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  • A good of friend of mine just went through a long and nasty divorce...other day, immediately after meeting with his lawyer to finalize all the paperwork, he came by my place.  He asked me to go with him to a casino.  He tells me how stressed out he has been (of which I already know cuz he reminds me about it all the time) and that gambling helps him to relax, to get his mind off of things.

    I didnt want to go anywhere.  I had been sitting in traffic all day.  Last thing I wanted to do was jump back into a car to go sit for hours in a casino.  I was not in the mood to gamble, nor did I have 'gambling money' in my budget.  He insisted and urged.  I still didn't want to go.  He kept at it, was persistent, nagging on and on.  Its like that fly buzzing in the room while youre trying to sleep.  At first its annoying, but you tell yourself its no big deal.  After awhile, you just want to slam it with a sledgehammer to shut it up.

    I said, "Fine!  Lets fu@kin go!  Just shut up already!"  He laughs, passes me a joint, and tells me how easy it is to persuade me.

    We get there, he gives me $100 to sit and play poker with him.  We sit at a $3/6 Limit Holdem table.  No more than 30 minutes goes by when we both got lucky. After the flop, everyone at the table folds except for me and my friend.  The cards are shown...I've a full-house...he's got 4 Aces!  Jackpot for $15000!

    $9000 for me (the losing hand gets 1st prize, weird rule)
    $3000 for the recently divorced
    $3000 split amongst the 7 other players at the table

    Afterwards, I gave him $3000 so that each had $6000.  I figured, if it wasn't for his nagging and pulling me to the casino with him,  I would've missed LadyLuck.

  • Way to birthday is on Saturday...Just sayin


    Seriously, that is awesome wink


  • Congrats!  That was very fair of you to do splitting the money with him.

  • That was pretty dang decent of you. Now the next time, have him "Nag" you a bit less grin

  • Hiya Ishin,

    That is a great story! Good thing you didn't have a sledge hammer in the house! Awesome win and very good hearted of you to share.

    That is a strange rule that loser wins. Sounds like some of the rules we make up when we play poker at the kitchen table!

    Very happy for you, it's called karma......good things happen to good people!

  • It's a bad beat jackpot and a lot of poker rooms have them.  One I use to go to paid everyone playing in the poker room at the moment it happened, of course the big amounts went to winner and loser.

  • Wow - what a fantastic outcome Ishin.

    Pleased for you and hopefully it helped your friend to think of something else for a while.  It can be all consuming, so I'm hoping it helped him.

    Kind of you to share too - well done.


  • Great wins and nice story,Ishin...

    Brought back one of the memories in good old days with my family...:)

    One day our family decided to take the cars(4cars) packed, lots of yap jap jap and non stop arguing and talking, went to Reno.
    When I go to casinos with my uncles, I don't ever spend any of my money which makes the best. Anyway, one of my uncle played $10 machine and hit the big progressive jackpot on wheel of fortune and won over $215.000...long story short, I came home with a brand new car... grin

    A great friendship and remember, not all nagging is bad, ya know? heh heh!
    Congrats and cheers to you and your friend!

  • OMG a brand new car!  That's really cool and really nice of your unclue.  Sounds like you have a great family Wnan grin

  • Thanks everyone for the woohoos, yahoos, and congrats!

    Fair?!  Shoots, thats the least I could've done!  Remember, I sat down at that table with $100 that he gave me.  I think if any of you were in my situation, you would've done the same.  And honestly, deep down inside me, I felt weird, almost like a guilty I was playing with his money, and my prize was 3 times his!

    Anyways, thanks again ev1!

    I'm heading out with him now to Hustler Casino to play a Poker Tourney...should be fun.  See yall later!

  • Congrats on the win! Wow cheesy cheesy

    You know i have won my biggest jackpots here in Vegas when it's been either unexpected that i go out, not feeling well, or have been persistantly persueded.. this is very true, times when i go because i just want to is when i seem to lose alot...

  • Sounds like Harold and Kumar go to the casino laugh_out_loud. Great story Ishin!

  • Sounds like Harold and Kumar go to the casino laugh_out_loud. Great story Ishin!

    lmao... that would be a blockbuster!  at least on my block

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