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  • For the last few months, I've been getting these letters addressed to a man (unknown to me) with my correct address and post code (zip code) and I keep writing on the envelope "RTS Not known at this address" and sending back through the mail.

    Yesterday 2 more letters arrived and I decided to do something about it so I opened one of them.  It was from a firm of solicitors demanding £1600+ from this unknown man.  I telephoned the solicitors and a woman answered.  I quoted the reference on the letter and said that I was the resident of the address on the letter and that I was fed up with receiving all this correspondence and would they please update their records.

    She said "we have to send this letter by law, to the last known address of this person".  So I told her I'd been living in the same address for more than 20 years and I'd never heard of this person and they definitely have never lived here.

    I'm hoping this will resolve the problem but I'm concerned that they might send the bailiffs round if they don't take any notice of my phone call.

    Has this ever happened to anyone?  Have you ever received mail, particularly mail asking for money, addressed to somebody else?


  • I have lived in my house 24 years this month.  I got my final divorce papers in January 1995.  Every now and then I get medical insurance information and applications in the mail still for my dead ex wife.  U think I just throw them out??  No way.  I call the customer service phone nunber and tell the person I have a problem with entering an age.  The person always asks what the problem is.  I tell them I am filling out the application for my ex wife but she is dead so what do I enter under age.  The person either laughs, dead silence or I get hung up on.  I wonder sometimes what the mail delivery people think of me.  I get mail for the dead ex wife, 2 ex girl friends and the University of Cincinnati where I graduated college thinks I am married to a Cheryl Jacobs who also graduated from there.  I swear on the bible I quit being a slut in 2003.

  • Gunnylab you are in a bad way for sure...  8'| let me see... you get mail for a dead person and not only do you receive it, you respond to it?!  surprise Not to mention getting mail for 2 missing ex-girlfriends also.  And you can't even remember marrying Cheryl Jacobs when you were slutting around!  Probably good you gave up being a slut 8 years ago!  woo

    Blueday, I don't so much get mail for people (other than junk mail) but I get collections phone calls for a lot of people... different people, so I gotta think my phone number has belonged to lots of non bill paying people... or it was a common phone number in a boarding house or something.

    The weird part about it is that the first number they gave us when we moved in here was worse than this one... so much so that we had to get a new number which is the one we have now and we were told by the phone company that it had been in a pool of unused phone numbers for over 5 years when they gave it to us. Perhaps it is alternate world people??


  • I used to move from one rented apartment to another for a few years and that's when I used to get lots of bills and mail for former tenants but that has stopped now as I have a steady residence.

  • That must have been upsetting gunnylab and amazing you still get them after so long.  I like the way you dealt with them.

    I certainly understand the frustration with the phone number Katt. Glad you got it sorted.

    You found some roots without any problems Johnny.  Good to hear.


  • Blue, I dont get upset, I find it amusing.  The best piece of mail I received was 3 months ago for Sandy.  She was an ex girl friend from 2000.  I got rid of her in 2001 because I got sick and tired of her only wanting me to take her to the casino and she rated so bad in the bedroom.  It wasnt worth the aggravation.  From 2004 thru 2006 Sandy stayed at my house off and on when she was homeless.  She still calls me a few times a year to see how things are.  She loved my retarded beagle CJ.  She last called in June and I had to tell her CJ was put to sleep in May.  A month after she called I received a letter from the Indiana Gaming Commision's office.  Even though I live in Ohio the casino closest to me is in Indiana, 1/2 hour away.  The letter stated Sandy self banned herself from Indiana casinos in 2007.  I couldnt believe it.  She lives at this casino when she is staying with someone in Cincinnati.  The letter went on to say the casino caught her in their casino in Oct 2010.  They kicked her out and took her slot voucher with $35 on it.  Lastly the letter stated she had 1 month to appeal the decision on the voucher.  Last I heard she was moving back to Florida to live with her crazy daughter. 

  • I assume that your address was the last known address for her.  Do you reckon she has gone off to Vegas to gamble there instead now?


  • As frustrating as it is blue i wouldn't worry that they will come after you. I am sure the local authorities can prove your name and not that of the man on the address.

    The fact they have not heeded the returned mail does make me wonder. I did have a similar situation and the collection agency quickly removed my address from their list. This could be a scam and scare tactics to harass innocent parties in hopes they will do anything to get it stop.

    Is there some agency against this type of collections for harassment you can contact? I know here in the US they have some pretty strict laws on repeated harassment.

  • I guess there must be something Lips.  I will wait and see if this goes any further and take it from there.  I hope it doesn't go any further though but I have seen cases on TV where people have ended up in Court and they totally have the wrong person.

    The fact they have not heeded the returned mail does make me wonder. I did have a similar situation and the collection agency quickly removed my address from their list. This could be a scam and scare tactics to harass innocent parties in hopes they will do anything to get it stop.

    Glad you sorted that out.  It is very worrying though.


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