MYTH: Slot machines that haven't hit in a while are "due."

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  • FACT: Slot machines are never "due" to pay off. The combinations you see on the reels are determined by a program called a "random number generator." It continuously spits out numbers that correspond to reel combinations, and it is as close to random as humans can program a computer to be. What that means is that previous results have no effect on your next spin. If a machine is programmed so that the top jackpot will hit an average of once per 10,000 spins, and you've gone 9,999 spins without hitting it, your chances of hitting the jackpot on the next spin are still 1 in 10,000.
    If you've just hit the jackpot, your chances of repeating on the next spin also remain 1 in 10,000. Your chances of winning on future spins don't rise and fall with your past results. The odds remain the same.


  • i'm not sure i agree entirely,  I know there's a difference between odds and probability.  if a slot hasn't hit in a long time , isn't the probability that it will hit greater?

  • The RNG is in control of that machine, and every second it is cycling thousands of combinations. There is no way of knowing when that machine will hit. There is no time that machine is due to hit, therefore, you cannot rightly say it is probable for that machine to hit. You could play that machine for a very long time without it hitting, or  you could literally get jackpots back to back. Is this probable? No, becuase there are literally so many number combinations going thru the machine at any given second that to have two the same one right after the other is next to imposiible. BUt it could happen. I hope this made some kind of sense....                PMM2008

  • Well then, PMM, I'm curious about one thing.  If this is true about the chip, then how would casino reap their 2% on a timely basis if it was programmed for 98% payout.  I would think it would have to be on some kind of timely schedule so casino would get their pay on a regular basis.  Or at least average out on a certain schedule.

    Am I making sense? huh

  • Hi Loon,

    That is a valid point. Though programmed, i think that 98% payout is part of that as far as paying...that could be as little as one cherry on a line. This does not line our pockets, but nevertheless it is a "payout". The 98% is a joke as far as i am concerned. If it was anything substantial in that payout the casino would never win.


  • I've tried to think of another way to explain this, but Lipstick explained it perfectly. Thanks Lips. 
            Looney, I hope it makes sense. To make that payout percentage 98% of the time the payouts can be very small.  However it stands by its word and does pay out 98% of the time.                                                          PMM2008

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