Online Gambling for a Living?

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  • Just curious.....does anyone support themselves with online gambling winnings? 

  • I wish!  lol


  • All I do is support the CASINOS!!!! hehe

    Hey girl, nice pic!!!!

  • I was thinking the casino I go to ought to build a statue of me or something to show their appreciation for all the money I have DONATED. cheesy cheesy
          Gambling for a living? I dont have that kind of luck. Nice dream though...

  • I've watched a few programs of which several epople claim to be "Working Gamblers" but the life they lead isn't so great.

    Imagine 10-12 hrs DAILY in a casino playing the video slots.

    As much as I like the game, that's too long for me!!

  • you must be joking!!!!

  • nope although I should correct that it was the progressive video poker slots..They do pay and you can win, but it's either a wild lucky moment (For the average traveler passing through) or someone who knows the "Perfect Play" method.

  • Hiya Baya,

    It would be an awesome career if we could survive on it. I have heard of people who claim to be a "proffesional" gambler. But i think it leans more towards cards than slots. At least with cards there is some skill to it.

    I'm thinkin it would be alittle tougher to support yourself on line. It's much more acessesiable then land based casinos....with a higher risk of losing more cash.

    Great question hun!


  • This is the first time I go to a chat room.  I don't think there is anyway that anyone uses online gambling for a living.  Actually, I'm coming close to online slots ruining my life.  I've become addicted so what I'm doing is going to each site individually and asking them to block me from logging on.  I think I've just about contacted all of them that accept US.
    Good luck to any of you who are just starting out.  Please be aware that it can become addictive and you can lose, family etc. 
    If anyone has any advice for me.....I would freely accept it. sad

  • Hi Janie,

    You have made the first step in the right direction. Admitting that you have a problem is the first step. It's sounds so easy to admit when in reality it is the denial that can hold us back from the truth.

    Your on a good road hun....closing all your accounts and having them blocked sounds like to me your serious. Gambling addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome. With pure desire and will you will succeed.

    I would also advice you to ban yourself from land based casinos as well...because if there is a will there is a way to gamble. I'm not sure what state you live in...but find a gambling addiction center near you if possible. Not all areas specalize in gambling addictions.

    Here in Illinois is the first location that treated in house gambling addictions. I was a counselor there for  nearly 2 years. I understand your anguish. Please don't try to handle this on your own.

    If you need to chat and work through it please see me in the chat room and i will be more than happy to talk to you.

    Good Luck i know you will make have made brave steps here to admit it.


  • I guess I was just dreaming...................(sigh)

  • I wouldn't call myself a proffessional, not even close, but I did make a pretty decent living playing poker on Pokerstars and Fulltilt, for about 2 years. Nothing major, but played for a few hours daily and win between $50-$100 a day, I would then transfer my winnings to my boyfriends account and do this everyday for a week and then had him cashout my "Paycheck" at the end of it. I even got on some really hot streaks and managed to send over a thousand dollars to his account from one nights play, but of course that only happened a few times.....If you take your small winnings on a daily basis, it's really not that hard to make a profit, but I know it can be extremely hard to just stop playing poker after you won a few pots, and really irritationg just waiting for  a week or two to watch your balance grow....little, by little, by little.......

  • satansmuff is right on.  If you don't get greedy, you can make at least a part time living.  The number one problem with playing online is playing TOO much.  If you are very discipline, and can cash and dash, you can make at least part time money.  I make enough online to pay for vacations and my trips to AC.  Plus some wild money to throw around at the Chinese buffet. 

  • most of us won't gamble for a living, but there are some people gamble for living such as professional poker players, I've seen them played on ESPN and that's all they do, gamble all year, lol.

  • The cash 'n' dash technique with $10, $15, and $20s really add up in a months time.  Though, I DO think most do it as a sport.  I have a buddy who owns a boat...he has flushed more money than most gamblers I know!

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