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  • Hi Gang:
        Do you ever have that sinking feeling in your stomach when you think, "What if my computer dies on me?" I do, quite often as mine is getting very old indeed. I am not getting the blue screen of death yet, but I do get froze quite a bit, and I just know it is time for a new one.

        Well, in just a few weeks I am going to have saved enough money to get myself a new computer. This old thing of mine has served me well, but it has out lived its usefulness. I can no longer upgrade anything on it, as the upgrades have already had upgrades. laugh_out_loud.

    So, do I buy a laptop? Do I buy a new desktop?

    I am partial to Dell, but what do others think?

    What is a good price for a new computer, and where do you think the best place to buy, order a new computer is?

    I need nothing huge or special, and I just use my computer basicly for E-mail, spinning, and surfing the web and of course Latest Casino Bonuses.  (you mean a computer can do MORE than that? laugh_out_loud)

    Any input is greatly appreciated.  wink wink wink


  • Hmm.. PMM.. I got a very nice Dell for my Daughter by signing up for a credit card, on approval it was sent and i was very surprised at how nice it was.
    I think Laptops are more expensive then Desktops, im talking just standard, not without all the other things that can be added to a desktop.
    Being mobil with a computer is really nice, but if you don't think you'd need to have it everywhere you go, get a desktop, to me there are more stable, will last longer, my friends always complained of laptops overheating for long use. My PC is always connected and always on. Another complaint is the connection for laptops most use wireless.

    What i like is that my desktop is always here right where i leave it.. lol

  • If you go desktop, might be looking for one with a dual HD as that can be your backup in case the first one croaks.

  • PMM added to my post.. you would be looking to spend around 500.00 to 700.00 for a decent PC. Higher for more extragant ones. Electronic stores will give you the best deals, along with stores like Walmart

    Another route you can take is pawn shops, most of them do give you 90 days on them. But still a little scarey.

  • Another thing you can do.. is you can upgrade through a computer repair, keeping your pc but just getting the upgrades in the componets, check that out first could be a lesser amount you might spend.
    I switched out a processor and added ram and memory once, the processor is the size of a dime inside your pc only cost me 120.00 for that upgrade.

  • Pam - whatever you buy make sure it has a really decent video card to make your spinning experience even better.  You'll definitely need lots of RAM and a fast processor and a reasonably sized hard drive for all your casinos. 

    I have a desktop which is pretty old now too and I also recently bought a laptop and whilst the laptop is pretty awesome I can't bring myself to "move" over to the laptop all the while my desktop is going.  My son told me that he can arrange it so that I can use my laptop (like a desktop) and access all my files on my desktop whenever I want via a remote login. 

    Do you have stores over there where they have laptops and desktops switched on and you can view them?  If thats the case, check out the laptops and feel them for overheating.  The one I bought was reasonably priced, has everything I need and was very cool in the store even after being switched on all day. 

    I hope there is something in the above that you can use - I've just rambled a bit really.  grin


  • Very good idea Blue, check to see if they are overheating in the store!!!

    Also ask about being set up with Windows XP, or Vista, or Windows7
    I don't know about now, but alot did have trouble with Vista that could all be straightened out now, not sure, i have windows xp which came equipted with the Dell

  • Wow, excellent advice. I so appreciate it friends.

    Will keep all that in mind as I head toward purchasing the new computer.

    Thanks again....


  • My laptop came with Windows 7.  Its pretty awesome but some sites don't like the 64 bit browser so make sure you have the 32 bit one installed as well so you can access everything (assuming you get windows 7).


  • Hey PMM,

    I got a new computer (laptop) last month & I am very happy with it's performance - especially with the slots!
    It was just under $400. It's an Acer (which, by the way is made by Dell!) It's got all the whistles and bells, including a dvd player, multi all-in-1 card reader, and Windows 7 Home Premium.
    I already have a LOT of casino software  & music downloaded on it, and have experienced no problems what so ever.
    If you haven't found anything, and want to take a look at it online, this is where I purchased it from:
    Although, I just checked and it is now $499. Guess my husband got it when it was on sale.
    Either way,  I recommend this website- shipping was superfast, and I called customer service when I got it, and they were awesome too.

    I know it's frustrating to look for a new pc, so I wish you Good luck! And you'll be soooo happy when you  get a new one  :)

    P.S. See, all that $ your saving by not smoking and be used to buy a new puter!  ;)

  • tiger was where i got the new processor, memory and ram from, i also bought a soundcard and videocard from them, though this was years ago

    ** i should specify that it was a compaq i had, it was one of the best pc's i've ever owned after fixing it all up, i do own a Dell now with all original componets

  • I went with dell also and it does great. What you got to do is tell the rep at dell what you have in mind with the laptop and he will upgrade the computer to your needs that is what I did.  I can have 4 casinos or more up at the same time and be spinning lol and its not slow at all.  It comes in handy with the tournments.

  • And dont forget to get the wireless mouse its great and the webcam built in.

  • Hey pmm did you decide what you are going to get.  You Might also want to go into costco and see what kind of deals they have because they do get some great deals also.  This is hush hush info when you see a price lets say 12.97 that is a discounted price at costco.  The .97 is what you need to look for at costco not the .99.

    Gl all

  • All I know right now is I have decided to get a Desktop, and the brand will be a DELL.

    Dell has proven itself to me, and has a decent service plan when you purchase it. It is always an option to purchase a bigger warrenty when you order it online from the Dell website.

    However, now it is time to do some work and find the best price on this Dell.  I will be looking at different web sites, walmart, and Sams club etc.

    I am getting excited about the whole deal. heheheh cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy

    Again, thanks for allll the tips and advice that was offered to me here. It is much appreciated. 


  • Nice choice on the Dell, i agree with you, me and my daughter both own Dells, i never have any problems with it, always running smoothly as well as my daughters, mine was just under 800.00 when i bought it which was about 3 years ago, just got the standard nothing really special other then i liked the lcd flats model for the monitors..

    Its exciting PMM, im really happy for you!!

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