I Laid an Egg!

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  • Something funny..

    When my daughter was about 4, i lived in this small one bedroom, worked 6 days a week, and on my day off i was asked to babysit these 3 other children..
    Ahhh, i thought what a day for me.. I'd rather be gambling (just kidding)

    Anyways of course i did accept to babysit for the couple.. well these kids are not
    the sit down watch TV type kids, they wanna run around rumbumxiously..
    So i thought of a plan, these children were that right age you can get them to beleive anything, they were going to be there til the late night so they all had little sleeping bags, i told them.. if they rolled up their sleeping bags making it like a nest and sit on it
    don't move, don't make a sound, you can lay an egg! They said.. what? really? i said yes, try it... so all 4 kids made nests, and by golly they sat there so quiet, didn't move
    and watched a show called "Little bear".. on the commercials i said.. okay check your nests, they'd all go.. "Nope not yet no egg here, you got one, naaah, let's keep trying"
    As they were watching the show, i sneaked to the fridge and pulled out an egg, and waited for the perfect time to slip the egg under my daughter, right after i said.. "okay check your nests everyone!" They all check, my eye on my daughter.. her eyes were like this  shocked.. she grabbed the egg, raised it high in the air.. and yelled
    "I LAID AN EGG!!!!".. just at that moment her cousin "J" walked in the apartment him being around maybe 11 years old, he's looking at my daughter like  shocked .. turned around
    and yelled outside... "HEY EVERYONE COME HERE MY COUSINS LAYIN' EGGS".. tons of kids cam running, all gathered at my door, and they were just talkin about the egg and how she did it, admiring the egg my daughter laid..  grin These children in their amazement...  The last child the oldest of the bunch, gathered the children by the door and so calmly and motherly said, "Okay everyone let's go, let her lay her eggs"

    I was in tears with laughter, i never worked so hard in my life trying to keep my composure, and not break down in hysterics.. kids are wonderful
  • And here I thought I was a good Practical joker...

    (Removes crown and passes it to Imagi.nation)

  • Woman...now I see why your names imagination..you hot sh*t!!  I don't know how you could hold it in, the tears were rolling out of my eyes over here! grin
    Now if you could get them to cook them up for you and serve you, you'll be all set.

  • Speaking of eggs...i at times have a tendency to do things at the wrong time!

    A couple of years ago i was in church for Easter Sunday. My friend's son was in the choir and a bunch of us attended. I become fasinated by a little girl about 5 yrs old sitting in the pew in front of us. She had a little Easter basket filled with 5 eggs.

    She proudly would count each egg...taking them out of the basket and putting them back in. When it came time to stand in church she layed the basket behind her. Well this was just all to tempting. I take one of the eggs out of the basket! My friend sitting next to me gets hysterical laughing....we both do! I whisper to her do you think she will notice........intending to put it back the next time we had to stand up!

    Now the little girl reaches behind to grab her little easter basket.........and she is in sheer horror! Immediately she starts screaming "MOM MOM SOMEONE STOLE ONE OF MY EGGS! Half the congregation could hear her. My friend is hysterical in laughter and now i am in a bind as i begin to think.......why did i do that!!!!! Trying to think fast...i lean over the pew and hand her the egg saying....."oh you dropped this"!!

    This little girl KNEW her eggs...she looked at me like NO WAY...did i drop that egg! I smiled at her sweetly and just began to sing out of the hymn book! Hardly able to keep our composure we were in tears thru most of the ceremony! Her mom heard us and gave me stern look.............she knew what i had done!

    What can i say.........the devil made me do it!


  • Oh that was so funny..nothing better than a good laugh!! cheesy cheesy cheesy

    I was thinking..in church..what a devil, then you said it at the end of the story wink

    I love causing trouble...so fun! grin

  • Yeah...I really wonder how that relates to employment.  I mean, I can understand looking at a credit report for certain jobs, but people go through hard times often.  America is supposed to be about people who emerge from food stamps to success.  What an odd company that must be!  Sadly, unless you work in one of the few right-to-work states you may have no recourse, but I would give an attorney a call just to be sure.  My prayers are with you.

  • Sorry...I meant that last post for another topic. 

  • Imagin.ation::
                    Those are two terrific stories. Made me laugh out loud.  And what a talent for telling them you both have.  cheesy cheesy cheesy
                          I enjoyed them....              PMM2008

  • Sorry...I meant that last post for another topic. 

    that's ok doc..i just read it
  • lips!!!.. LOOOOOOL thats so funny...
    and so perfectly said.. "the devil made me do it"
    That is a great story..!!

  • wow....that's a great one imagination!!!!! i'll have to remember that one if i'm ever in a room full of rowdy little kids.............lol, they can be quite gullable!

  • I wanted to bring this post back up for Mommy to read this... i used to do some crazy things with my daughter and i also had alot of kids in my house.. it was constant, the neighborhood kids were always there too, they loved our household.. these little things i did which there are alot more i have posted here on LCB kept "my" (their) little ones out of trouble.. and i had a great time with alot of special memories.. a secret i'll tell is... i hated babysitting, i couldn't stand it.. i'd say "calgon take me away" all the time, let me be alone... but i'll tell you now.. i wouldn't want to change anything that happened and am so glad i did have all these kids around!!!

  • LOL that was pretty funny, BRB Im gonna have my kids lay some eggs..lmao

  • I truely admire your strength Mommy.. it takes a hell of ALOT to do what you are doing... Cheers to You!!

  • im really glad you bumped this too smiley
    and lolled pretty hard ^^

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