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  • Hi all. I'm new here and new to roulette. In fact I'm new to gambling too!

    A few days ago I came across a roulette "system" online. It doesn't claim that you can't lose, but it does claim that you can win steadily and make money with it. I was curious, so I decided to play the free versions of roulette to see if it worked, and it did. Basically, you keep betting on the same spot (I used the 2nd 12), doubling the stake if you lose and resetting back your lowest stake once you win. Doing this, I'd lose several hands, but when it wins you make back all your losses plus a bit. I'm guessing that people here might be familiar with it?

    Obviously, I then thought that if this were real money I could make a fortune. So I deposited

  • Sorry to hear you lost money...the system you are talking about is double up system(The Martingale system).
    That system doesnt work..I repeat it doesnt wotk.
    why is that? lets say your starting bet is $1 and you lose it. then you bet $2 and lose it again, then $4,$8,$16,$32,$64,$128,$256,$512...its quite possible to lose 10 or more consecutive hands(thats  $1023 in bets ) and you only deposited $100.For this system to work you need infinitive bankroll and NO limit table...this system might work in short terms,but in the long run  youll only lose money. If you run out of money or reach the house limit, you can lose a lot with no chance to recover it.if you really want to make some money you should read Casino whoring guidecool

  • Hi, thanks for replying.

    I will read that now.

    I just found it odd that I could win so consistently when it was free, but as soon as it was my own cash *poof* it was gone!

  • I would consider that to be unlucky concidence, I came only across one or two casino that have been reported to use 'tweaked' free software, one was mentioned on the other...hmm can't remeber but that was some class C casino so to speak hehe smiley

  • Hi,

    I've been playing Casino Tropez flash version this last week, and my balance is currently 30,000!  shocked

    I think I'll have another go, once I decide on a casino. I shall keep you posted.

  • Phew!

    I decided on Jupiter Club casino (eventually), and deposited

  • nice, my advice to you is to cash out...u made £111 profit for what,half an hour play...take your winnings and RUN .. cheesy
    kidding, you should w8 for bonus to be credited and then try to meet the WR.Since you are already way up, you should complete WR without any problem.

  • Nice work if you can get it, huh?  cheesy

  • if you receive bonus, you should play american roulette since the wr is much lower than it is for other types of roullete.

  • No bonus yet, but I will if it does.

    I just had my first losing streak. I was up to

  • isn't Roulette a restricted game to play with bonuses in almost all the online casinos ?, Its means to fill the wager 

  • I tried a couple, and they limit the min & max bets. That can really screw up your strategy!

    I just realised that this table doesn't display the min & max bets.

    And the bonus hasn't appeared yet, so maybe I'm not eligible or something.  huh

  • I saw in somes casinos your bets count to fill the wager if you do inside bets (very important to request that)
    I requested in casino clubdice that have a very good offers... first deposit 150% up to 150(x15)
    next 4 deposits 100% up to 100 (x12)

    then when I fill the wager I can start to play like I want inside and outside .
    some info that I requested there

    The Bets size for the roulette table is as follow:

    Up to $25 on each strait up numbers. Total of inside bets will be $925 for European roulette and $950 for American roulette. 

    Up to $50 on each of the Split bets (2 no

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