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  • Hello all im new to casino whoring and i would like any help that someone can offer.
    First of all , the casino list in the home page of the site are recently ? those bonus are still available ? this list update often ?
    How much can someone make from the whoring if he clear the whole list of the casino ( just an average )
    Which is the best game to play ? Which is the fastest way to "clear" a bonus ?

    thank you and i apologize for all this questions but im pretty new

  • Greating MannerBoy,

    The list is constantly updated, the whole site is updated daily with exisiting bonuses updated and new casinos/bonuses added. You can easily turn $100 into $2000 from bonsues whoring and make a steady $200 a month from monthly whoring bonuses.

    Best way to start is from the Casino Whoring 101 guide, just follow the blackjack guide and bet small to get the hang of it. Once you complete the first few bonuses you will soon be a pro. Then you can move onto the non cashables for more risk and more gain.

    Good luck  smiley

  • If we say that my bankroll was big... would it make sense to play more $ in every BJ hand ?
    If yes how much more ? Would it make sense if i deposit more ? (even if i dont take bonus for this. for example i deposit 1000$ to take 100$ bonus and then bet 100$ per hand. something like this would make sense?)

    I try to find out how can i make more money
    i dont care about the starting bankroll.... i care about maximaise the profit.
    thank you

  • The top bonuses make sense to take with any size bankroll but if your betting $100 a hand with a total balance of $1100 then the chances of you busting due to variance are alot greater. But of course you may make alot larger wins if your luck goes well. The non cashable blackjack bonuses are great for a large bankrolls, you can hit them hard and try to tripple or more your money and cash out.

    For example Swiss Casinos bonus of 300% up to $300 can turn your $100 into $400 with just one almost even money blackjack bet. So chances are every second bonus you take you can triple or greater your deposit leading to faster and larger profits.

  • If your betting that much per hand, you could definitely maximise your profit or lose it all, but your not really whoring then. The wagering requirements would be filled out faster because your wagering more but your not playing for the bonus so thats not as important.

    The whole point of whoring is to try to take away as much of the bonus as possible. On odds you should walk away with between 60%-90% of the total bonus if you play smart and tight. The advantage of a large bankroll for whoring is that you can play through multiple bonuses simultaneously. Whoring is all about minimising losses and reducing risk...

    Every single casino game has worse odds then the toss of a coin so in the end it basically comes down to if you have a bit of luck at the right time. The less you bet and therefore more hands you play to fulfil the requirements reduces the luck factor.

  • Very well said Yobes, you are a whore at heart  wink

  • So the big advantage of a big bankroll is that you can "clear" the bonus of 3-4 casinos at same time in multiple BJ tables?
    How can i find the balance between risk and profit ?
    I know wagering 1$ i can win for example from 20$ to 30$
    wagering 5$ i can make from -10$ to 80$ for example.
    Also most of u as far as i know start with only 100$.
    If you had to do that from the begging but with ur expirience and with a bankroll of lets say 5000$
    what will u do different ?

    thanks for ur time and im sorry for so many questions wink

  • Its ok questions are good... they make me think about the how's and why's of my play.

    Ok so your laying a out a scenario with an initial bankroll of $5k.

    To be honest I wouldn't do anything different. After my first good, big month I got over-confident and played a lot looser then I had previously and lost 7 deposit bonuses by busting out and ended up losing for the month sad The month after that I went back to my tight style and had a great month, so in my experience I'm strongly in favor of the slow, patient approach.

    If your whoring bj bonuses an large bankroll helps because you don't have to wait for casino to get the money back to you... sometimes can take longer then should sad

    As for risk versus profit thats a tough one. Personally I have experienced runs of hands of 20+ losing and winning. If you hit a losing streak and your betting big you bust. Once you start betting big consistently whoring is pretty much out the window and your just gambling and hoping to get lucky.

    Maybe try wager about 1/40 of your total balance? Maybe try some large bets with play money to test it out? Intercasino has a regular free bj tournament every Monday and the format is usually $2k starting balance and max bet of $300 and I've usually busted to $0 very quickly smiley

    I guess it also depends on what your goals are...

    I'm not making a living out of this nor trying too. I only gamble where I get a bonus and the odd tournament here and there.

  • hey, I'm very new to whoring also. so far the most valuable thing I've learned is to bet the minimum. like yobes said there will be streaks. it can get pretty redundant, but listenin to some good tunes def helps with that

  • Yeah I just put on some music or maybe a toon in the background and sort of zone out for the boring bits smiley

  • The list seems current.  What country are you from?  Keep in mind USA is not welcome in many casinos and you dont realize that until you have taken the time to download the software and then register an account.  Call them first to save time if you have any doubt.

  • All our reviews state weather you can play from the US or not, this will save you the trouble of downloading and not being able to wager.

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