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  • Hi Members,

    Tattoos...........are they you have too many not cool?

    What are your feelings on tattos?

  • Well, there's two sides of it and even on the "Christian" sections too.

    Regarding the "average" person (Me) I don't care, not going to ever have one, but have seen some fantastic ones and they're quite spendy. Not against them, but just don't have a feeling of wanting such.

    Reharding "Christians" there's some who have tyhem and this is due to biblical scripture. It is said that "Jesus shall have his name tattooed on his thogh" so, that's one of their main reasons for doing it.

    The other side is not accepting due to "Defacing" the "Holy Temple" which your body is considered as such.

    In any case, it's a personal decision.

  • Lips is that your tongue shocked ?

    Anyway, I think that they can be a  nice feature to yourself like eyes, dimples, lips... when tastefully done. I also think they can be sexy, tell stories, a way to express parts of who you are , what you feel, ice breaker(social) and walking art.

    I have 8 tats and I am gonna get a couple more. I have my oldest son on me 2x but I haven't added my last 2 (bad ass) angels huh Just playing they are good boys grin really!
    I have one (TMI) directly on my "meow"  shocked and that is the only one that didn't hurt, damn near felt like a vibrator kiss tongue(again TMI) kiss 

    I hope I don't get banned for saying that! If I am not supposed to say that, admin, please don't take me away from my family, just give me a whooping ;

  • I think Tattoos are like anything else. Everything in moderation.

    I have musical notes that run down my upper right arm to my elbow on my right arm. Would love to continue, but as stated earlier, these things can get costly.
    I got mine done when I was 21, and believe it or not, I have never been sorry I did.

    The only time I had an issue is when I worked for a really stuffy company, and some of my shirts had short sleeves, and it was a no no to show any of my tattoos, ecspecially on the women I would guess.  I would cover them with make up,  or even a band-aid or two. laugh_out_loud

    If I had the money, I would so get another one. They can be so tastefully done. A real expression of who you are, and what you love.


  • well, i have one and plan to get more. i think tatoos can be very atractive/sexy, if choosen well. i dont like dudes/chicks who obviously tatooed for the trendy of it. thats a turn off. a good tatoo on right person can be the hottest thouh

  • I got a tattoo on the back of my neck when I was 20, not in the right mind at the time, and I have regretted ever since.  I grew my hair out long to ensure no one saw it, but then a bad bleach job left me having to cut my hair short, so it is visible.  I hate it, and will most likely have it removed soon.  I don't mind a few tattoos on others, some people they look good on, but not me.

  • I always thought it would be cool for guy to get a tattoo with a great big heart on his arm with my name on it!!!!!!!!!!

  • I understand why people do it! They can be sexy - agree! It's one of the reasons! It's evident that any tattoo attract others attention! Also it's a way how people can save some memories or emotions of this or that period of their lives...
    But in my opinion, in this case the most important is not to overdo! One, two are ok! But people shouldn't turn their bodies into a canvas for paintings! lol
    The tattoos should look organically with body and person's image!
    As for me, nope! I don't have any and don't plan it...The only reason is it's a very painful process! lips_sealed lips_sealed lips_sealed

  • HA I have not told this story in a long time.Well, 30 years ago(eewww) went out with some crazy girls drinking and actually did a hit of orange sunshine (acid) (wouldn't touch the stuff now!)well, woke up the next morning or afternoon lol, with this patch over my left boob!OMG what have I done?! I was afraid to look because i did not know what i had gotten, i was hoping i didn't get some guys name on me, henry,george,fred.... not that they're bad names or people, just not on me! Took me about 6 hours to get up the nerve to take of the dreadful patch! I finally did and there was this short stem rose with my name, oh god is it spelled right? You see, i spell my name Lynda, not Linda, whew yes it is spelled right! I have hid this from many, and now days when i want to get a laugh i tell this story, only ending it with "what used to be a short stem rose is NOW a LONG stem rose! Hope all enjoyed or got a chuckle or two! "LYNDA"

  • Another funny story, my girlfriend is Jewish and was married at the time to "Richard" well, being that I got a tatoo, she wanted one too, only if I went with her. So we went and she got this big-ass Jewish star on her butt, with FOREVER YOURS RICHARD around it! Needless to say they did not stay together, and i am quite sure Rchards name did not either (should ask her, we found each other again on facebook after all these years) So in my ending, PLEASE do not get someone elses name here or there, they may not stay but the tatoo will!

  • Hi lynda,

    Great stories!! Thanks for sharing them. Breaking up with someone who has your name tattoed on them could definately be a problem!

    On the otherhand, maybe it is a good thing your name is branded on your certainly would never make them forget who you are!!

  • You know the saying "don't do what i do, do what i am saying" Well, my daughter Stefanie got a tatoo, where yep on her boob, with what? Yep her other half's name (at the time) he is no longer around-----well, he is in jail! She has since moved on and grew up alot, and now is with this wonderful young man, a worker, a college student and a great provider for her and 2 children (it makes me smile to see him w/my grand-kids...everytime, how lucky they are to have him!) Well, when she got that tatoo, i was very angry, not with getting a tatoo, getting the jerks name! I feel bad now for Scott because i know he is reminded of "CHUITO" everytime they are intimate....i hope one day (soon) she will have it filled in with maybe a ray of sunshine or something! Hum....maybe that would be a great x/mas gift--- a gift certificate to get it covered! Yep a gift certificate it is!

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