Malware warning with Smartdownload/RTG Casinos

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  • Hello Everyone   :D

    This is the first time that I have posted under the General Discussions area.
    I would really like to know if anyone is experiences the same problems that I do when trying to download any RTG Casinos.
    I have AVG Internet Security and I get a warning when I am downloading, that the program (smartdownload) contains malicious malware.  I remove the malicious malware and it proceeds with the download then another warning pops up that RTG Casino contains malicious malware.
    I get these popups with any and all the RTG Casinos that I try to download.
    I don't have any other problems with microgamming, rival, topgame etc.
    Obviously everyone is downloading and playing RTG's so I am very curious as to why this is happens to me..............

    thanks to all who read and respond.

  • Hiya Rocco,

    Nice to see you here under "General forum"! I also have AVG....and prolly the malware is not really "malicious" I am thinking maybe your setting are set too high! Lots casinos or web sites visited have malware.

    I think there is really no need to worry. An adjustment should cure the constant warnings...and ease the worry.

    p.s. Don't be a stranger....hope to hear more from you!!!


  • Thanks lips, you have kinda put my mind at rest a little.  I'm not normally this cautious but I have just had to reformat my whole computer because of a very bad malware infection that got right into the depths of my files and could not be was very stressful hence the apprehension when I get that kind of warning.

    I guess at the end of the day it is only a decision that I can make but your response has given me something to think about so many thanks to you for responding......just really bugged as to why it is only the RTG Casinos????

    I really like LCB Forum. I especially like reading all the posts and I have found that it is an extremely well organised forum that I look forward to visiting everyday.

    Thankyou to all who manage and maintain this forum, well done!!!!  cheesy


  • Often times a recognition of 'malware or spyware" by your antivirus is related to how a peice of code functions. on a higher tighter security setting, even some standard behaviors will be flagged as suspicious such as tracking cookies or , as i suspect with the RTG stuff, the cookie involved with remembering what codes were used from your computer.

    if you just underwent a rformatting, I can understand raising the security lvel afterwards, but do not be surprised f you dont see a few new "catches" on old familiar sites. It really is just a reflection of the additional security layer you have aded, not anything new that has been put in place by the site's you are visiting.

    That said, malware and spyware can get nasty, so in addition to an antivirus auch as AVG i lso rely on Lavasofts Adaware product's as well.

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