Kate Middleton Pregnant

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  • Kate is pregnant. 
    That didn't take long but I guess it is expected to produce an heir right away.

    I'm glad Kate isn't splashed across every magazine in the world, hopefully she will have a better chance than Diana.

  • I hate to say it Gabby, but she is indeed all over the tabliods. I'm ashamed to admit it but I love reading that garbage and usually buy 2 or 3 magazines a week (i find it to be great bathroom reading material lol) Ever since the engagement shes been on the cover almost every week from Wedding coverage, to anerexia accusations to pregnancy rumors to her style choices! But I'm sure she knew publicity was gonna be a big deal when she married a Prince so I'm guessing she can handle it all smiley

  • I didn't know that, satan. 
    I get US magazine at Kim Kardashian has been on the cover every week....blech.

  • I never did understand the appeal of her...nothing is more irritating than people making millions for doing absolutley nothing but make a fool out of yourself....lol

  • She got famous for a sex tape, much like Paris Hilton.  Dirty Sanchez, anyone?????  Wait, was that  Screech???

  • Good for her...

  • my above post was about the kardashians, not kate.  sorry if I confused anyone.

  • I hope she can remain somewhat stress free. That's such good news.

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