Love is NOT..............

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  • Hiya Members,

    We all know what love is.......or do we?

    Love is NOT..........

    Love is not blaming you for their own abusive behavior

    Love is not criticizing you and putting you down

    Love is not excessively jealous

    Love is not stealing from you

    Love is not sabotaging your job

    Love is not putting you down and making you feel worthless

    Love is not threatening you

    Love is not intimidating you

    Love is not physical abuse

    Love is not making you feel guilty

    Love is not making excuses for their actions

    Love is not hating to see you succeed

    Love is not testing you

    I hope everyone knows the difference between what love is and what love is NOT. At one time or another we may know someone who is a victim of not being loved at all or been a victim themselves at the hands of someone who loves you NOT.

    Please feel free to add to what love is not.

  • oh, there's a little love in jealousy; while i may trust him, doesnt mean i have to trust others wink

    i'm jealous, because it's mine, hands off, don't touch, lol
    if i didn't care, i wouldn't get jealous
    yesyesyes, if i trust him, then why be jealous?
    because there's other vastards out there who don't respect boundaries smiley

  • Absolutely sweet!.....that's why i used the word "excessively". I don't think we would be normal if there was not jealousy at all. I once knew a guy who was not jealous what so ever and to be honest........i didn't like it.
  • oh heck, i want my man to say, 'hey now, hands off, mine!'

  • Yesssssssssssss!!

    Will tell ya a true story. When i went out with my ex and some guy would hit on me or ask me to dance he would not say a single word. Not once did he say hands off buddy! And there was situations that some guys were down right bold about it. He would just sit back cool as a cucumber and not say a thing.

    I asked him once why he never stepped in and he said "you can handle it". It made me kinda mad to be honest. Then one nite while we were out we were sitting at the bar having a drink when he got up to go to the men's room. A guy came over to me and sat down. He started talking to me and he knew damn well i was with someone else. He had his arm on the back of my chair.

    Out walks my ex and anticipating him to sit down nonchalantly, he did the unexpected! He walked right up to this guy and punched him right between the eyes and said she is with me! I took one look at him and's about damn time you claimed what is yours!

  • lmfao...woot!
    well,yeah, not that I'm an advocate of violence, but dammit, show me it matters to you!

  • I think you got what "Love is not.." covered..

    How about.. hmm.. love is not sex "if you love me you will give it up".. and YES guys still be using that one...

  • Well....I defer to the Good Book (I Corinthians 13)
    Love is NOT arrogant, selfish and does not keep a record of wrongs.  Nor does love insist on its own way and is not boastful. Love is not jealous.  Love does not get happy when wrong is done.

  • yes, that is a good set of verses there in I, love, hope...
    It's a nice guideline to use when trying to improve things in your life.  Sometimes you just have to raise your standards and live up to them yourself.  Plus you've got to learn to love yourself, which can be difficult sometimes.

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