LCB burnt my Poptart !

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  • I love poptarts, strawberry is my favorite one, quick and easy treat, i've come to terms that they aren't just for kids.. anyways i put one in my toaster oven, walked away to sit at my PC, i'm here surfing on LCB at all the goodies, enjoying posts and comments, when suddenly i start smelling something burning, i was so distracted that it didn't phase me to realize it was my poptart, i ran over, it's smoking and now looks and probably can be used as a varnish mini table top, and since i never burn anything, i put the blame here..LCB BURNT MY POPTART!

  • DAMN THAT LCB!!!  Nothing but trouble.  You all know I'm this place

  • laugh_out_loud wink grinso sorry your pop tart was burned embarrassed( laugh_out_loud)
  • LOL That is so easilyy done be distracted by LCB. Perhaps you could photo it and use it as your profile pic laugh_out_loud laugh_out_loud

  • Or maybe sell it on e-bay tongue laugh_out_loud
  • Does it have any particular shape now? If you can pass it off as the face a an angel or the pre-botox face of a celebrity, you can prolly earn a cool million for it.  laugh_out_loud laugh_out_loud laugh_out_loud

  • Omg that is too cute! I do that all the time! Or i leave a bagel in the toaster and have to reheat it ten times cuz it's cold and i can't butter it.

    The replies are hysterical, you guys are killing me!

  • lips, I do the same thing, but with my coffee.  I make a cup, sit down and start reading the posts, realize I forgot my coffee, reheat and leave it in the microwave.  This place has some sort of magic, hypnotic hold on it's members

  • HA! That's great stuff. I burnt my food yesterday because I was too busy with the winnings, but I recovered the food in the last minute!

  • Well, I guess you should have a laptop ready in the kitchen to avoid such mishaps! smiley

  • LMAO... i wish i could photo it, unfortunetly i broke the camera on my phone or i sure would of, i don't know how many times i've done that with coffee, and the reheating of food, i looked for a face it's just a plain ol' burnt poptart darnit sad it came out petrified lol.. it would make a nice beverage coaster

    LMAO.. @ sell it on ebay!

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