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  • Hi Gang:
    How are your public speaking skills? Are you a pro at it with no problems, or do your knees knock and your heart race?  huh How do you get thru it?

    Public speaking is a common source of stress for  almost everyone. Many of us would like to avoid this problem entirely, but this is hard to do. Whether we work alone or with large numbers of people, eventually we will need to speak in public to get certain tasks accomplished.

            Anyone have any funny stories of speaking in public?


  • I do a good deal of public speaking......and nervous every time!

  • i have spoken in public a few times...i found as long as you are comfortable and confident with your material you can get through it easily. Also the more you get up there and speak, the easier it becomes - especially if you are using the same material. With each time I was able to smoothen the flow by editing or modifying the material by taking mental notes of what worked or didn't work, what grabbed attention or what was just boring, and what i spent too much time on or didn't spend enough time on. I seem to have faired better with a younger or youthful audience versus the middle age or business-minded audience. Perhaps my appearance may be the main factor. I'm 40 yet I still could pass as a highschooler and I will always be young at heart as 4ever25 is my motto. hmmm maybe it's time to change my nickname/alias...i kinda like that one.

  • I luv 2 talk PERIOD so public speaking never bothered me.  Several years ago I attended a HUGE seminar related 2 my job; the speaker passed a microphone around & asked us 2 introduce ourselves & say what agency we were with.  NO ONE wanted 2 do this, & most people couldn't get rid of that microphone fast enough.  THEN it was my turn...... I'll tell ya, I got that mike in my hand & it was like I entered a different realm!  I couldn't STOP talking; not only did I introduce myself, but I went on 2 chit chat for so long that the speaker had 2 cut me off so that the seminar could get underway.  I LOVED it.... smiley

  • Honestly, since my childhood it was one of my strongest fears!  lips_sealed lips_sealed lips_sealed I'm afraid to make a mistake, to look foolish, to forget something, to fall, to be laughed...So as you understand the list is long! lol But you know being already in conscious age, when I realized the problem I made all my best to cope with this fear! And the only way was just DO IT! I mean to give public speech as much as possible! Can't say that I've got rid of it...but I've learnt to hide my nervousness! smiley I've succeeded in it anyway...
    Talking about public speaking...stage...I think the worst thing is microphone!!!!!!!!!! I hate how my voice sounds! So I try to avoid it...even karaoke has never attracted me! lol

  • I can't explain it Phibbie, once I got that mike in my hand, it was like I was a MOVIE STAR or somethin' smiley  smiley  At my wedding last month, I gave a special dedication speech 2 my Mom.... SAME THING, I got ahold of that mike & it was lights out!  The D.J. had 2 'move me along' 'cause I just wouldn't shut up smiley smiley

  • the whole key is not to let your audience get bored make them part of the speech i gave seminars all over the country and found if you get them to laugh they love you i made a lot of money with my speeches and really miss doing it

  • I used to love public speaking, But for the last 3+ years I have been a stay at home mom, and my speaking skills are no longer what they used to be. 

  • In my case, I do hesitate to speak in public...since my English isn't my first language so not so perfect. grin I do sometimes want to speak aloud but try to stay back for others to speak...well, it doesn't mean I don't have mind of my own or let people jump around me...I make sure no one try to speaks for me but most of the time, I try to step back.

  • Misty...what sort of work were you in before you did the stay at home mom thing?

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