my Canadian grandmother was put on a waiting list to remove a cancerous tumor 3 months went by and nothing. My mom brought her to the states but it was too late to save her.

  • are so right.  There are so many, many things wrong with this:
    1.  Very, very expensive.  Another entitlement program we cannot afford.

    2.  Doctor shortage.  There is a short of doctors at present, now they will be REQUIRED to take on another 32 million people

    3.  Name one big program the government runs well?  Post office?  Pentagon acquisitions?  IRS?  Dept. of Education?  DMV?

    List is endless....

  • Sorry for the loss of your Grandmother, tye. But now for all the American citizens who have cancer and NO insurance, they will not be turned away for their pre-exisisting condition. Always two sides to look at it. As far as Michael Moore and his movie SICKO you can only MAKE UP so much.  Bottom line it passed and it is Socialism not Communism.

    The term 'socialism' is variously attributed to Pierre Leroux in 1834, who called socialism "the doctrine which would not give up any of the principles of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" of the French Revolution of 1789. As far as being entitled to have Health care, every citizen should have that right to healthcare whether they can afford it or not. I think it's only a basic part of belonging to the HUMAN RACE, that you should want your fellow citizens to have Healthcare and be cared for if they can't afford it.  Again, Bottom Line IT PASSED!!!!!  cool
  • Any way you want to look at it: socialism/communism/ is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The American government shouldn't force its people to buy anything (in this case healthcare). This goes against everything our founding fathers fought for.

    BTW, lucky 8, I may not agree with your opinions but in no way do I disrespect your voicing them.

  • And as for the USA, so much for a FREE COUNTRY huu!!!

  • Lucky.....let me just ask a question.....Name one large government program that is run well and is finanically solvent?

  • Dr. I know if you have elderly relatives here, they are greatful to have Medicare. We have to pay to drive fees to the DMV also we are required by law to have financial responsibility, so yes the government chgs us to drive in the form of auto insurance.

    Dr your point....??????  AIG, was not run well, neither was TOYOTA, GOLDMAN SACKS, I could go on and on. Even where you Bank I guarantee FDIC only guarantees some of your $ not all of it but yet we still do our banking everyday?

    Again IT PASSED, for those who already had it, your life stays the same, who those who did not have it, your life and those of your relatives changed forever because of this historic bill.
  • Yes...I agree 100% that some private companies have been badly run.  But, I can name lots that are well run. 

    But, you still didn't answer the question.  Name one large government program that is well run and financially solvent?  You mention Medicare, but that is near broke.

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