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  • I am staring at a semi frozen bottle of Absolute Raspberry, A huge bottle of Patron Anejo and Some good old fashioned Gentleman Jack. There are 4 porterhouse Steaks dry rubbed and marinating ready for the evenings Repast as well as enough Beer to drown an Irishman...

    Any post's by me this evening should be considered Posting While Drunk, and unless a cavity search is included, I will not hold myself responsible....

    Grin... have a great Saturday night all.

  • Damn..Drown an Irishman? I don't know if anything less then a 250,000 sq ft warehouse filled to the top could do that! smiley

    Now what was this about a "Cavity Search"???

  • Yes, I'm drooling so that is Patron.. I'd like a well rubbed steak too!

  • Ummmm Jimbeaux, what's ur address again?  hehe

  • Have one for me,,,Steak of course!

  • Rare please!  cheesy  and that frozen raspberry sounds wonderful to me!

  • Sounds perfect. So what time are you waking up (this afternoon)?

  • Groan...

    Quit typing so loud...

  • Jimbo,

    Take the hair of the dog that bit you!!! You will singing Stairway to Heaven in no time!!!!!!!!!


  • How you feeling now Jim? 
              Have you recovered?  I agree with Lips. A little hair of the dog that bit you is good advice.  " A LITTLE"  Lets not start this all over again cheesy cheesy

  • hmm.. what is "hair of dog" ? is that a new drink?

    I'm trying to say it real fast.. hairofdog, hairodog.. ..


  • A little "Hair of the dog that bite you" simply means to go back and have a little of what got you in trouble in the first place. 
              I remember a time I drank screwdrivers all night.  I was so sick the next day I wanted to die. The thought of having another one made me ill. Yet I heard the saying have a little hair of the dog that bit you. I had a little more of it, and it indeed made me feel better.  I certianly do not understand the medical reasons for this, but as an old tale to get you up and moving again, it works.

  • How you feeling now Jim? 
               Have you recovered?  I agree with Lips. A little hair of the dog that bit you is good advice.   " A LITTLE"  Lets not start this all over again cheesy cheesy

    I do wish I had read this before jumping on Lips solution...

    (The just a little part)

    Leftovers are always better the second day...

    And a Patron Martguerita sure sets a Sunday morning off to an interesting (and non-productive) start.
  • Oh Nooooooo Jimbo!!!   
          Yes, the "Little" part is the BIG part of that soultion.
    Everything in moderation you understand.  grin

  • Tony,
    I couldn't even post a response to the deletion, I was laughing so hard. Weekend was one of those perfect summer time repast's, good friends and loved ones, great food and enough alcohol to let everyone hair hang loose.

    There's a saying that a Friend is someone you can count on to come  bail your butt out of jail after. A good friend is the one who is sitting beside you in that cell laughing and saying "I cant believe we did That"...

    Why do I feel I would find a Lot of the members here sitting beside me in a cell?

  • LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I love that saying Jim!!!  Ummmm by the way, the ride to jail in the cop car was nice.......... But now I am alone in the WOMENS JAIL!!! hehe

  • Your not alone Shelli!!! I am right there with you.  cheesy :

  • Wooooooooooo Hoooooooooooo!!!!

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