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  • Hiya LCB'ers,

    I have to share with you a true story that just happened last week. A story that we all think would never hit this close to home.....

    A girl, 9 years old was walking to school. When a man pulled up along side her in his car and got out and grabbed her. He brought her to his house. He sat her down at his kitchen table and asked her if she wanted a can of Sprite. The girl said no, he became agitated and asked her you want a can of sprite? The girl said no again i am sure out of shear panic.....when he opened the can of sprite and poured her over head and began hitting her in the head.

    The girl then said yes i will drink the sprite. After she drank the sprite he grabbed her arm and headed for the back door out to his garage. On the way to the garage the girl began to scream. A next door neighbor heard it an called the police.

    The man than proceeded to his front yard with the girl to drive away because he feared her screams were heard. Timing was perfect as 3 squads pulled up. As the man was holding the girls arm tightly the cops assumed this was her father and she managed to get away.

    The cops asked the little girl to describe the man who took her. She began to desperately pull away from the mans arm when the police realized that he was the suspect.

    It took 3 officers to pry his hand off this little girls arm. When they tried to apprehend him a struggle began as the three officers wrestled him to the ground.

    After the man was brought into the station for questioning he told them that voices (the devil) in his head told him that the girl was evil and needed cleansing. That is why he poured the sprite over her head. He said the voices in his head said that they no longer needed the little girl and do what you want with her.

    This is when he headed to the garage with her. The officer asked him what he planned on doing with her in the garage. He replied that the the devil told him he no longer had to answer anymore questions.

    The next day he had court with a 500,000 bail. In the courtroom he got angry at the judge and attacked her.

    The question that still haunts me is what was he going to do in that garage........

    Thank God for the neighbor that called the police. If you ever see any strange situations never hesitate to call the can save a life.

  • Whenever I hear or read stories like this, I get chills from the top of my head to toes...
    Just unthinkable and dis speakable!!!...
    just heard about the 17 year old girl who met a guy from face book, got raped and killed....
    This is one of the reason why I am always too over protective towards to my daughter...
    It's too Sad to even think about it!.......... sad

  • OMG..I got goosebumps when I read that story..I couldn't imagine my daughter in a situation like that...Thank god she is safe now! Hope that man got what he deserves...shame on people like that.

    The other day here, where I live, a girl was kidnapped on the way home from school. Sadly nobody has seen her since. I pray everynight for these children that are taken away from their families, will return unharmed.

  • Wow, the hair stood up on the back of my neck when I read this.

    Thank God the little girl is okay.

    Always follow your gut instinct in situations like this.  If it feels wrong, it may very well be. I'd rather be safe than sorry that I didnt do anything and could of helped.


  • Oh man..chills is right.  When I found out I was having a girl I was in denial because I was scared.  Now she's almost 4 and the only thing that has changed is I do not let my mind get carried away but I'm always still scared.  People are sick or have really serious issues that sadly affect others who are innocent and a lot of times they then become the one that hurts others.

    As I was typing this she actually woke up and came out in her minnie jammies with the feet rubbing her eyes and asking to watch alvin and the chipmunks.  The thought of her or any other child going through something horrible makes me sick to my stomach and sad.

    Now..I need to find a happier topic so that I don't stay stuck with these thoughts all day.  ALWAYS it is better to be safe than sorry.

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