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  •       Remember the good old days when you would walk in, ask for an application fill it out and return it. Then you would stop by periodically to check in or call to see if they were still hiring?
                  Those days are gone my friend.

            Today you go online and maybe you submit a resume or maybe you fill out an online application. Then do not even think about stopping by or calling them. Your lucky if you actually applied with the company you want the job from because now most large employers use a recruiting company. Recruiting companies definitely do not want to hear from you. :-\

          I've been in the process of looking for a part time job now for several months.  It is time consuming, and very stressful. Does anyone else feel this way?

    There is the Resume you must have. A cover letter if your applying by mail.  The actual application. Then, hopefully it all leads to a interview.  Oh, Lets not forget that alot of companies now require you to take a "personality test."  Anyone ever take one of those? 
          These are the tests that repeat themselves over and over and ask questions like

    Do you anger easily?  True or False

      Now I am sorry but who in their right mind is going to answer honestly to that. cheesy

          Looking for a job is is a job in itself.  Anyone else in the job market and having fun with all the things I have listed?





  • Well...I used to administer a lot of those tests.  You look out for the ones who ACTUALLY DO check "yes" to angering easily!  These are the nut cases you never want in your business.

  • Well, I am not stressed..But I am a tad upset.

    No car? Not employable (What is wrong with the bus?)
    No drivers license ? Not employable (Bus and yes I have one though no car)
    No Permanent Address? Not employable (How are the homeless to get away from that?)
    No DPSST card (For security people) Not employable..($90 for one, I can get but no car sort of catch-22 there)
    Not Bilingual? Not employable (Gee, when did America replace English with any other language?)
    No "Job Fit Assessment"? Not employable (This is a WA State "Job Match" tool, in which you MUST score at least 75% to the job match or forget it)

    God knows I could go on. I am NOT racist, I have had many foreign people become friends with and I have even met and spoken with a man who used to be one of those who would work for Israelis as a laborer and he LOVED the USA for the worker treatment.

    But when I come into a job, the "Common land" is the USA and we speak English. Not French, Russian or any other countries language. THEY who come SHOULD learn English or not bother till they do.

    Whew..End rant I guess..

    Oh and yes I have filled out the section which said "Yes" to the question of "Do you anger easily"?

    Why? Because I didn't want the job, the state demanded I apply for it and so I did what it took (Legally) to screw it up. I am not about to work for less then what I get on unemployment just to make the employer happy and the state. This is a choice and should always be. But noooooo...You HAVE to apply for the jobs the state says to. So I do. (Chuckle)

    In the other times  I have done so, I always marked "No" as I don't...Unless someone is saying "Well, that's not my job" I then get an itching to belt some lazy turd for that...

    OK, I'd better get off my soapbox before it collapses!

  • Oh man! Was shopping today and met a employee of costco. So I have just applied there...I already had one for this week, now 2 employer apps and am saving one for this Thurs and so another week of "Looking" is done.

    But in this scene, I'd sure like to be working for Costco, they are better in their treatment of employees I have heard, seen and listened to from long timers there.

    Only drawback was the dreaded 15 "What would you do?" questionnaire..I hate/like them as I am honest about "Yes I think the customer is a jerk, bit I won't say that to them" sort of thing.

    But criminy...All this just for a job..Hoops..More Hoops..My legs are TIRED!!!

  • Here in vegas..you need..

    Tam card (alcohol awareness, about a 2 to 4 hour class)
    Sheriffs card (get fingerprined at the sherrifs station)
    Health Card (goto health office get a TB test)
    Drug Test (mandatory, hair and/or urine)
    Background Check (criminal)
    and sometimes
    Credit Check (some figure you don't pay bills you are irresponible)

    The total cost for these are around 200.00, although most potential
    employers will pay part.

  • I know i8t's just silly. Yes I have terrible credit, but that was due to layoff and my own foolishness, coupled with no job is the cause. Heck, if I was working (I need at least $12 an hour to do this) and had the "Original Creditors" I'd try and work something out.

    But our wonderful land permits some dick to buy a $12,000 debt for $240 and legally be allowed to try and collect the full amount though the "Original Creditor" no longer wants the debt...

    And for the record, stealing from family or company is not my version of decency. Once word gets around you got fired for stealing, you might as well try being a professional bum as few employers will touch you.

    Oh, BTW (Security)

    DPSST Card ($90)
    This includes fingerprints.
    Port Authority Card $120
    This is a card which shows you are a "Safe person" and allows you on Port property and yes, though you ARE security, you still have to GET one too!.
    Background check also besides credit (Maybe)
    They're now wanting "Previous Military" experience.
    I know a couple former Desert Storm soldiers who'd laugh at these security guard company offers. They could make in 1 month (Blackwater) what they could make in the public in 6.

    And so, the stupidity of Security Guard companies goes on.

    I know that inside a casino, the guards usually carry firearms. Sad that it is common now..I remember years ago they wouldn't as it tended to "Frighten" the gamblers.

  • Hi Guys,

    I think the most ludicrous thing an employer will do is run a credit check on a potential employee. I think that should be against the law. I had a friend who applied for a job....her credit was not good. She had been out of work for quite some time.

    She did excellent in the interview....she was certain she had it in the bag. She received a letter in the mail.....sorry but due to your recent credit score we can not accept you at this time.

    Wow.......i could not believe it. I think this is taking it just a step too far. Maybe the whole reason her credit is bad is she can't find a job to pay her bills.


  • Hey Pammmy, I know exactly what u mean hun, I had to put my "salary requirement" the other day, I REQUIRE A MILLION DOLLARS is what I wanted to put.  it was sooo hard, didn't want to sound too expensive or too cheap.  I feel bad for my son and all his friends too.  All summer they were searching for jobs before they all start college, not one of them found a job.  I remember a month prior to my 16th b-day putting in applications at the mall.  I think I had at least 3 interviews b4 my b-day.  Started working the day I turned 16.  Now there are 30 yr olds with degrees doing the jobs that teens use to do.

  • Well.. there's always the Thong Trick  cheesy  grin  :-\

  • How about interviews?
          You go in all nervous, that your not going to do well, and you end up being more qualified than the person interviweing you. 
          The last guy I spoke to I never got to the interview process. This guy was just to wierd. Told me he wore an "Alternative" to pants and went barefoot.  The office was out of his house, and told me to stop by and wake him up if I wanted to talk to him. Hmmmmm, Thanks you but no thank you.  lips_sealed
        Just a bit to unprofessional for me.  I had nightmares about what this job would be like.

  • A guy who talks about his pants at an interview?  Out of his house?  References himself in bed?  An invitation to wake him sleeping?  In a word: CREEPY!

                    That is exactly what I thought.  He was just to wierd.
    I need a job bad, but not that bad.  lips_sealed
              Follow your intuition!!! wink

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