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  • Living in Vegas, and spending not only hours.. but days in casinos (non stop)..
    It crazy, but i never feel it, days have past and i didn't even know it.. especially if you are winning, only feels like hours, you can enter in night, come out and it's the NEXT night but you think its still the same night you entered.. lol
    Becoming lost in time is what happens to me, the twilight gambling zone..
    I won't leave until, 1. i've either lost it all, or 2. won it big.. i'm never in between, i never go home even steven on the money.. my experiences have been very lucky..

    When i win, i tip everyone security guards, cocktail waitresses, floor persons, cage people, the change person who gave me the lucky money, and the people sitting next to me.. i have to do this, i always feel wealth and luck won't come my way unless i share it, also it brightens everyones day..

    Theres one tip i know of along with many many i do know, after all these years of being here the best months to visit is March, April and May.. the reason is Tax Time, alot of people get their refunds and head to Vegas, they load up but also have to show payouts.. and thats when i have always won my biggies!!
    My last big hit was 25,000 in May on a $5 poker machine (boy did i party hardy), but before this hit i loaded up with $1,000's here and there in March and April, now i've noticed these winnings for me when i do my taxes, and it's always been these months where i have won the biggies for the past 10 years.. seeming that the winnings slow down in the summer time, picking back up slightly towards the end of the year.

    Now this could just be for me, but after 10 years of showing this to me.. somethin's up.. i just wanted to share this with everyone..

    So if anyone out there is planning a trip within these months, i'd like to know how you did, who are maybe regular snowbirds of Vegas, its a very exciting city

    And if visiting the first time.. GoodLuck to you!

    If there are more members with any Vegas experiences, leave a reply and tell!!!

  • This is a good thing to know I have notice this same thing at these Indian casinos here in California.  summer time is horrible but in spring it is great.  I have not been in vegas for over 10 years dont want to drive for 4 hours to get my fix in gambling when I can drive 1 hour.  Its all the same if you are going for gambling.

  • I have yet to go to Vegas, but I go to Atlantic City about every other month, and I know there that there are no clocks in the casinos!!
    Same thing for seems like only 2 hrs, then I realize I've been there 8 hrs already!
    They are some smart cookies those casino owners! tongue

  • Yes they are and they do something with the air that we breath in the casinos.  Have you notice you don't get sleepy.  lol

  • I lived in Vegas briefly. I loved getting all the wonderful club member comps.
    The terribles group and the Hilton group had amazing perks for locals.
    Oh and I got to see some great concerts in Primm for free: Don Henley, Hootie and the Blowfish, Leanne Rhimes, Chicago, etc...
    My mom still lives there part time.
    I plan to visit her in the spring.
    I can't wait!!!

    I am also firmiliar with the indian/desert casinos Hyes. The Spa, Agua Caliente, Morongo (or what we call "where the morons go". Anyway, moved to the midwest about a year ago and I soooo miss my casino jaunts.

  • oh so we live near each other or not where did you move?

  • I used to live in L.A. post Vegas. Moved to Ohio about a year ago...ugh.

  • tyesmommy, i live on sunrise mountain, what area did you live and what area is your mom in?
    I'm high up and my view is spectacular i can see downtown and the strip, at night its amazing!

  • Well, I have hit Vegas on two occasions. Once we drove in at about 10 pm. I kind of had a bit of trouble distinguishing the stop lights from the casinos! cheesy

    Nice room and cheap, but in the morning (Oh this was in 1986) I got up, looked out and saw that by day, the town was pretty dirty in ways..Trash blowing around and such. Believe it or not, didn't gamble hardly as I was driver and one time I drove 16-17 hours to see cousins in Arkansas...That was the worst part! shocked shocked shocked

    The next time, My older sister had promised if her oldest son really worked on his schooling, he could come with us to New Mexico. Well, he failed miserably  :'( and so his sister was permitted. Her task was to journal each day though.

    Man we hit Vegas and she just got so excited by the bells and such,  We hit the "Kids area" and she had fun, but more so watching the machines while people gambled. She loved the trip and the funny thing was when we got there, the room was a 3 bed affair (Circus Circus For $20 for the night!) so this little girl about 7 gets a queen sized bed for herself. I did take pics and she included them in her report.

    Teacher gave her an A+ for this. The kids for DAYS asked her about little things and such. I think that girl will remember that trip till she dies. grin

  • Yeah it's clean up alot, so had downtown, looks alot nicer then what it was i've been amazied at the job they are doing..
    Yes it does get cluttered with those "escort service, free shows and free drink" coupons being handed out on the strip.
    Hotels can be cheap, NOT ALL because they want your money in the casino, thats why alot can comp the free meals and free food.
    I remember when i was young my favorite was going to the circus circus, the upper floor, playing all those games and winning the stuffed animals, watching the circus acts! I not to long ago took my daughter and hers to circus circus, got pictures of us playing the games, and unfortunately only a short video of the circus acts sad.. battery went dead

  • tyesmommy, i live on sunrise mountain, what area did you live and what area is your mom in?
    I'm high up and my view is spectacular i can see downtown and the strip, at night its amazing!

    Oh wow, yeah I love the views. I miss hikes at Red Rock. Mom is at the Turnberry on Paradise (just accross from the Hilton) and I was around the corner at the LVCC (behind the Hilton). And I agree Downtown has cleaned up ever since Oscar became mayor.
  • Hey Imagin.  boy do I envy u!  I LOVE Vegas smiley  My husband & I actually stay @ Sam's Town....... have stayed @ Golden Nugget & the Orleans, but we prefer Sam's smiley  People there are GR8, rooms r gorgeous (not that we spend alot of time in the room...Lol!), food good........ only thing is, I'm such an addictive personality, I KNOW if I lived in Vegas I'd spend ALL my free time @ the casino sad

  • Tinmanfan, i USED to do that.. thats where i always was... goto work, goto casino lmao...(this was when my daughter was older, while she was young i was limited, chances i had i did go but really id at that time rather be with her) though... there does come a time.. when... you just can't do that anymore.. stopped going to them so much.. lol

    My daughters father worked for Sams Town, Executive Seus Chef, he passed away,a well loved employee of sams town.
    Sam's Town is one of my favorites, everything as you said is great, from the hotel, the machines, to the food right down to the music.
    No Bad words for Sams Town, always had a very good time there.

    RedRock is the Direct opposite of where i am, very nice there, i'm near the Big Mormon Temple, on Sunrise Mountain.

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