That damn little voice lost today.

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  • This morning, I got up and pondered. My starter had been acting up (Seizing) and it's been YEARS since I have done any sort of work on it. I had called around and found a very good price for it and like the nut I am, bought it.

    So, there it sat in my trunk for a 24 hours. Sitting there, demanding I use it or return it (I had 60 days for this)

    The previous day I stopped at the Battery X-change for advice to see if it REALLY was this problem. After 2 min I was told "Yes this is the problem" (I gave the worker $2 for the solid advice, all I had cash wise) they also quoted me $145 for the part and repair.

    Because I HATE looking like a dolt, I passed as the starter already was in the trunk and I would feel REALLY stupid for having them do it while I was "Sort of" positive I could...Couldn't I??

    So, after 2 cigs (I'll quit one day I hope) I finally had the bright idea of looking at the starter..2 freaking bolts is all (This is an older car) and I said "Well, if that's all it is, then let's do it!"

    So I got my tools (Limited set) and began work. Disconnect battery (How shocking) and then started removing the starter. Ahhhh, so easy it was. Then some more coffee (Yes smokes too) I then took off the wires and moved them to the new one and had it all set for reinstallation.

    Oh hells bells, then I remembered just what a PITA this was. After an hour of trying get the bolts restarted, I went back for more coffee, smokes and a rest and think time. I then realized my problem was not in doing it, but HOW to do it. I then looked about and found a sort of pin-punch which was the thick type (Thank you land lord!) and so, I inserted it to one said and soon both bolts were secure.

    I then put everything back and cranked the starter. VROOOM!!! went the car and the job was done and I had a smile on my face.

    Sure it took me 5 hours from start to finish (I did this on a sloped diverway parking brake was on, I was safe) but could reach everything, I need a jack later..Oh found out I had no spare tire either...$$$ later also) but the main thing was I was nervous and a bit scared about if I really could remember all I had done from years past with this and could I do it again? I proved I could.

    But it was the stupid little voice in my head who tried to stop me. Yes, I COULD have had them fix it and still had money for food. But the little voice would have won a battle I really needed to win. I'll need more wins as I go along now and this was a good starting point.

  • Oh Gene:
        Way to go on a job well done.  smiley smiley smiley

    As far as I am concerned, no car repair is easy, and yet, you tried it, did it successfully, and I bet you feel great for it.

    Sometimes we just have to believe in ourslves to succeed.

    (I too must do things with much coffee, thought, and I used to smoke too)

    Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy your posts so much.


  • Gene- Good for you! We all need to push ourselves at times and it is sometimes scary. Good for you and believing in yourself!

  • Not sure if your story was about listening to the little voice or about the, but if it's about the voice, then I can't say I recommend always listening to it because I always do and it leads me to nothing but trouble!!

  • What an inspirational story Gene! It just goes to show that hard work and determination pays off.

    I am about to hand over $1300.00 next week to have my transmission fixed in one of my cars. I'll give you $600.00 to do it !  cheesy

  • What an inspirational story Gene! It just goes to show that hard work and determination pays off.

    I am about to hand over $1300.00 next week to have my transmission fixed in one of my cars. I'll give you $600.00 to do it !  cheesy

    Add another 0 to the total, I'll need at for my therapist grin

    I suspect it's one of the newer type and you have to actually drop the engine (In many) of the front wheel drive cars today...Ekkkkk!
  • Ahhh the little voice in our talks to us....try to reason with us and yes at times can be a trouble maker!!! I'm glad your car is good to go and from the sound of it your good to go too!!!

    Maybe together we can make a truce to give up them damn smokes!!

  • WTG Gene!!!!!  Those damn voices try to get the best of us. 
    When I doubt myself, I just remember EVERYTHING I've accomplished over the last 41 years and any doubt disappear along with those damn negative VOICES!!! hehe

  • Hey!! Didn't you just get out of the hospital?  Congrats, I have had the pleasure of hearing an engineer say "I would like to build and work on something that I design so I would know what they mean when they say my arm does not bend that way"

    I smoke and drink soda instead of coffee.  But I am sure your doctor wouldn't approve..

  • Job well done Genenco. 

    You were brave to do that on two counts -  you just came out of hospital and you didn't think you could do it.  It's amazing what you [everyone in general] can accomplish when you are driven. 

    You should be proud of your bravery - even the little voice would say "well done".


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