Marijuana Substitute and its legal!

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  • Hiya Members,

    K2, a marijuana substitute, is openly being sold in stores across the U.S. K2 is a mix of herbs and spices produced in China and Korea. They are sprayed with a substance very similar to the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

    Although K2 is sold as an incense product, people are rolling it into joints and smoking them in tobacco pipes.

    The typical price for K2 is similar to marijuana street prices at $20 to $50 for three grams.

    The issue of K2 is a sticky one because it is manufactured legally and there is no real information on the drugs’ toxicity.

    Online advocates are praising the use of K2 because “undermines the Mexican cartels who control much of the illegal drug trade”.

    Thoughts on this as a replacement?

  • lol is this UK or USA?
    anyway your country is on the right way tongue

  • It is sold in the US that i know. Good question, don't know if it is sold anywhere else....but hey i can ship it.......he he he!!

  • shocked shocked shocked.......
    I have never tried any of those but I have feeling that my teenage daughter has tried !@#!'s a shame that too many of bad things are out right there for young kids in these days... :'(
  • Yes it is sold in the Smokeshop right by my house, they also have a sign up as warnings to parents about this. The.... "stuff" is sold in weight and amounts, some come in little baggies, to plastic cases and it's all in colors and varieties.. broken down or in bundles.. the display looks like big case of spices. Anyone can buy it at any age...

  • how much does it cost?

  • all our smokeshops were closed down ages ago.

    even paraphernalia is illegal too.

    not fair you guys can still have them  grin

  • What is paraphernalia?
    Is it some kind of weeds? sorry I am still learning... grin

  • how much does it cost?
    $20 to $50 for three grams. Similar to the street price for weed.
  • paraphernalia is the instruments used to smokie or do'ey the dope with, such as a pipe or papers, needles.. torches(lmao) whatever..

    Nal.. this smoke shop owner has everything you can imagine, really nice hookas, all types of pipes, scales, roach clips, hidden storeaways.. the whole shabillie bobs...

  • yeah, our smoke shops did too.  that's why we don't have smoke shops anymore.

    basically, when they made paraphernalia put the smoke shops out of business

  • I'll just stick to my first quality Dutch Orangebud, hehe..
    Its GOOD to live in Holland!!  grin grin

  • What is orangebud.....? I tried to Google it but I can't seem to find it out enough to know what it is... huh

  • Is it legal in Holland?

  • noone will arrest you for smoking pot here, they might confiscate  a certain amount of it, if they feel your using it to deal, and they might ruin your home-plants if they think you have too much, or do it for commercial reasons:)

  • i always wanted to go to a hash bar in holland  grin

    hash was always my favorite  cool

  • ill welcome you here! kiss

  • What is orangebud.....? I tried to Google it but I can't seem to find it out enough to know what it is... huh

    Orangebud is Dutch weed, imo the best eh, 'flavour' lol.
    And its legal as long as it is for your own personal use.
    You can buy it in a coffeeshop, licenced and regulated. (max. 5gr. per person per day)

    Growing large quantities is still forbidden tough, so we got the kinda weird situation here where legal and licenced coffeeshops have to buy their stash from illegal growers.

    Orangebud looks, lol.

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