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  • Who out there knows the proper etiguette for tipping a attendent for a hand payout?
    Is it customary to pay the attendant a certain percentage who brings you the money?  Better tip for quicker payout? What percentage do you feel is fair? Is this why on a $1000 hand pay they bring you nine 100 dollar bills and the rest in twenties?  I personally have only had one hand payout in my time at the casino and I paid $10 for a $500 pot. 
                I'm sure someone might know out there and any feedback is appreciated.
                                            All in Fun:      PMM2008 grin

  • Geez....I am such a loser!!!! I had no idea you were suppose to tip the attendent who brings you your winnings! Learn something new everyday.

  • I think its a personal thing.  For me..if I win 4000, I'm sorry, but I am not going to tip the attendant $600 for bringing me my money that I won, and and W-2 form.  I have just given them $100 on a large jackpot like that, and $50. and sometimes even $100 on a $1000 depending how far I am up.

    All and all, if they are bringing you over your money, you should at least give them something, even if its just a twenty.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys. It helps alot. So far it seems like it is up to the player, but something usually is in order to be fair.  I knew my LCB friends would know.

  • Geez....I am such a loser!!!! I had no idea you were suppose to tip the attendent who brings you your winnings! Learn something new everyday.
      Meeee too!!!  I am too busy tipping my waitress to worry about tipping anyone else!!! wooooo hooooo!!
  • Tipping is just polite.  I play roulette and anytime I win more than $100 I throw 2 or 3 $1 chips to the coupier.  So many DON'T tip he/she is very thankful.  Any advantage?  I would say yes.  When your number hits in roulette you get a LOT of $1 chips back.  The way I "bank" winnings is to ask for $25 chips.  I have found lots of coupiers don't like to do the math and get grumpy if you ask for "give me a couple of $25 with that."  Tossing a couple of chips to the coupier helps me bank winnings in a nice, calm way.  My 2 cents!

  • Hi Doc,

    Just an FYI..
      It's croupier, not coupier. I have seen a few other people make the same mistake. ::)

  • Thanks....if I gamble the way I spell I am sunk! 

  • I didn't think you were spelling it wrong, or I wouldn't have said anything...

    I have seen a lot of people call it coupiers, even seen it on the internet as coupier,

    when it fact it is a croupier.  Just thought you might like to know.  Wasn't trying to   

    be a wise guy or anything like that.

  • Hi PMM,

    Thats a very good question. I am gonna play devils advocate here and ask why anyone should have to tip an employee for doing there job. This is not like a waitress job where their only source of income is tips. These employees that hand pay you are paid very well.

    Not that i have'nt tipped them. But there is times i use discretion. If i have my lite on and need service and it takes that person 45 minutes to come over to my machine (on a slow day) and isnt exactly cordial...Then that same person has to hand pay me later with a great big smile because they want a piece of my pie..I dont feel too cool about that.

    I tip according to how my day is in losses verse wins and their service overall.


  • I will tip at a casino if the person that serviced me is getting the tip.  If they put it in a pot and split it at the end of the nite, I don't tip.  I don't think it's fair for a person to have to "split" a tip when they did the work...Just my opinion. smiley

  • Hi Allabout,

    I think the staff all pools the tips (other than the servers)...that's why u see several employees running up when u need to be hand paid...grinnin that great big smile. I have a friend who is a bartender...even they pool all the tips. It can be unfair to those who work well and provide good service while their fellow employee slacks all night.


  • When I go to the cashiers window, I see a locked box where tips are placed for the attendant redeeming your pay out vouchers.  Sometimes I even see twenties in there. That is a place I very seldom tip. They had nothing to do with my cashout and they get paid per hour a decent wage. Just another part of the casino looking for a handout of your win.  Even if I was redeeming a hefty pay out voucher,  I wouldnt feel the need to tip this particular attendant. God knows where the money ends up, and who really gets it anyways.                                  PMM2008

  • Well I feel funky now....When i won a $10,000 secondary jackpot at a land casino...i didnt tip.  I didnt know ::)

    I was wondering why he kinda hung around with that long face..LMAO cheesy

  • Oh Looney.......You didn't stiff the guy after a $10,000 jackpot??!!! Say it isn't so. I bet he hung around for a loooooong time, and sloooowly walked away. hahahah.  Poor guy.  Too funny looney.

  • I DIDN'T know!!....scouts honor...girl scouts honor even.

    I was a greenhorn casino player and didnt know.  It was when I first started playing at the Indian Casinos in Palm Springs.  Silly me grin

    Yep he hung out for a longgggggg time and he slowlyyyyy walked away.

  • now I am laughing..seen it so many times.  funny

  • Its been a while since I have been to a land casino, but now that I think about usually when I am winning at Black Jack I do throw them a buck or two.  BUT BAD SHELLI- when I won that $1,250 (the most ever at a land casino for me)  I guess I was too excited or drunk to tip!  oops  shocked

  • Hi Shell,

    I think at the tables are a different ball game and we have more of a tendency to pay them. We sit there with the dealer and it becomes more personable. I am a roulette player at the table and if my numbers hit i find the dealer my good luck charm. But when they change that dealer...i like "ohhhhhhhh nooooo"!


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