Possible Broken Slot Machine?

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  • with a free spin and then see your playthrough is $4500


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  •    I am not sure if it's okay to post here, but I really don't know where else to seek for help. Last week, I had some really wired experiences when I was playing a relatively new game from YYG called 4 Fantastic Fish.  It seemed like a fun game, and YGG was also a pretty decent provider for slot games that we can still allowed to play here in Canada. ( Our greedy Govn't almost banned 80% of good game providers on the market)  

       The game stated that has a 96% RTP with some average best payout information. Which mentioned that All players should bet 51Xbets paid back after 100 spins. As you can see the picture below.

    Next is my playing experiences:

    I had around $4500 balance to start with. The game was working fine in the beginning. I was up and down with my $10/spin bet. But after 200 spins I played, the game all a sudden became to feel so wired. I started to losing like crazy, for the next 200+ spins, my RTP was less than 20%.  I wasn't pay attention  when the game was running, and when I realized what happened, almost half of my bank roll($2000+) was already gone. After 300 spins into the game without hit any bonus, I had to spend another $750 ( $10 bet) in order to see how the bonus works for this game. Bonus paid back $300+ and I start to pump up my bets to $20/$30 soon after that, at around 450 hands, I finally hit a bonus with my $20 bets. I was lucky back to even after this round of bonus. I am pretty sure I would lost all my money within next 100 spins if I was stayed on $10 bets. I suppose to stop there but the bonus game just played was really really fun, and I was hoping to hit another one very soon. The reason behind that was based on the fact that the game's bonus buy feature was only 75X bets, which is considered as very low compare to a lot other games; For example,  Big bass Bonaza Christmas version(100Xbets on the bonus buy feature),usually hit a bonus with 100-120 spins in average So, this game's bonus shouldn't be so hard to hit like that in a long run. The other fact was I only hit 1 bonus with my first 450+ spins.. This game should have a bonus hit around every 80 spins based on 75X Bets feature buy. 

          Started again, my bankroll was at $4500. I left my bet stayed on $20/spin because I suppose next bonus should be coming within no time because only 1 came the first 450 spins.  Unfortunately , after another 450 spins with $20/spin, Until I lost all of my $4500 bank roll, I never hit a single bonus at all. I did see at least 30/40 times with two fishes shown on the game, but the third one just never landed. There was even one time, the third fish landed half way in the bottom of the 5th line. Made me thought I got it  there, but sadly it did not count in the end. I know luck always is a factor when comes to gamble, especially with slots. But how can a slot machine that suppose to have an average 80 spins per bonus hitting rate,  only hit bonus once after 950 spins. And a slot machine suppose to have 96% RTP, took all of my $4500 within 400 spins, with only $20/spin?? What's your thought?


  • Hey uraforever, to be honest I think the that "average best win after 100 spins" is completely misleading to players, I'm not quite sure why they've put in the rules and it should be removed as it pretty much says nothing about the game.

    I mean, the key word here is AVERAGE, for you it might be better or worse, depending how lucky you are. I think you basically got extremely unlucky. And bear in mind, this is extremely volatile slot, situations like you found yourself in are pretty likely to happen. 

    From my personal experience, I rarely win anything on 6 reel slots, even more so if they have buyable feature...SO I tend to avoid those and just  play regular 5 reelers. Unless I've decided to gamble exclusively on feature buying, that is, but than again, I haven't done such a thing in a very long time and I cannot say I was really successful with that strategy in the past anyway.

    Lastly, regarding RTP, 96% means that you are likely to loose 4% of your total money staked on the game, after million spins or so (and once again I underline LIKELY as a key word here). In just 400 spins anything can happen, and with a game this volatile... With your bankroll, you could play for hours on low volatile game for example, or burn through it in just 400 spins like you did. Its a matter of preference really, would you like more play time with less potential, or less playtime with bigger win potential

  • Here is the game play data in case anyone is interested. I personally think the game was really had some bug on it's winning randomness calculation methods. 

        4 Fantastic Fish

  • its all bs slots are rigged to take ur money eventual 

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