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  • So we are being a witness to many changes in gambling industry. One of the latest developments is closely tied to VR ( virtual reality ) even though the concept itself is not that new. But its technology has much advanced.

    We have reported last year about the first ever VR Casino, ran by SlotsMillion :

    and here is an interesting article about Oculus and Micorgaming :

    Please share your thoughts below.


    4.9/ 5

  • virtual reality might be the thing of tomorrow. I think it is still too early to tell how successful it will be .

    I did try SlotsMillion VR goggles but it made me dizzy and sick after a while.


    5/ 5

  • Virtual reality world coming part of online casino customers life via gambling industry is probably most interesting thing that player can imagine. It will offer experiences like never before when technology is good enough and I think it will be major issue of better commitment by customers in future.  kiss

  • im super keen to try those Oculus goggles . doubt it would be as real as being at a Brick and mortar Casino but willing to give it a shot

  • I haven't tried VR yet but have read a lot about it so far. It's kinda scary to step into virtual reality but I will definitely give it a shot at some point, more out of curiosity than anything else.

  • I still haven't tried them, but definitively curious how it feels. I am looking forward to all new technological advancements.

  • Is there someone who understands web design? cheesy
    or someone you are interested in c language?
  • I think it's a great new innovation for the industry as a whole, I would really like  Oculas Rift headset but the price tag is looking expensive at the moment but will hopefully come down, I enjoy playing the 3D casino on my Smart TV at Slotsmillion though and imagine with the VR headsets it would be far more immersive and better looking than than the standard 3D


    3.5/ 5

  • I'm really looking forward for this VR equipment being cheaper in future, and also their huge introduction into gambling, texas holde'em the most in my case. Tried VR once, felt absolutely amazing tongue

  • I've tried the VR goggles for the first time a few days ago and I have to say that the feeling was fantastic. Now the idea to gamble sounds even better than before.

  • Some time has passed since we've all discussed this topic. While VR offers a very interesting experience, I still think it's going to be a long while before it becomes the norm. For me, there's something that seems inconvenient about having to use goggles etc. I'd rather sit and play games with my laptop or my handy smartphone.

    With that said, the innovation is amazing. As a newer online casino, SlotsMillion has a lot to be proud of as a trend setter. I'd like to know how the VR Casino is doing. Is it steadily growing more of a player base?

    I've seen some blogs articles that raise some interesting points. Was it the right time to introduce this technology or is the concept of the VR Casino meant for the future? In other words, are players ready to accept this new wave of online gambling?

    I'm not an expert on the topic, so is Oculus the best in terms of equipment or can you get something from Samsung that will work just as well?

  • I'm the kind of guy that will usually buy anything that is new regarding electronics as long as I can afford it. VR googles however are not my cup of tea and I think Im going to skip on that one.  I dont really like the idea of a device that simulates VR by projecting different pictures for each eye, it kinda seems unnatural to me and thus its likely not very healthy particularly when used for prolonged times wink

    Also, I'm not very fond of headsets of any kind and will use them only when there is no other option (for example in the office to listen to some music or in internet caffe where they generally do not have loudspeakers)

  • ive just ordered the other day my very first set of VR goggles from Oculus :

    im super excited !

  • I don't really like the idea of VR when used for gambling, but I guess it's fine as long as it's optional.

    Goggles are fine, but imagine being forced into some kind of a VR capsule just to gamble a few bucks - no thanks, I'm old-school.  I mean, it could be fun once or twice, but something tells me most of us would happily go back to pulling levers.

  • I got the Samsung gear vr headset with my S7 and I have played at some of favourite casinos on oculas Internet browser although not truly a vr cassino experience it's still very imersuve and enjoyable

  • Think i will try anything once then see how it goes. I tend to agree with drtheolen though.

  • I believe that virtual reality is the invention of the century. you can really see something that is not real but is so realistic that it does not let us understand. Technology is making strides!heart

  • I'm super excited to see how VR gambling looks like. I'm sure it is great

  • I have finaly tried virutal reality glasses and I must admit that I like that technology a lot. It would be great to watch documentary movies with VR glasses.

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