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  • Please someone help me to understand this unreal, creepy and scary action.
    How can someone so young do such a horrific thing is beyond my ability to understand.

    The 15-year-old U.S. citizen who confessed to killing four people and hanging their beheaded bodies off a bridge is now going to prison in Mexico.
    Edgar "El Ponchis" Jimenez Lugo was sentenced to four years in prison--the maximum allowed for a minor according to Mexican law--on homicide, kidnapping, and drugs and weapons charges.
    The arrest came after a video of two young boys posing next to corpses and guns surfaced on YouTube in November--Lugo was apparently an accomplice to those murders. shocked

    Source-The Atlantic wire.

    I think It is just so unnatural...

  • It is unnatural nan. Unless one is a psychopath with no conscience... We could never understand or conceive of that kind of thing, but a psychopathic person thinks nothing of it.


  • Unbelievable Nan - no remorse and only 4 years in prison.  He would be detained at Her Majesty's Pleasure over here which means he can be locked up for as long as it takes. 

    Very unnatural indeed.  Will he do it again when he is released?  Probably.


  • You've got to realize how violent the (sub)culture of Mexico has become.  I am not defending Edgar's or anyone's actions but for years now Mexico has become a deathbed. 
    In Juarez, right across the Border from El Paso, TX, at least 140 women have been murdered brutally over the past 10 years.  In July in Juarez, at least 18 people were murdered by the drug cartels.  More than 7000 have been killed in Juarez since 2008.
    Joblessness, poverty and a lack of a future have fueled the already volatile killing spree.  It is predicted that over 5000 people will die in Juarez from the violence in 2011.  And that's just ONE city!
    The business of murder is on the rise.  It's no wonder to me that a 15-year old committed some brutal murders and is proud to show off his handiwork.  It's really a screwed up place and time and the children are going to be screwed up by being there.  Add sociopath to the mix, or, psychopath, and it's just icing on the cake.

  • The cartels are recruiting teens like crazy.  They are young, dumb and teen have that carefree "bad things can never happen to me" attitude.  They are using them for anything from lookouts to mules to executioners.  And personally, I feel that when the violence spreads onto American soil, that it is an act of war.

  • The two things Feds need to do in my opine.. drop the drug war and buy into the Amero. Generations can be saved with those two things relative to everybody living .

  • What is going on in Mexico is horrific to say the least. Juarez has become the most violent city in not just Mexico but the entire world.

    Stories like heads being rolled across the floor in night clubs and drug cartels taking over communities with no police protection for the residents.  Such a beautiful country to visit but so riddled with poverty and violence that what once was a tourist country has now became a country of fear.

    I know a young girl in the neighborhood who traveled to Mexico with her family by car to visit relatives and made it across the border only to have their car roll over in a horrible accident. The girl was in the back seat, got out of the car fell into her mothers arms and died.

    As this is happening their car was ransacked and everything stolen. It was a deliberate road block set up to cause an accident. As the mother pleaded for someone to call for help with her dying daughter in her arms the SOBs could careless as they left the scene with everything they owned.

    The last words she spoke, her mother will never forget......."help me mom"

    A 13 year old girl who had her whole life ahead of her, ready to start high school and was a straight A student is gone. For what........some luggage in the car.

    I went to the funeral and it was one of the saddest i have ever been to.

  • Awww,Lips...even just reading the story made me want to sob and angry.
    You re absolutely right...all for what seem so valueless compare to human lives.
    I just don't understand how things like that even possibly happening in this world that we live in.
    What have we(in general) done so wrong to our children to become such a violent human being...makes me wonder. People say those cruel behaviors are not caused by parents but really, there has to be some kind of connection and explanation.

  • The drug cartels are now the parents.  There are so many homeless kids on the streets.  I used to visit Juarez a lot when visiting my grandparents.  It was a beautiful place, lots of shops, and tons of little children running up trying to sell me chiclets.  I wouldn't dare go across the border now.

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