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  • Time to vent - a bit. Non-deposit bonuses. I deposit cash. I don't use "chips", "casino whore" anything like that. I've dumped thousands of dollars into casinos all over the net, only to lose routinely. I can't help but wonder, especially on RTG platforms how many "non-depositors" hit on a progressive that they can only cash out $50 on when I've spent thousands on the same game only to hit scratch. Look, to those who don't deposit, keep in mind that $50 you cash out comes from depositors like me who are losing out. If it wasn't for people like me, people like you wouldn't have a cashout. I'm completely against non-deposit bonuses, and I'm fed up with the casinos that try and lure people in who have little intent to deposit. Nothing in life is free. In my land based casino, if we award free slot play, its to our patrons who 1) Play with us and are loyal, 2) If one of our patrons has a bad gaming session, we comp them, or award free slot play, or 3) The free slot play we issue has a rollover of 1x - no max cashout. To any casino rep worth their salt, I hope you're reading this. Many of you know my name and how much I've spent. Enough of the freebies to non-depositors. That's what the "practice" logins are for. You PAYING patrons are tired of losing big to people who haven't spent a dime. I'm done with the sites I've played at. If anyone knows of a site that doesn't issue these ridiculous "NDB" chips, please let me know. I've had it with the non-payers playing at my expense. Rant over.

  • Another thought to the casino reps whose sites are offering bonus matches, and tacking on ridiculous terms. RTG, specifically... Why are you limiting the bet per spin/hand to $10? If the bonus match has a rollover, isn't that enough to require a player go through? The terms are absurd. Red flag for players, if you're playing with a bonus match, and a site is limiting your bet per spin/hand to a low amount, we're talking solvency issues. Will you get paid? Can the casino financially afford this? The answer is obvious. It never used to be this way, and its time people lining the pockets of these casinos speak up! Without paying players, your sites would cease to exist! Loosen the restrictions! Loosen your games!

  • Yes, bonus terms are tougher than they used to be..but as I see it using a bonus is not a must. In most cases, I don't use deposit bonuses at all, and for the no deposit ones, well it's the money I never had, so if I don't meet the wagering requirements no loss but if I do, then great :)

    I think casinos can make the payouts, but just be cautious where you are playing and carefully read the bonus and casino terms!

  • I guess my whole issue is those who aren't depositors. Those who only use casino non-deposit chips. I'm tired of my hard earned cash going to people who do nothing but use a chip, complain when they don't win, and if they manage to win give a good review, and still deposit nothing. I usually spend about $100,000 USD per year in offshore online gaming and I only play at the top sites listed on this site. From here on out, I'm taking my business to the sites within Pennsylvania. I doubt the sites will care lol... $100k to them is a drop in the bucket, so no love lost, eh? I can say this about the "top sites" here... Not so much "top" if you ask me. I've put in a heckuva lot more than I've been paid out. There is no such thin as a "3, 4 or 5 star" offshore casino in The States. It's just that simple.

  • I just feel most of these online casinos are in it to profit. With no foundation or funds to reward a winning player. God forbid they have to invest or pay a big amount. I truly believe to run a online casino you have to have a great foundation with loads of money to back up your business (in this case casino). I personally wouldn't open up an online casino unless I had a million dollars sitting in the bank ready to payout the winners. Money comes and goes and the players must be happy when they win. In the long run I believe the house wins always, so profit is inevitable. It is unfortunate that most of these casinos have a wrong approach in this industry and this is why there is always a disconnect. Thank god we have review pages like we do on LCB so we can do our own research and see which casinos have money to fulfill the players needs without any hesitations or delays in payment. Ok, don't know if this is relatable with your rant, but here i am ranting **** ya!

  • Absolutely. My issue in another aspect is the audacity of some of these casinos to be cheap and stingy with distributing a bonus after having poured alot into their online casino. It is appalling. 3 so called top rated casinos had nerve enough to put my account in the negative for getting my due refund after MONTHS of error messages, bugs, and server lost messages (only seems to happen during a bonus or near bonus never know when it "magically" produces a screen error. 

  • The market is saturated with no deposit bonus or other bonus offers maybe it will sort itself out when casinos realise people are fed up with bonuses or  Bonus T&C . No deposit bonus offer don't make me sign up for a casino. A bit of research (the casino and the company that runs it) on sites like LCB does. I don't pay attention to weekend special, X00% deposit, cashback etc.... bonus.  Like real Vegas casinos offer discounts on the buffet , show tickets, hotel stays and so on, online casinos should do something similar like restaurant or cinema discounts. 

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