Sunflower seeds? REALLY?

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  • I had a craving for sunflower seeds when I saw them in the store the other day & so I  picked a bag up.

    Although they're a pain to crack and pick the seed, I remembered the addictive taste of the salt on the decided to break into the bag tonight. My 7yr old daughter asked what they were, so I taught her how to do the crack-n-spit method. In the process, a seed flies out of the shell and onto the floor, *SH*T!* I yelled, and for whatever reason my 1 dog comes over and eats the sunflowerseed. what? I look at my daughter and say,"Did Sasha just eat that?" She laughs and says yes.

    Now, my other dog comes trotting over knowing that something's over here to eat. Following her is the pain-in-the-a*s dog that I watch for my neighbor, who turns her nose up to everything you try to give her-including dog treats.

    I still can't believe my dog ate a da*n sunflower seed, AND is looking at me with this  look like she just ate a filet mignon, and wants more. So I think,"No way. There is no way she liked it that much" I crack another, and when I went to give it to her she nearly took my finger off!!!!! What the ----! So, I move this little experiment onto my other dog, and the neighbor's dog. YUP. Un-frigin-believable. All 3 of these dogs are going nuts for sunflower seeds....begging for more and more.

    After about 40 minutes of cracking shells for these dogs, I realize I don't even want any now because my entire mouth tastes like salt!

    So you dog owners, if you have time and patience, try giving your dog sunflower seeds. I'd love to know if there's other dogs out there that love them too.

  • What a cute story acgofer.

    I had to chuckle as I read it as I am indeed a dog owner and I know they do infact like seeds. hahaha (I love seeds myselfand sit for hours cracking and eating them)

    With that said, I think they would eat anything they saw me eating first.  One exception is lettuce.  Neither dog will touch it unless there is dressing on it first.

    I could just see all three dogs begging for your seeds, and eating them from you as fast as you could crack them. HAHA


  • Hiya Ac,

    I feed the birdies sunflower seeds. Last Spring sprouted the most beautiful sunflower!! I couldn't plant this as well it as the birds did! Here is a pic of it in my yard.

  • Ahhh Memories of enjoying that salty treat. Yes they are good.

    Speaking of dogs, my big red guy would eat about anything, but he HATED olives. He'd eat, but get that look on his face and the tounge would start working and out would come the olive slice.

    Unless heavily hidden in cheese he'd NEVER eat them...;D

  • I had a Dog once i kept for a few months for a friend, it was a Miniture Dobie Pincher, his food was a dry dog food it had like 3 or 4 different flavored chunks, can't remeber the name of the dog food, maybe Kibbles N Bits. This dog would come to eat he would take a few bites, crunch them, swallow, then every few minutes he would have a few in his mouth, leave the bowl go to my daughters room and come back. I thought he was maybe nervous and went else where to chew, i've seen dogs do this. Well come to find out he was taking the veggie chunks and hiding them underneath my daughters bed!!! Little rascal didn't wanna eat his veggies!!!

  • hahaha  thats pretty funny!!! dogs sure are smart!!!

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