Should this Animal be Shot?

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  • Hiya LCB'ers,

    Pets are our best friends. One of the reason for this is they are loyal and will defend us to the end.

    There was recently a story in our local paper about a dog that seriously injured its owner. The reason was to defend a member in the family. Apparently the father was psychically abusing his daughter when the dog jumped in to protect the child.

    The dog was later taken away and terminated. That story bother me considering the dog did what came natural, to protect his loved ones.

    Do you think a animal should be put to sleep in situations like this?

  • Hiya Lips,

    Do I think the dogs should have been put down, not really sure. IF the dogs injuries were severe enough that the dog would suffer, maybe. For protecting the little girl ABSOLUTELY NOT!

    Put me in a room with this jerk alone for 5 minutes, what the dog did to him would be nothing after I got through with him.


  • Absolutely NOT.

    That dog is a HERO. And I think this man should be put away for abusing his kid.

  • I do not think the animal should of been put to sleep, but anytime an animal shows aggression towards a human and injures them, this is what happens.

    It troubles me.

    They do not take into account why the animal was acting out in the manner it was.  

    I do know this.....This animal died with "Honor,"  in my opinion.


  • In two words: HELL NO.
    The similiar thing happened to me (minus the abuse).
    I had come back from college to visit and our dog Fritz slept on my bed.
    One morning my mom came in to wake me up. Fritz was in a deep sleep,
    got startled and bit mom in the face (stitches/bruising/etc). I think he was thinking he was trying to protect me and wasnt fully awake yet.
    My mom insisted on putting him down the next day.
    He had never ever acted aggresively towards anyone before.
    I begged her to donate him to a shelter, she wouldn't. sad
    Ohhh, Im getting sad just typing all this. :'(
    Anyway, the minute a dog behaves like a dog and exhibits its natural instincts, society is way to quick and harsh to punish by death. There are many no-kill shelters around the world that openly take pets that have shown aggression.

  • I'm with everyone else, the dog is the hero and was just doing what his instincts told him.  What a sad story...WAY too many of those in the news it seems...sad sad sad.  I visit my local dog shelter often, to either see if there might be a 'new' German Shepherd in need of a home or to donate dog treats & food.  I always, no matter what, leave there sad because of the stories about how some of the dogs came to be there.  Some, because they "exhibited aggressive behavior" towards a human.  I am almost always certain that it was not the dogs fault that it displayed aggressive behavior but they cannot speak for themselves and shall either end up abandoned, abused or dropped off at the shelter.  What is wrong with us humans????

  • I concur that the dog didn't need this. I only hope the father gets what he deserves.

    I had a group of friends who asked me about my dogs once and when I explained about how I got them and learned the abuse they suffered, they asked me if I wanted to kill the previous owners.

    "Nope" I replied. "Just take them 25 miles from help, blow off their knee caps and leave them"


  • It sounds totally wrong to me.  I agree - it should not have been put down for doing what was natural.

    Lips, you've reminded me of my cousin who had a dalmation.  Stunning dog but stone deaf as is quite the norm for this breed.

    The dog ran away from the wife of my cousin and she phoned my cousin up and told him what had happened.  He left his work, found the dog and put him back indoors.

    A few days passed and the same thing happened.  He left work, found the dog and put it indoors.

    Again for the third time it happened again.  He got the dog, took it to the vet and had it put down immediately.

    I was totally gobsmacked that the vet did it and even more upset that my cousin could be so unfair/cruel/mean/intollerant to a deaf dog.

    He regrets it to this day....damn right too.


  • I also agree, that dog shouldnt be punished.

    I think pet lovers should consider having a CHIHUAHUA, why? lol
    1/  it costs less to raise and take care of a chihuahua
    2/  if a chihuahua bites, it wont be a major damage and it wont be put to sleep like this dog above

    just a thought, lol

  • I don't think the dog should have been put down....but if you really go back and think about it.....we wouldn't have our beloved pets at all if it weren't for people in the past putting down animals that showed the slighest bit of aggression. It's how we domesticated animals to start with...alot of breeding and putting down the ones that weren't up to what we wanted. So I would have to guess that's just our way of keeping things in check....It's NOT right, but what else can we do?

  • That is a horrible story blue! Way too sad. A sweet soul who's only crime was to be deaf... :'(

    I will never understand people who do this. I don't think to these people think animals are thought of as living creatures with feelings.

    Even when given away to shelters i feel sad..don't get me wrong it's the best thing to do and is better than being put down. But i think how they must pine for their owner.

    But then again......if an owner would give them up surely they weren't that great to begin with.

    ps taaa.........i do have a Chihuahua too!!! He is gonna be 15 years old in August and he is spry as a chicken!!

  • The one thing that really yanks my chain is that "Oh it's showing AGRESSION".. Well, let me say this, I come to your home and yank your food from you, are you going to docile sit there like an idiot or at least try and get it back?

    I NEVER tried that, I'd be quick to growl at this and (If I had teeth) I'd possibly bite.!! But today's kennel/adoption idiots want to dog to show not a "bit" of aggression. I can understand with children around, but then if you're thinking of getting a pet, then maybe you'd better not have kids or be ready to train BOTH of them what is acceptable and what is not.

    I remember when we had the cutest longhaired kitten living at the house, I had just fed the dogs, this kitten saw this and wanted to join. I heard the most vicious growl come the smaller one and that kitten stopped dead and slowly backed up.

    After that no problems grin The smaller dog actually was normally friendly to it, but not with the food!

  • Too bad everyone doesn't think like you Gene....Unfortunately for any living thing that crosses mankinds path, we must either destroy, control, or manipulate...include mankind itself!

  • Absolutely NOT.

    That dog is a HERO. And I think this man should be put away for abusing his kid.

    I totally agree!!!
  • HECK NO!!

    Maybe we should terminate the DAD!!! 

  • How can they kill the dog.  It was doing it's job protecting the owner.

  • Would a mother be put to death for defending their young? NO the Dog is clearly loving and shows feeling...if anything the father should suffer...not be put down but suffer. There is absolutely nothing Humane about putting down a protector of a child. Stories like that enrage me Lips, where was this, in what paper did you read? Was it on T.V.?


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