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  • welcome gutofar..I am new and I'm very happy with the guys here in lcb.. they are all great!!!!

  • Welcome to LCB Gutofar - glad you enjoy the site as much as we all do.


  • Never introduced myself. Good luck everyone!

    ...and welcome Nipsy - know you've been here for a while and glad you made it to the "introduce yourself" section.

  • Welcome, nipsy510 and gutofar!!! Good to have more family members.

  • Welcome gutofar!!!! glad you're here!!

  • Hello - french below - this is the best site regarding casinos i've ever found on Internet. It's  not only a collection of websites, there'is indeed an "added value".
    I found the dozens of casinos I already knew, and dozens of new ones. I do appreciate the "added value" : the different tabs allows clever sorting.... no matter what we're looking for, we find it ! (bonus, wagering requierements, free play, no déposit, etc.) Just a suggestion, to take in charge French speaking countries....
    When u feel it's time to take in charge French speaking countries, just let me know ;-)

    Bonjour tout le monde, ceci est le meilleur site que j'ai jamais trouvé sur Internet. Non seulement j'y ai trouvé des douzaines de sites que je connaissais déjà, mais des douzaines de nouveaux sites. Bravo pour la "valeur ajoutée"  : les différents onglets permettent de trouver tout ce que l'on peut chercher. Un petit regret : je n'ai pas trouvé la section francophone.

  • Manuel...WELCOME to LCB...We are so glad your here.

  • Welcome to LCB smiley

  • Welcome  wink

  • Welcome to LCB Manuel - hope you enjoy your stay


  • Welcome Manuel!!! Glad to have you here!!!

  • welcome Manuel and good luck!

  • :)  Hello, 12play4 here,  I have been hanging around  at this LCB going on a good 2 yrs. (I must add It keeps me busy ). Thank you for the warm welcome
    Have a Wonderful and  Blessed Day

  • Welcome 12play4!!!!    wink

    Good luck!
  • Welcome 12play4 - glad you made it as a member.  I think a lot of people "lurk" for a long time and finally get so taken with the site, they want to be part of it.

    Well done you and enjoy your time here.


  • Hi!  I'm new, my name is Nicole I'm a San Diego California native, born and bred!  My poison is pretty much anything I could possibly win a dollar off of and if it's a free dollar...even better. I used to only play slots then I got into Texas Hold 'em.  I'm trying to stay faithful to cards because they have the best odds hands down.  However, I do still fall victim to the blinking lights and corny characters of slot machines (uggh!).  So, yeah, just wanted to say 'hi' and I enjoy the site and appreciate the codes. Thanks!

  • Welcome Nicole. So glad you are enjoying the site. We are so glad to have you here at LCB.  Stop by the chat room and say hello anytime. Good luck in your gaming...

  • Great intro Nicole and welcome to LCB.  Glad to have another poker player on board.

    We have a freeroll a week sunday so check out the "no deposit" poker section for details.


  • Hello my name is Ray and have been roaming the site for a while without signing up, then my son who is the sportsbook moderator(Tony) said "would you just sign up already instead of lurking in the shadows like you do to me at the office", oh, i am also his boss, so i just finally did, i am also a horse-betting man like my son, runs in the family, but like to play poker as well, if he worked as hard at the office as he did trying to figure out who's gonna cover the spread maybe he would have my job someday, just kidding hes a great guy and talks about this site alot. Thanks for all the information that you provide here.

  • Hi TraderRay,

    We loveeeeeee your son! If he is anything like dad than we love you too! He is an awesome Sportsbook Mod and has an infectious personality!

    I am sure everything he learned about the ponies comes from you...after all thats where i learned!!

    Welcome to glad you came out of the shadows..your too bright of a star to hide!


  • Welcome Tony's dad!  You should always listen to your children!  Hope you enjoy it here and if your sense of humour is half as good as Tony's, we are in a for a good time.


  • Welcome TraderRay to LCB.  Your son is an incredible asset to our great site and I just know you will be too. 

  • WELCOME Traderray135!!  We are glad you joined us!  I also work for my father, I WOULD be in SO MUCH TROUBLE if he joined this site!! lol

  • Hello gamblers! Newbie here.

  • Guess it is time I gave My own intro here as I seem to have just dove in and went post happy a couple weeks back. I have been "whoring" for about 5 months and of course came across LCB way back in the beginning... but in my hurry to find codes and casinos overlooked the forum here. I finally found it by accident one evening and in one place found everything I had been busting my butt trying to find on my own. I was impressed by the sense of community and being My normal shy self... kind of just jumped in.

    I am currently a semi-retired Consultant, working in the Energy field, which has me working about one week a month and wasting a lot of time online reviewing files and compiling information for the next paying gig... grin. I do trade and craft presentations across the country at Conferences on Building Science, Multi-Family energy reduction strategies and Heating/Cooling system design.  That is the official line... in reality I waste a lot of time keeping the reels spinning , searching out codes... New and Old... as well as new places to play.

    I deposit at about 4 casinos at the moment as well as play at the local riverboat when time and money seem to synch.

    I have been married for 25 years this November.

    I Fish, Hunt and Drink to much, tend to talk to much, laugh to much and in general enjoy Life.

  • Hi Jim,

    What a wonderful intro to read. Thank you for sharing with LCB and taking time out to give us your background. I am glad you introduced yourself and look forward to reading your posts.

    Your career sounds interesting....and traveling once a month across the country has had to have it's pleasures, allowing you to see many places. Hope you find the forum informative and helpful.

    God bless you on 25 yrs of marriage! Happy spinning!!!


  • Hello gamblers! Newbie here.

    Hello grasshopper - great choice of name and welcome to LCB.  Im sure you wont be a newbie for long.

    And hello Jimbeaux - a great intro.  Welcome to LCB and please do carry on being "post happy".  Im sure you will (or already do) love it here as much as we do.

  • Welcome Grasshopper to LCB.

  • Hi Grasshopper,

    Welcome to LCB...may all your dreams come true!!!!


  • Welcome Newbies!! grin

    And Blueday Congrat on your 1000 post!!! Wow!  I never thought I would ever even write one post in a forum...but it comes so easy in this place, doesn't it?

    Grasshopper, TraderRay, Jimbeaux, see you all soon  cheesy

  • hi traderray135 and welcome to the site. did tony get the gambling from you? or did tony get u into it?  anyhow, u should be proud of your son smiley
    tony is a great guy, he knows what hes talking about and sharing with us.

  • Hi everyone, my name is Beth. I'm a stay at home grandma and I'm loving it. I also like to have time for myself to knit, read and gamble a lot. I've been playing at online casinos for over a year. I enjoy reading a lot of the post here and decided to join happy to be a member.

  • BETH, Welcome to LCB. We are so glad to have you. Glad your enjoying the forum as well. Isn't it awesome?  Come see us in the chat room too!!!

  • Hi everyone, my name is Beth. I'm a stay at home grandma and I'm loving it. I also like to have time for myself to knit, read and gamble a lot. I've been playing at online casinos for over a year. I enjoy reading a lot of the post here and decided to join happy to be a member.

    Hi Beth and welcome to LCB - Glad you made the right decision to join and are enjoying the site. Im sure you will find the info on here informative as well as a bit of fun.

  • welcome!!! Here you will see many great people and have lots of fun.

  • Grasshopper and Beth, WELCOME!!

  • Welcome both of you.. Here is the best team!!

  • Hello Everyone.

    Just reading what everyone is talking about. Im going to check out some
    poker guides. Goodluck to all at the tables.

  • Welcome grasshopper, GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALSO!!
  • Welcome to LCB gill smiley

  • hello all i am from new york and i love to gamble i hope oneday i hit it big gl to all

    Welcome to our forum and I hope you will have lots of fun with us.
  • Welcome gill smiley

  • Gill: welcome to LCB!!! I've already seen that you found the chat room. Come back and chat anytime.  I look forward to chatting with you.

  • Hey Gill - welcome to LCB. 

    I hope you enjoy the forum as much as we do.


  • Hi Gill,

    Welcome to LCB. Hope you find it as useful as it has been for me. If any questions or comments please feel free to use our forums.


  • welcome gill. wishing you the bigggeeestt hit!!!!!

  • Welcome Gill!!!  Just remember the little people when you hit it big!!! hehe


  • Cool....


  • Hello I'm from Kentucky and several of the sites will not allow me access..however, the ones that I can play at has been fun and you guys are just great with all the free coupons.  Thanks

  • Hey yogi, welcome to LCB and glad your're enjoying the site and the free chips too.  cool


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