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  • Hiya LCB'ers

    Please read and agree to the rules of LCB Shop

    For any queries please contact our Rewards team for any queries using email: rewards [at]

    How does the shop system work and how do members earn LCB chips?

    By contributing and interacting on our site you can earn LCB chips, these chips can be used to purchase items at the LCB shop.

    *daily online activity = 20 cents
    You will earn chips by being online at LCB. Every 24 hours members will automatically receive 20 cents for logging in to LCB.

    * forum post = 10 cents
      You can earn chips simply by posting at our forum. Minimum 50 characters is required in post to count toward 10 cent. Quoted posts and space between the words and lines DON'T count as characters.
    * comment = 20 cents
      You can earn chips by posting comments under our news, reviews, blogs, editorials and member interviews. Minimum 200 characters is required in a comment to count toward 20 cents. Space between the words and lines DON'T count as characters.

    * rating casinos, bingo, poker and sports reviews = 10 cents
        Each of our reviews have star rating, give yours and earn chips.

    * rating slots and games = 10 cents
      Each of our free games have star rating, give yours and earn chips.

    * rating land based casinos = 10 cents
      Each of our land based casino reviews have star rating, give yours and earn chips.

    *Participating Casinos = $3
        You can earn $3 by making a first time deposit at one of our Participating Casinos and Participating Bingo

    *Member Birthdays = $3
    Once a year you are gifted with a $3 LCB birthday chip.

    You will earn shop chips on your birthday. To qualify for birthday chips, you must have at least 10 forum posts and your date of birth must be visible in your user profile. 

    If you meet the above conditions you will receive an email with the verification link for the birthday chip, on the day of your birthday. Please check the spam / junk folder too. 

    Rules, Restrictions and Terms and Conditions

    1. [i]Any kind of abuse of our system or what LCB deem as abusive will be sanctioned and LCB's decision is final.

    2. We will monitor for the quality of posts and comments made. Any duplicate, spammy, abusive or in any other way inappropriate content will be sanctioned and will not count toward chip earning. Also any content stolen and copy/pasted from other websites will be sanctioned and members in violation will be excluded from the Shop.

    3. Minimum character requirement for a forum post is 50, however quotes and spaces between words and lines don't count toward character requirement.

    4. Minimum character requirement for news, reviews, blogs, editorial and other comments is 200, however quotes and spaces between words and lines don't count toward character requirement.

    5. If LCB finds that a member is always meeting the bare minimum of requirements, without an effort to actually contribute to our site, but rather to "chip whore/hunt", we reserve the right to deny them items from our shop.

    6. Maximum number of ratings allowed per 24 hours is equivalent to 50 cents. This includes casino, bingo, sports, poker, free games and land based casino reviews. Members are allowed to rate only sites and places they actually played at. Members cannot rate sites that do not allow their country to play.

    7.Posts made in General Discussion section do not count toward earning chips.

    8. All NEW members  will not be allowed to claim any e-wallet ( Skrill, Paypal, Neteller), Bitcoin, Kiva, Amazon or branded items (T-Shirt, Mug etc), for the first 3 months of their membership. All funds earned during the first 3 months (excluding contest winnings/reward scheme credits) must therefore be spent on casino chips only, prior to claiming any cash items.
    After this period ends they will be allowed to claim these items but not for the accumulated LCB chips earned for the first 3 months of their membership. This means members will be allowed to redeem these cash items only from the newly earned LCB chips.
    All new members who are inactive during the first three months of their membership at LCB, first must have approved and credited at least one free chips claim before they are eligible for cash.
    This rule however does not restrict members from claiming all the other shop items for the duration of their first 3 months.
    This rule will have a retroactive effect and will be applied for all NEW accounts registered since October 1st 2014.

    9. Comments made under any type of reviews and news on our website with use of Google translate will not count toward earning chips. This is in direct co-relation to the rule 2. in regard to our quality guidelines.

    10. Members are not allowed to use proxy, hide my IP or any other programs that are used to conceal their location.
    If we learn these are being used we reserve the right to deny claimed items from our shop

    11. Members coming from Hungary and Brazil are allowed to claim only the free chips from the store. This rule is applying to Hungarian member accounts that were opened after 14th of March 2014 and Brazilian member accounts created after 31st December 2014.

    12. No multiple accounts allowed. Shop claims will be allowed only to one person per household and IP address and you can only purchase shop items for yourself.

    13. Real money items ( cash , bitcoin, money vouchers etc ) can be claimed only once a week. for the amount no greater than $25. Amazon vouchers can be claimed twice a month.
    The maximum allowed cash claims combined (claiming one cash item per week) can't be greater than $100-$125 depending on the number of weeks in the month.
    Monthly contest winnings are exempt from this rule.

    14. In order to apply for cash items all members must have approved and credited free chips claims in between the real money claims ( cash , bitcoin, money vouchers etc ) for the amount no less than $5. Those members that have a high ratio of cash claims ( $500 or more per year)  will have to do free chips claims worth at least $10 ( combined ) in between ( each ) real money item claim.
    All these free chips claims must be approved and credited, ie members must be eligible to receive it, in order for subsequent cash claims to be granted.  The year begins in January and ends in December.  Once a new year starts in January, cash claim totals are re-set to nil.  (You must still have approved and credited free chips claims in between real money claims).
    This rule is to be applied to contest winnings too, all in accordance with rule 13.

    15. In order to be eligible for real money claims, all members need to contribute on the site (posting on the forum, writing reviews on your favourite casinos, slots, current news items etc) in accordance with the Shop Terms and Conditions and forum posting rules.

    16. An exception from rule 14. Members coming from countries that are restricted from playing at any of the casinos listed in our shop, can claim one Kiva charity voucher a month. This rule will be a subject to verification.

    17. Casino reps are excluded from claiming cash items from the LCB shop.

    18. Please allow 48 hours for your item to be credited (not including weekends). Free Shipping of LCB branded items can take much longer, depending on your location. There is a possibility that branded items (T-Shirt, Mug etc) may not be delivered. After shipping LCB does not track shipped items. 

    19. We reserve the right to change and update our T&Cs at any given time, for which our members will be duly notified.

    Important information on cash purchases

    Skrill - Euro currency can only be claimed by LCB members located within a European country, if you are located outside the EU you will get USD.

    PaySafeCard - This can be claimed only in **$ by LCB members located and living in A.......a. We will be adding more currencies in future, please be patient.

    What is and how the multiplier works?

    Multiplier is designed to incentivise member groups. Depending on your membership status your each earned chip/point will be multiplied by predetermined number.

    Multiplier Tiers:

    1. Newbie                                          chips :  1x                                                           
    2. Sr.Newbie                                      chips :  1x                                                         
    3. Jr. Member                                    chips :  1.1x                                                       
    4. Full Member                                  chips :  1.2x                                                       
    5. Sr. Member                                    chips :    1.3x                                                       
    6. Hero Member                                chips :    1.4x                                                       
    7. Super Hero                                    chips :    1.5x                                                       
    8. Mighty! Member                            chips :    1.6x                                                     
    9. Superstar Member                        chips :    1.7x                                                       
    10. Almighty Member                        chips :      1.8x                                   

    Example :

    If a member makes a post, which is worth 10cents , and if this member has a Super Hero status then the actual chip earning would be 1.5 x 10 cents = 15cents worth in LCB chips.

    So the more you contribute, the better your membership status is, the greater multiplier you'll get and more chips will be earned.


  • Awesome, thanks for the full details, cant wait for the loyalty chips smiley

    Keep up the great work LCB smiley

  • Excellent, really liking the earnings multiplier cheesy

    thanks again LCB cheesy

  • Exciting news ! ! Way to go LCB cheesy

  • Excellent! I also love the multiplier wink
    There's just 1 problem i don't earn any chips by posting posts hysterical any idea how come?

  • Excellent! I also love the multiplier wink
    There's just 1 problem i don't earn any chips by posting posts hysterical any idea how come?

    Because it is based on the quality of posts too i think, (as stated in the terms and rules above) at the end of the day, there will be members that will post a lot of posts that might be deemed as just abusing the system and that just goes against the purpose of the loyalty scheme altogether and I stand by these terms very strongly and i hope if LCB need to add even tighter rules to strengthen the way cents gets earned in any of the ways than i stand by it.

    And also this might also explain a bit more what you asked,

    Zuga said this to me in a PM earlier today

    Post are not always being calculated in real time. Our system has to go through every single forum account few times a day to locate any new actions, and in your case forum posts.

    Usually posts earnings get triggered few times a day or after some other earning action was conducted.

    This is a awesome thing LCB are doing for us loyal members smiley
  • surprise Sounds good to me. Might be some bugs at first but im sure LCB can get them fixed. Good shopping all smiley.
  • Ahh okay thanks rj smiley

  • Thanks so much!!  This is a great added feature to the forum!  I also appreciate the clear explanation of the way we can earn credits, as well as the terms and conditions! I'm sure this took much time and effort to pull off, can't wait to see the outcomes from this!

    * excellent disclaimer in the terms and conditions-
    9. We reserve the right to change and update our T&Cs at any given time, for which our members will be duly notified

    =one idea/suggestion- maybe all members that participate should have to somehow acknowledge(could be as simple as clicking Thank You on a post) that they have read the T&C's-or maybe i missed that somewhere haha!

  •               When you mention the loyalty chips Zuga, do you mean this will be semi-retroactive for people with higher statuses that may have been posting for a long time?

  • it's been around 25 hours since i last made ratings for casino and now that i try to rate these i get no chips O_o Ain't that should be 24 hours limit ?

  • You got credited tenhoku, you just need to be patient.

    awarded 3 chips, recent posts: 1, recent comments: 0, referred members: 0, ratings: 1, multiplier: 1.5 - from date: 15/03/14 - 43mins ago

    The chips won't always be instantly credited, at times it will take a little bit before they show in your balance.

    Our system is designed to go through each member profile many times a day and look for new actions and contributions.

    Since we have over 64,000 members it won't be possible for all the actions to be accounted in real time.

    However in around 80% of cases it will be almost instant, and the remaining 20% will calculated usually when a member makes additional contribution

  •               When you mention the loyalty chips Zuga, do you mean this will be semi-retroactive for people with higher statuses that may have been posting for a long time?

    So to speak yes it would be semi-retroactive. The idea is to award  X amount of chips according to membership status.

    I have to stress out that it won't be big amounts, given that we have multiplier tiers, ongoing LCB chips contest, but every little bit counts. smiley

    All details about Loyalty chips will be announced on Monday.

  • Zuga, again i did posts today though that i still havent had anything credited, it has been the same amount since i came on 6 hours ago, not 1 cent and i made posts again and also rated 1 slot dead or alive tongue

    I dunno it seems like for 6 or 7 hours it doesnt credit anything even if we are active on the forum sad

  • It should credit you sometime today. If it doesn't by tomorrow, PM me so we look into your account.

  • ok, thanks

  • I also haven't got any credits for my yesterday and this morning posts. And also i only got credits from 15 ratings on casinos.. O_o

  • i just did a post and mines crediting fine came up straight away really enjoying this loyalty shop  grin

  • Mine stopped also. Maybe a few more bugs to set right. It has only been up for a few days now so i am sure it will be running smooth soon.

  • I dont understand if it is working for some and not others sad

    I messaged Zuga about it anyway like he asked, lets hope it can get fixed, my balance just says the same as it did when i first came online since i went off yesterday it has been the same balance all day today not changed once sad ??

  • Same here except i managed to do 15 ratings, but never received any chips from posts so far.. sad

  • Hiya all,

    it seems that some accounts are having issues with their chips and we are looking into it.

    I ask you all to remain patient until we locate the problem. There is absolutely no need to post over an over again how you did not get credited or to PM me all the time when I already asked you to wait until tomorrow.

    I have alerted our tech guy and he is looking into fixing the problem. Once I know more I will let you all know.

    So once again please remain patient.


  • Ok cheers again for letting us know smiley

  • It will surely all work out just fine, just have a little patience. No problems here though...

  • Yep.. no problems at my end also, got the chips almost instant, every time. Thanks for all the hard work, Zuga.

  • @Zuga, Am i allowed to ask if the members that got this bug will get compensated for the cents we didnt get due to this bug in the system?? smiley smiley

  • Yes of course RJ, Ill manually adjust for those coins that you did not get credited.

    If anyone else has the same issue as RJ and Tenhoku please let me know via PM so you account can be checked as well.

  • According to our system in the last 24hours ( excluding two recent posts ) RJ these were your qualifying actions :

    In the last 24h:
    Posts: 10
    Comments: 2
    Referred Members: 0
    Ratings: 5

    Tenhoku these were yours :

    In the last 24h:
    Posts: 3
    Comments: 1
    Referred Members: 0
    Ratings: 20

    Now I can see that the system already credited some coins to your accounts, so Ill need do deduct that and then credit the remaining balance.

    Please confirm this looks alright to you

  • I didnt get anything credited for the whole 24 hours yesterday zuga, my balance when i came on today was the same as when it stopped working at $11.80, the cents i earned today is working fine

    So i dont know why you think something needs to be decucted as my balance never changed for 24 hours sad

    i earned a bit today, because i decided to do a few comments on 2 casinos and did a few ratings and some posts and it is working atm smiley

    But yes it looks right what you said i did yesterday smiley

    On another note the last 3 or 4 posts in the last 20 mins stopped crediting again haha, i bet your getting annoyed with us keep asking about this now, sorry sad but thanks for sorting this out for us and keep up the good work smiley

  • I said Ill deduct because the system has credited your account twice yesterday and for all your actions today except for couple of recent posts.

    As far as the actual bug we are still looking into those few accounts that are having issues.

  • Ok no problem, thanks Zuga, got the Credit now smiley much appreciated smiley i will try not to keep posting about it now smiley

  • It looks fine thx zuga smiley

  • Tenho I ve credited your account , and you should see new updated balance. Let me know if that looks right.


  • Well it only gave me 2,1 $ and if the multiplier is live now it should gave me 3$ from ratings and 0,6$ from comments/posts.
    I also made another 20 ratings now because it has been 25 hours since last ratings but no chips yet, maybe i have to try later dunno..


  • just credited the remaining 90 cents.

    as far as the ratings u did now, u'll have to wait for the system to credit it.

    We are actively monitoring those accounts with issues, and trying to locate the bug. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Until then we will be manually crediting the difference the next day.

  • Ok i got the remaining 90 cents thx smiley

  • We are actively monitoring those accounts with issues, and trying to locate the bug. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Until then we will be manually crediting the difference the next day.

    Sorry to post yet again, and i know i said i wouldnt post again regarding it, i know you said this, but it seems to have stopped since u credited for me again, just stopped again, very intermittent this seems sad

    i did a skyvegas comment on the review page and some posts since u credited yesterdays sad
  • I also did few posts and ratings but didn't got anything. But no worries like Zuga said we get credits manually next day smiley

  • Hope the bugs go away soon for you guys. Zuga did ask for a bit of patience my dear friends. I know your excited because i am. What goes better with having a new status better then a LCB coffee mug  wink kiss :'X.

  • Hope the bugs go away soon for you guys. Zuga did ask for a bit of patience my dear friends. I know your excited because i am. What goes better with having a new status better then a LCB coffee mug  wink kiss :'X.

    hahaha-rena-you are hilarious!!!!!  totally cracking me up this morning! You say LCB coffee mug, i was kinda thinking LCB iphone cover!  MUch luck to you! cheers!
  • Yes my dear i can see my SUPERSTAR status now while sipping coffee in my mug and enjoying reading all the new posts. This is my home away from home  wink. I wish they had a old timers status for folks who have been here a loooong time. A young whippersnapper status would be fun too laugh_out_loud jk.Back on topic-IMHO this is the coolest thing i have seen on any forum.

  •               Hey, what's there not to love,  getting a reward for speaking your mind.  And I know we have a very opinionated bunch here.  Definitely the coolest forum Rena.

  • yep, i agree with you all, it is very cool what LCB is doing with this shop, i just hope that LCB staff do put a system in place for new forum members so they cant earn anything until they have been around for a number of months first smiley

  •               Zuga, didn't you say something earlier about longtime members and loyalty or pro-rated  credits
    or something to that effect? 

  • Hmmmm we have all been new at one time or other and it really sucks being the new kid on the block  sad.  IMO the older members might be quicker to take advantage because they feel like they can. Also having new members around that take advantage of the exclusive LCB bonuses brings more revenue in for LCB and more fun contests for us. What ever LCB decides im sure will be what is best. Im sure anyone who takes advantage of the offer will regret it once found out. For now i think we should all take a breather,continue to make new members feel welcome and gripe about our losses while celebrating our wins. Happy spinning  thumbs_up wink smiley

  • No restrictions will be put in place for new members ( unless there is an individual abuse ). This is exactly why we have a multiplier tier that incentivise long standing members, while newbies and Sr.Newbies earn at 1:1 ratio.

    Regarding loyalty chips, they will be credited in days to come, however the priority atm is to fix the bug that is affecting some accounts.

  • I just clicked post and Zuga has responded already but here is the message I wrote:

    The LCB shop is for everyone and it encourages everyone to post and take a bigger part on the forum (rating casinos etc).  This is a very attractive offer for new members (and of course long standing members alike).  Members with high post counts benefit from the multiplier tiers so making a new member wait a few months to benefit doesn't really compute with the goal of the LCB Shop.

    I think the LCB Shop is an amazing and innovative creation which I'm sure will benefit members and long standing members.  Enjoy it and embrace it - it is for everyone.

  • I agree with Blue, this is just an amazing opportunity for the forum to give back a little to the community, so just give it enough time to go through the bugs, and it will be just fine!
    The idea is to have fun, and to reward you for the time and energy spent, and to be honest, I am honored to be a part of the whole thing.

  • I have some delay with points too, but it's not a problem if it count tomorrow smiley

  • tbh i have been a member over a year maybe i have been a little shy on putting posts up as i always thought more experienced members would do it now im being a little more active but even then has taken me a long time even to get where i am.

    am sure the quality of posts will be checked to and members who are contributing to the site for the good of the site will be rewarded.

    I'd like to say thankyou to zuga and the rest of the team for all their hard work they must be working like madness lately with all the messages and that going on give them a break my friends on the forum they know who the avid and honest users are and they will get back to as soon as its possible there is a lot of hard work that goes into this  smiley

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