RENO here I come!!!!! Woooo Hoooo

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  • Hey guys,

    I just want to let everyone know that I am going to Reno and will be back on Tuesday!!!!  Just in case you miss me!  hehe

    I am so excited, I just hope there isn't SNOW up there!  Hope fully I can WIN a little something!  Wish me luck!!!!  See you all Tuesday!!


  • Have an amazing time Shelli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey Shelli,

    Have a wonderful time.  Win tons of cash and just relax and enjoy yourself.

    See you Tuesday.


  • Have an Awesome time....

    See ya when you get back.....

    WIn BIG.....


  • Lucky you!
    Travel safe, win lots of money, and most importantly have fun!!!

  • Thanks guys!

    Just got a call from my sister, we are leaving at 3 not 5!!!!  WOOO HOOO

  • Stay safe, have a nice drink and have fun. smiley

  • Good luck Shell and have a blast!!!

  • Shelli.....I'll be in room 2344 **wink-wink**

  • Have a wonderful time Shelli and Good Luck!!

    Bring home a wheelbarrow full!!!!

  • Good luck Shelli exclamation! Have a great time and win lots of money.

  • Good luck Shelli and win big!


  • Awww,Shelli! I can not believe that you are leaving me here alone...wae~~~(just kidding) Have a safe trip and go have some fun. Oh, yeah! Win some money too. Don't forget to go to buffet at Eldorado, they have the best food! wink

  • Go Get 'Em Shelli!!

    Win or lose, I hope you have a fantastic time, hopefully you win so you can come back and tell us all about it.

    Good Luck!


  • I hope you win big!!!!

  • go shelli go shelli you can do it you can do it...

    win LOTS of money, and we can go on a tropical vacation!

    have a blast!! see you when you get back!!  grin grin grin

      Nal  cool

  • Shelli.....I'll be in room 2344 **wink-wink**

    LMAO!!!!!  Too cute hun!

    THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE, I HAD A GREAT TIME!!!! Basically lost my @@@ but I still had a great time!!

    But I did get a little of my money back just as I was leaving.  We were all packed up and ready to go, decided to play just a little longer.  I lost the $20 I decided to play at blackjack pretty fast, we were just kind of standing around waiting for my brother in law to HURRY AND LOSE! hehe

    So I sat at the 3 Card Poker table and put $5 on the pair plus.  (I just learned this trip you can play with that bet alone)  I wasn't even all the way seated and she dealt me 9,10,J of DIAMONDS!  WOOOO HOOOO!!!  I think the entire world heard me scream!!!  A 40-1 payout, I took my chips and cashed them in for $200!!!  Only about 1/4th of what I lost for the weekend.  I left feeling GOOD!!! 
  • Welllllllllllllcomeeeeee back Shelliiiiiiiiiiiiii cheesy cheesy

  • So glad you had a great time, we missed you!

  • Hiya,Shelli I am so happy that you are home. Well sorry that you lost some money but glad that you had a good time. I miss Reno, I used to go there to visit one of my best friend who lives there but I am now closer to Vegas...anyway, welcome back,girl! kiss


    I missed you guys too!!!  It is kind of weird HOW MUCH I MISS THIS PLACE when I am not here.


  • Welcome back Shelli.  You were missed and I'm really glad you had a good time.  Nice win just as you were leaving too.


  • Welcome back Shelli, glad you had a good time

  • Welcome back Shelli, I know that experience so well. Helps for some consolation heading back! grin

  • Welcome back Shelli.  At least you came home with some money.  Something I don't normally do.


  • Thanks guys, 

    It was kind of funny, we were splitting the cost of gas and as we were heading up there I told my sister, "Let me pay for the gas now, cuz I might not have any money coming home"  laugh_out_loud

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